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  1. Very nice! Also, GSW actually produce an acrylic resin powder which becomes pourable after mixing with water. They use it in these type of moulds on their videos. Maybe worth a try? Stronger than plaster & less effort than putty.
  2. I've seen poly fibre being used in modelling to suggest fine spray/mist (which isn't a million miles away from fog) coming off waterfalls. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhG5MXjwU-4 Or, as lexomatic has said, cotton wool teased apart?
  3. He looks fantastic, I love your colour choices! Slow painting is the only way!
  4. Many thanks! Yes, It is a bit like that. I'm not sure if adding more colours on top would work (unless maybe they are also colourshift paints) as the effect moves around depending on the ambient light & viewing angle, the colours aren't set "in place" as such. You can best see this in effect on the kneecap in the different pics. It's something I will definately experiment with next time though.
  5. Thanks! I can't take credit for the names as this is what they were called on the original Bones 4 campaign pic.
  6. Thanks! Agreed, I didn't want to overdo it. Less is more I think. Many thanks! The colourshift paint used was Greenstuffworld's "Psychotic Illusions". Yes, painted over a gloss black base. I brushed it on & gave it several very thin coats until the effect started to happen (as recommended by GSW) , I think I did 5 coats for good measure! The paint is quite fluid, goes on very easily & dries quickly. As for the other paints, it's all Coat d'arms except for some Citadel "shade" paint. Oh & it's mostly (carefully) drybrushed on............ahem . I'm sure you could easily find similar colours from your favourite paint manufactures so I'll give a rough colour description also. 1. Gloss black basecoat - Vallejo Game Color 2. Heavy (wetish) drybrush all over leaving some black visible in the shadows - CDA Magic Metal 113 (very dark brown brassy metallic) 3. Lighter, more careful drybrush on the iron sections leaving some Magic Metal still visible - CDA Chainmail 109 (mid tone silver) 4. Edge highlighting on the iron sections - CDA Silver 220 (high tone silver) 5. Careful drybrush on the brass sections - CDA Dwarven Bronze 143 (mid tone reddish bronze, not too coppery) 6. Edge highlighting on the brass sections - CDA Bronze 232 (high tone bronze) 7. Wash applied selectively to the feet & heels for rust effect - Citadel Shade "Fuegan Orange" 8. The colourshift paint was done last after re-blacking those areas. Hope this helps!
  7. Really hard to tell.... if it's under it's hair, maybe a primitive shawl/clothing or sack/bag made from a skinned fish? can you show some pics from the sides at all?
  8. Thanks! I haven't seen many either, they were fun to paint.
  9. Greetings! I recently bought some Greenstuffworld colourshift paints & eagerly wanting to try them out, I searched through my (huge) Bones backlog for a suitably metallic mini. I grabbed the fantastically ominious Iron Golem from the Bones 4 Stoneskull Expansion & got to work. The blue areas are the colourshift paint, all the other areas are standard paints. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's not as easy to see the effect on these pics as it is with your own eyes but you can make it out. There's no shading or highlighting on these areas apart from some silver to pick out the rivets & sharp edges on the arm plates. Thanks for looking!
  10. Greetings! Presenting the High Rollers! I wanted to keep these chaps looking bright & cartoony so I went with primary & secondary colours for their bodies & I tried to keep these colours appropriate to their character. Pyram "The Pincher" Aleon Octrox D'Tenian Thacovius Sir Vigintor Pyp Thanks for looking!
  11. Great job @planetmut ! I think these colours are definately the best choice for this mini. The OSL wasn't as difficult as you may think, it's just a series of thin yellow glazes which, with each subsequent layer, get stronger as I got nearer to the lava. Anyway, thanks for the mention & don't worry, I've called off the bloodsucking lawyers!
  12. Fantastic - I love 'em, especially Nogbad the bad! I used to watch the sagas on tv as a wee lad (yes, I'm no spring chicken.....)
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