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  1. The color choices add a lot of drama. Well done!
  2. I assume the KS page will be up before then. How early has it been up in previous campaigns? T minus 24 hours? T minus 1 hour? T minus one minute? Hyperactive and obsessive inquiring minds want to know.
  3. Two days until (a fraction of) the speculation ends!
  4. There might be licensing issues. However, Reaper could always present Gon-don'ts and No-hirrim. I'd be up for those!
  5. Thanks for the welcome. I already have money set aside, thanks to a recent massive ebay purge of old and unused gaming stuff.
  6. Greetings everyone! I missed the first two KS campaigns, but I'm going all in on this one, figuring that the money I saved on Bones I and II can now be applied to III. Sound logic, I know. The froghemoth reminds me of my VERY FIRST Dungeons and Dragons experience, back in 1980. I was a high school freshman, and the GM was a sadistic, Manson-esque junior who loved to torture his players. In our third room, we encountered an "ibothene," a massive, frog-like behemoth with eye stalks and a penchant for swallowing PCs whole. I believe it was portrayed on the tabletop, appropriately enough, by a box of Kleenex. Only one PC out of seven avoided the belly of the beast. Sure, the GM called it an ibothene, but now I know that it was a froghemoth. Now I have kids of my own old enough for D&D, and I introduce a lot of high school students to the hobby. Am I a bad person for wanting a froghemoth of my very own?
  7. Not yet. But hopefully, the KS page will be up soon in anticipation of Tuesday's frenzy.
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