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  1. Thanks @Kuroneko!


    If it is a reaction to other materials, maybe you could seal the base and scatter (with a spray varnish or laquer) before pouring the resin. Although I'm not sure how practical this would be on fine items such as tufts?


    Have you considered using UV resin & a UV torch to set it? Curing is almost instantanious with this method so it's possible that any slow leaching out from materials while drying, may be nipped in the bud?

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  2. I've had this happen to me on a piece I did about 4 years ago & it's only recently that I've noticed it.



















    I did tint the pools with GW shades & there are bits of leaf/terrain scatter in them so maybe that has reacted with it. This is Vallejo Still Water - shant be using it again!! :angry:



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  3. Looking good!


    For the eyes I would suggest make the base colour a darker yellow or orange then paint yellow dots all over it to represent compound eyes (in a hexagonal "grid" pattern rather than a square one) making sure each yellow dot has a "surround" of the base colour showing.

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