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  1. TheOldGuard

    Resin Water Effects, How to Seal a Base?

    For something a little bit sturdier than tape, how about using plasticine (or similar) to build a barrier around the base edge? Roll out a long sausage shape, place it on your worksurface between 2 lengths of smooth wood of equal height then flatten it along it's length using a rolling pin. This should give you a nice even flat ribbon of plasticine to wrap around your base to (hopefully) contain the water. I'm not sure what the reaction between the plasticene & the water effect would be so you may need to use something like petroleum jelly on the inner edge before you pour?
  2. Although speedpainting is immoral & the 's work , something I've thought about trying but never got round to is: 1. Do all your basecoat colours 2. 1st layer of highlight colours via a medium to heavy drybrush 3. 2nd layer of (final) highlight colours via a light drybrush 4. Apply washes or glazes to soften the drybrushing and unify the layers of colour. Or even a brown all over wash for extra speed?
  3. TheOldGuard

    ‘80s Dwarf

  4. TheOldGuard

    ME85 - Treebeard: Mighty Ent, Citadel 1980's Vintage LOTR

    That's a lovely diorama, it captures that scene well. Great stuff!
  5. TheOldGuard

    Halfling Cook, Reaper Bones, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

    Fantastic, his got bags of character!
  6. TheOldGuard

    44002 Rock Troll somewhat modified...somewhat.

    Fantastic, I love what you've done with him!!
  7. TheOldGuard

    ME85 - Treebeard: Mighty Ent, Citadel 1980's Vintage LOTR

    Thanks everybody!!
  8. "One of my favourite range of figures ever was Citadel's 1980's licensed "Lord Of The Rings" minis. I have finally decided to get all the miniatures I own painted up (over time) & try to acquire the ones which are missing from my collection (& paint them up too!)". Here is my next completed mini - Treebeard: Mighty Ent. I tried to keep the colours as close to Treebeard's description in the book. I guess this mini sculpt may seem a little dated by todays wonderfully elaborate standards but I think it has it's own charm especially in his warm characterful face. Comments & thoughts always welcome! Thanks for looking & "Hrum Hoom"!
  9. TheOldGuard

    How to use Silicone Molds?

    Talc will make your paws smell nice too!
  10. TheOldGuard

    How to use Silicone Molds?

    I would try talc also. I use it when making stamped bases out of green stuff - works a treat! There is such a thing a "mold release spray" but I'm not sure if it's suitable for your purposes?
  11. TheOldGuard

    Ral Partha/Citadel dwarf fighter

    Great stuff!! I have this mini also (squirellled away somewhere in my catacombs...) Citadel FA15 - Dwarf with 2 handed hammer. Do I get a prize for being over a decade older than it?
  12. TheOldGuard

    03423 Cerberus, Hound Of Hell

    The mini's dimensions (approx) are - length = 70mm, width = 30mm, height = 30mm. The base is 50mm diam (plastic). The mini does have an integrated metal base which can be seen here. Thank you!
  13. TheOldGuard

    80072, Antarctic Explorer

    Very cool!!! (no pun intended! )