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  1. All of this is just mind blowing. And i dont see a problem with your wall and floor bricks. A lot of medival castle were built with the same bricks for both. The floors could look more weathered by use since we dont walk on walls, the only other difference would be grass and weeds growing in the cracks.


    What kind of foam did you use for the ruins? I have been wanting to do similar scenery but i dont know what to use to make that type of decor.


    It is a standard pink foam board, used for insulating houses, I believe. Sadly it isn't real cheap around here (unless you steal it from construction sites) and it doesn't come very thick, so I had to build it up in layers glueing them as I went, then sculpting them into shape. This lends itself well to bricks at this scale though. More organic shapes might be more challenging. After I sculpted it, I fixed some spots with a spackle-like compound over the top, and a few dozen layers of watered down PVA glue to seal the foam before I spray primed. In artschool I found most aerosols will melt foam, so I wasn't taking any precautions there. Best of luck with your attempt. Let me know how it turns out.

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  2. The dwarves are finally painted. Still a bit glossy and needing a matte coat. I went with a different method with these by doing them in greyscale and then building up glazes on them to make the colours. I am pretty happy with how they turned out. More colourful than most of my minis.




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  3. More updates. Base is mostly done, save a few additional flocking and grass details. I think I am pretty happy with the colors on the base. I used some moss-flocking to cover up some troublesome areas. I think it all worked out well. Now to finish up the figures and put it all together!



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  4. Agree with the other folks, love the blue-ish greenish tint to him that makes him look like he's walking around underwater. Shadows on him look great too. And I love all the little details you've added to his base. Did you sculpt those sand dollars? They look very nice.

    Yeah. I was gap-filling some of my larger minis and had some left over milliput, which I tend to use to sculpt base materials. So yes, I sculpted all the stuff on the base.

  5. I love the deep green-blue look going on here.  I get a sense not only of the shark's own color, but that he's in an underwater scene to boot, as if the light is being filtered.

    Thanks. That was really my goal with this experiment. Limiting my color palette to capture the underwater setting of some of the new Bones II minis.

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  6. I think I will leave the floor stones the same. This place is more ruin than structure and for all I know that  floor could have once been a wall. But I will definitely think more on that front for the next big project (which I already have sketches ready for).

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  7. Ditto on the tree! It is really believable. It looks great. This is a very evocative diorama. That ogre doesn't know what's coming, with that racial training.


    If I may toss my two cents into the wishing well...one concern is that your floor bricks look just like your wall bricks. If they get the same paint treatment/color, it may look a little odd. Also, it's hard for me to tell for certain, but the lower right dwarf looks like he's not looking at the ogre. Maybe it's just the camera angle.

    That is a reasonable critique. I didn't really think of of the flooring thing. Thanks for the suggestion as the big project after this is a ramped up set of ruins so I will keep that in mind. Got any good reference for how to do the floor/paving stones better?

    As far as the dwarves go, I found the sculpts kind of mediocre and limited. I did notice the eye-line issue but was working with it the best I could. I suppose I could have played back and forth a bit with the landscape to get them to fit better. (Also, a different dwarf was supposed to be on the far right, but I didn't like how the mini looked after assembly). 

    Thanks so much for your input, more to think about going forward.

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  8. I question your post title. No one is riding the orc.


    Other than that, looks fraggin' brilliant, particularly for a beginner.

    Hah! I suppose it could be read that way. Though I meant it as he is a rider who is an orc. Orc being more of an adjective in this case. But good call.

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  9. Great work on the tree, is it possible to have a few more angles to see how the roots go within the building ruins?

    Yeah, I can try and show the back a little more in subsequent shots. It is all painted up now, so those particular images will have to come a little bit down the road on the WIP shots.

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  10. I have a decent SLR to shoot with, but the lighting is bad in my apartment, so I am often forced to add in some flash which really doesn't help show the pieces off. A few touch-ups in photoshop help, but I feel I am losing something in the color and detail department. I will continue to work on it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  11. First work in progress shots:


    Rough foam placement  onto cork base. This the test fitting of the tree armature, making sure it hangs right over the Ogre.

    Then I glued and spackled the foam in place with wire pins to secure it and prevent sheering. Next, the tree armature was coated and roughly sculpted using milliput.


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