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  1. Latest email Update tonight sets a new PM initial pledge closing date moved to December 5th. PM will stay open for add-ons until January 31, 2021.
  2. Thank you! They look great! I can see that dragon base is a feast of details.
  3. Has there been photos posted anywhere of the two as yet unseen 12 Days figures; the "Mistletoe Goblin" and "Christmas Hugs"? I'm curious as to what they look like since they're among the few there that I don't already have.
  4. This current one has ended. According to @Chaoswolf, who organizes these, he's looking at starting the next one early 2021, with a sign up announcement sometime mid December (so just a few weeks!). You need to just check in on this subform once or twice a week to watch for the sign-up thread. It's a ton of fun.
  5. Today I was able to add the toe ridges to the back feet, and do the final connections to connect the feet and hand to their respective limbs. I also gave the spear a bigger point, as the existing one was too small. Other than doing a final clean up of the greenstuff, I'm thinking its ready to paint.
  6. Gosh I love that! Fingers crossed he finds a home. (I'd buy an Chronoscope "Evil Mastermind's Lair Expansion" to get one of them! )
  7. I had some time this afternoon to do some initial greenstuff work on the figure; adding on the base pads of the feet, the missing left hand, and extending the loin cloth in the back. I'll be adding the toes, and doing the final connections of the feet and hand to the limbs when this stage dries. I'm not a sculptor by any means, but feel this start is serviceable enough.
  8. Check out the latest update... they just announced that the PM isn’t closing until sometime in 2021! Still time to load another freight box!
  9. Reaper setting their sights on everyone’s Holiday gift money! “Oh, no, you don’t need to buy me anything; just a check is fine this year.”
  10. That's a good idea. But I was mainly trying to eliminate the height of those tall flat sides. I know a lot of folks like their bases that way (hence the popularity of the ubiquitous Reaper black plastic base), but I prefer bases closer to the flat of the table.
  11. I had some time this afternoon to work a little more on the conversion. First, I drilled the frog and beetle and inserted a pin to help hold the two together. You can see where I tried to carve the underside of the frog to conform more to the beetle's curved back. I had to be careful, as I did't want to carve away too much of the frog's body. Next, I trimmed down the integral base of the beetle. I mount my figures on fender washers and use magnetic storage, so really didn't need the extra height that this base had. I then glued the frog to the beetle's back, and the base to a black-primed 2" washer, using Gorilla Superglue gel for both; and clamped the base while the glue set.
  12. Thanks, Glitterwolf! Thank you, Froggy! Always happy to help R.I.B.B.I.T. out when needed. I'm leaning towards using those colors. The black, orange, and white, certainly make a nice combination.
  13. Two weeks from today for the PM! Trying hard to guess all my future regrets so as to avoid them.
  14. Yay! I missed the last one so am having major BOGW withdrawal. Looking forward to a new one starting.
  15. Back when the Bones 4 Kickstarter was running, when the Giant Rhinoceros Beetle was revealed in the Fan Favorites set, someone posted this photo of a Frog riding a Beetle to the Enthusiasm Thread, and I knew it was a conversion I would eventually want to try. I have an extensive Frog Army, and I wanted such a figure to be a Leader or Hero for my forces. I had the pieces I needed at hand; the Bones Black "Giant Rhinoceros Beetle", and my rider - for which i had decided to use the Bones "Mudcroak" Squog figure. As I looked at Mudcroak, I knew I would have to separate him from his base, but I knew there was no way I could remove all those little toes from the base without damaging them. So, right off the bat I made the decision to just remove his feet along with the base, with the plan that I would then resculpted them with greenstuff directly onto the beetle's back once I had the frog glued in place. Here's a test fit, with the frog held in place with blue-tac. That's all for right now.
  16. Ok, fine. I added the Fan Favorites Expansion now. Are you all happy? That should finish Bones 5 for me . (Except I know on Dec 1st I will feel the overwhelming need to add one last thing, not because I want or need anything, but because it is my-very-last-chance to add stuff! )
  17. That turned out looking really super, Rob! I didn't keep my Terrain Crate walls as I just couldn't get over how thin they were. You managed to make them look great.
  18. I agree! I could justify 2 DD sets, but will have to wait to buy the rest of my wolf riders at retail. It’s not like I won’t have plenty to paint in the meantime.
  19. Welcome back! Glad your 2020 is ending on a positive note health-wise! A good doctor is a real treasure; so glad you have found one.
  20. I just wanted to add that this feeling is addictive and not at all uncommon. It’s why I’ve come back for every Bones Kickstarter since the first. To me, buying into a Reaper Kickstarter is like getting a ticket to an 18 month event full of excitement and anticipation. Following along with, and sharing in, the enthusiasm thread here on the forum with like-minded people is icing on the cake. That fact it’s all a great bargain for great models ain’t bad either!
  21. 1) No. My norm is to wait and build stuff as I plan to paint it. I don't know now what my exact need will be for a particular figure until I'm ready to paint it, so if I decide it needs to be converted some how, or used to convert some other figure, I don't want to have stuff already glued together. I also don't wash my Bones until I'm ready to assemble and paint either. 2) I don't really map it out, though I mentally have a list of ones that are favorites and ones I think I'll have the most immediate need for. This is constantly in flux, so no need to make a concrete list. Once they all arrive I really just paint them in the order that need or my mood dictates, as I know this will change regularly. Currently, I find myself just making deliberate attempts to work my way though Bones 4 Expansion boxes one at a time, becuase at this point I've painted all my first priority figures. I just finished the Darkreach expansion and have started on the remains of Dreadmere. 3) Yes, go through and check every box to make sure it has all the figures and figure pieces that it is supposed to. Make a list of everything missing. 4) Carefully, so as not to loose any parts. If past Bones Kickstarters are any indication, 98% of the figures you receive will be packed in plastic bags. Sometimes these have been ziplock bags and sometimes heat sealed. For the most part, I leave things in their bags until I'm ready to use them. 5) As I've said above, I leave everything as it is until I'm ready to paint it. 6) The Core & Expansions usually come in self contained boxes, and I leave the figures in there until I'm ready to paint them. These boxes I just put on a shelf. The larger figures that don't come in boxes, I just toss them in a pile on a shelf as well. 7) Try not to let this happen. Job one when you get your Kickstarter should be to go through and check every figure. If it does happen, [email protected] is your friend. I have never known them to not help a customer with a missing piece no matter the time frame. If you haven't seen a picture before, this is probably what your KS will look like when it arrives. (Assuming Reaper keeps to their packaging traditions) This is my haul from Bones 4:
  22. Coal Black is part of their Holiday Colors set, which I believe is only available during the holidays. So it should be making a reappearance soon. Now whether it will be available separately, I have no idea.
  23. Here's the answer if you don't want to play detective yourself: If you wish to read the deciphering thread, go hear: https://www.facebook.com/groups/40821538884/permalink/10159115367003885/
  24. Office staples or carpentry staples? The time I did it, I used regular old office staples. I would think either would work though.
  25. You might already be aware of this, but incase you aren't, that kind of ladder can be done well using staples individually inserted as the rungs. just pre-drill holes and glue in place.
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