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  1. Mine took five minutes to process, and then all I got was a confirmation that I had submitted.
  2. I did the same thing here and it did process and now my pledge is in at wave 1! And I am backer 3081 even though I am in wave 1.... Worked for me too! Thank you for the fix!
  3. Yeah, not exactly the way I anticipated spending the first hour of the KS.
  4. Sent a support ticket to Kickstarter. They answered with boilerplate saying they had received my request, but they are experiencing heavy volume right now...
  5. You know, I'm suddenly glad that Reaper did not decide to go the "Moria" retro route. ASCII clues would have been twice as hard to figure out!
  6. Agreed. I was listed in the first 50 backers when I made my pledge. if they determine my wave by when the pledge gets processed, I'll be mightily peeved that KS bumped several thousand people ahead of me in line.
  7. Oh, no! Gotta pee! Where are my astronaut pants?!
  8. You have no idea how fast I'm breathing. We're talking bumblebee wing-fast...
  9. *breathe in* *F5* *breathe out* *breathe in* *F5* *breathe out* *breathe in* *F5* *breathe out*
  10. Maybe I'll get lucky and there will be a hurricane, forcing us to return home early. :)
  11. So, after shaping my schedule around the KS launch, I just realized that I will be camping in an area with no internet connection when the campaign ends. Nature sucks.
  12. Good idea. Five hours to kill and a lot of energy to burn. My house will never be so clean.
  13. Hm. The miniatures in that video were crudely colored and stiffly posed. The heads and faces were all out of proportion and I don't know what the deal with the hands was... Good heavens, I'm getting giddy. I need some rest before the KS begins.
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