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About Me

I have always been interested in fantasy & sci-fi & have been collecting & painting miniatures since my teenage years in the early 1980's mostly Citadel with the odd Grenadier models here & there. Back then, my knowledge of painting techniques were pretty limited & it was generally a case of black washes over base colours & drybrushing.


By the middle of the 1990's my skills had improved a lot but I kind of drifted out of the hobby & put down my brushes when adulthood called. ::(:


Its now 2015 & my interest has been rekindled! ::D: I recently discovered Reaper minis, which I love, as they have a great variety of classic style fantasy minis that you don't really get with GW anymore. So I spend my spare time painting my old classic minis or new Reaper purchases.


Since my reboot & time permitting, I have been posting all my new work to photobucket as per the below link. Feel free to have a look around.


Thanks for listening!

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