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  1. Wow! Excellent effects on the skin.
  2. need The Wall on the B side... 🙂
  3. Thanks, folks. Have some more in the pipeline.
  4. Thanks, folks. Spent a lot of time just looking at some of them, trying to figure what was what (skin, cloth, spacesuit, armor, etc.) Then more time figuring out the color scheme, and then the shiny bits. Next group should go much quicker. Should...
  5. Finally got around to painting some Bones sci-fi... painting the flat panel armor was a new thing for me. Used a mix of Reaper, Vallejo, and Contrast Paint, and some washes here and there..
  6. Got a notice Wenesday evening, box showed up yesterday. Guess there’s a benefit to being 4’ish hours south down I-35. So far only one missing bit (the stone ammo for one of my two catapults). I went light on B5, just three expansions, and a handfull each of core options, power ups and add-ons. Random comments: The large figure bases appear to be ABS plastic, not sure if this is news, but should help tremendously on the stability/warpage front. The moray eels are glued into stands, but a bit of twisting popped them out. Very pleased with what I’ve
  7. Same with mine. Will need some trimming and clamping/banding when glued. Catapult and Trebuchet were much easier to assemble, and had deeper tabs.
  8. My box arrived yesterday... Wow. I'll pile on with everyone above in regard to quality, character, and style. Can't wait to get them painted and on tne game table.
  9. I'd say never. Never ever ever. Because I don't like the idea at all. But... I'm fickle, and I'm already thinking of how I'd sculpt them, and how cool they'd look, so... Interesting... I thought the baddies were evil enough... so I guess the question has to be, What are you looking for in an Evil Anthro? What would make them look wicked enough? My .02 Lupins: Have them wearing really ratty (no pun intended) clothing, with rips, tears, mismatched, beat up arms & equipment, etc. Not that Bad Guys couldn't afford the good stuff, or otherwise acquire it. Hard to get the scruffy u
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