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  1. Thank you everyone! Great input and advise that I will use in the future.
  2. I don't know if my eyes are going, but the Off White Triad isn't making sense to me. My experience with triads is the lowest number is the darker or shadow color, the middle is the base followed by the highest of the three numbers being the highlight. But in this case #9061 (Linen White) seems lighter than both #9062 (Leather White) and #9063 (Ghost White). Has anyone else used this triad, and if so in what order?
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions for a mini that could be used as a human form of Tiamat. I want it for a diorama that I want to make where she is summoning other dragons at a dais.
  4. Thanks for the responses. I've tried emailing a few times already with no response yet. I'm just hoping I don't get screwed out of the money.
  5. Are they still in business? I placed an order a week ago and haven't heard a thing. Every time I call Customer Service I get an answering machine, I've left messages but no return call. I've emailed a few times and no answer. They took the money for the order right away though! Has anyone dealt with them? Any experiences you wish to share?
  6. I love the Aztec theme, great attention to detail! Can't wait to see it when it's finished.
  7. How well does the Woodland Scenics Fine Turf Grass match up to the old Games Workshop Flock? I plan on using it as a base and then adding static grass. Any one have experience with it?
  8. LOL, yeah they are wallet siphons. They have a ton of flocking but a lot of it is foam. Not sure how that matches up with GW though.
  9. I have an old container of Games Workshop flock model# 66-41 matching Static Grass 66-40. Since it's no longer available, is there a company that comes close to matching the color of the GW flock and grass as I really like the color but don't have enough for my project? I would say that it's light to medium green in color or a spring color.
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