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    I went through my history and found the page that asked me if I wanted to pay x amount with this credit card and I clicked pledge again and it ended up processing just fine I am now a backer in wave 1.  I dont know if this was just fortunate timing or if what I did had something to do with it!


    I did the same thing here and it did process and now my pledge is in at wave 1!  And I am backer 3081 even though I am in wave 1....


    Worked for me too!  Thank you for the fix!

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  2. So, speculation - we know that Bryan said some things on the map are red herrings, but here's my best bet:


    Next - villagers (straw hat guy)

    Demons (blue guy with horns)

    Adventurers (sword / blond hair)

    Guards (plate mail guy, room 3)

    Yetis (snowman with club)

    Snakes? Maybe couatl (black guy with red eyes)


    Slimes (or poo beasts!)



    Were creatures

    Red dragon (maybe Gauth???)


    Fire elementals


    More slimes!


    You know, I'm suddenly glad that Reaper did not decide to go the "Moria" retro route.  ASCII clues would have been twice as hard to figure out!

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  3. I'm stuck at processing, too. I understand if I don't get Wave 1, even though it still said it was available. But if I miss out on Wave 2 (or even 3 or 4) I'll be pretty bummed.

    Agreed.  I was listed in the first 50 backers when I made my pledge. if they determine my wave by when the pledge gets processed, I'll be mightily peeved that KS bumped several thousand people ahead of me in line.

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  4. Guys!!






    We've only got a little over 17 hours to make this thread


    Hm. The miniatures in that video were crudely colored and stiffly posed. The heads and faces were all out of proportion and I don't know what the deal with the hands was...


    Good heavens, I'm getting giddy. I need some rest before the KS begins.

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    Kickstarter project pages don't appear until the project goes live.


    Occasionally some project creators, usually novice creators, will allow a preview page to be visible so that they can get feedback from potential backers about any possible issues with wording, clarity, etc so that they can be fixed and or adjusted before the project goes live.

    Most project creators, including Reaper, do not use that though.



    Thanks for the reply. In the only other KS I have been involved with from the beginning, the site was up a few days before.  I guess this saves me one obsessive "refresh" for the next 23 odd hours.

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