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  1. Greetings & Happy Halloween!! Bonnie would like some candy.......... Thanks for looking!
  2. Greetings! Ceneric, Wihtboḡa Warrior from Mierce Miniatures: Thanks for looking!
  3. I used Greenstuffworlds ones by brush on this fella here The paint is very thin and goes on easy. I did have to put a lot of thin layers on to get the full effect (5+ I seem to remember!) & it needs to be painted over a gloss black primer ideally.
  4. This is indeed sad news. In my opinion, Ennio Morricone was & is one of the finest film score composers ever to have lived. He had a long & illustrious career spanning many decades from the 1950's to modern times. His music is varied, emotional & very beautiful! As others have said he is probably best known for the "Man with No Name" spaghetti westerns such as "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" which is also a favourite of mine. My absolute favourite though is the soundtrack to "Once Upon A Time In The West". The main theme is fantastic but also
  5. Many thanks! This may freak you out but "Brain Coral" are an actual organism........
  6. Thanks! I put all of them in there for good measure.
  7. Greetings! Vietnam Zombie with gun from Citadel Miniatures of old! This was a limited release which was linked with both the Chainsaw Warrior board game & 40K Chaos. Thanks for looking!
  8. Greetings! Coral Golem from the "Titans Of The Tide" pack in Bones 3. It was quite tricky trying to determine many of the details on this mini but I got there in the end . Some of them, like the little fish & the sea cucumber were a pleasant surprise! There are areas of UV paint on this mini but I'm afraid I can't get very good pics showing it but the following will give some Idea. If anyone knows how to take a successful pic in low light using a UV lamp, pls let me know & I'll give it a go &
  9. Greetings! FF53 - Ogre from Citadel miniatures "Fiend Factory" range, early 1980's. I'm guessing that for older members of the forums, this old Citadel mini might be considered somewhat of a classic, maybe even iconic? Back in the day, It's imagery definately played a part in getting me into the hobby as a wee lad. I never owned it back then but recently picked one up & painted it up! Thanks for looking.
  10. Very nice! Also, GSW actually produce an acrylic resin powder which becomes pourable after mixing with water. They use it in these type of moulds on their videos. Maybe worth a try? Stronger than plaster & less effort than putty.
  11. I've seen poly fibre being used in modelling to suggest fine spray/mist (which isn't a million miles away from fog) coming off waterfalls. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhG5MXjwU-4 Or, as lexomatic has said, cotton wool teased apart?
  12. He looks fantastic, I love your colour choices! Slow painting is the only way!
  13. Many thanks! Yes, It is a bit like that. I'm not sure if adding more colours on top would work (unless maybe they are also colourshift paints) as the effect moves around depending on the ambient light & viewing angle, the colours aren't set "in place" as such. You can best see this in effect on the kneecap in the different pics. It's something I will definately experiment with next time though.
  14. Thanks! I can't take credit for the names as this is what they were called on the original Bones 4 campaign pic.
  15. Thanks! Agreed, I didn't want to overdo it. Less is more I think. Many thanks! The colourshift paint used was Greenstuffworld's "Psychotic Illusions". Yes, painted over a gloss black base. I brushed it on & gave it several very thin coats until the effect started to happen (as recommended by GSW) , I think I did 5 coats for good measure! The paint is quite fluid, goes on very easily & dries quickly. As for the other paints, it's all Coat d'arms except for some Citadel "shade" paint. Oh & it's mostly (carefully) drybrushed on
  16. Really hard to tell.... if it's under it's hair, maybe a primitive shawl/clothing or sack/bag made from a skinned fish? can you show some pics from the sides at all?
  17. Thanks! I haven't seen many either, they were fun to paint.
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