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  1. This is indeed sad news.


    In my opinion, Ennio Morricone was & is one of the finest film score composers ever to have lived. He had a long & illustrious career spanning many decades from the 1950's to modern times. His music is varied, emotional & very beautiful!


    As others have said he is probably best known for the "Man with No Name" spaghetti westerns such as "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" which is also a favourite of mine.


    My absolute favourite though is the soundtrack to "Once Upon A Time In The West". The main theme is fantastic but also so are the themes for all the main characters in the film, especially "Man With A Harmonica". If you've never seen this film, I'd heartily recommend it!!!


    R.I.P Ennio Morricone



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  2. 13 hours ago, stormbreach said:

    Omg I love him!!  Good job identifying and differentiating all the separate details, he looks fantastic!  I especially love how the central "head" piece looks like a brain, very fitting.


    Many thanks!


    This may freak you out but "Brain Coral" are an actual organism........:;,;:




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  3. 8 hours ago, Logos said:

    Nice.  I am assuming the blue is a heat stress effect similar what you see in stainless steel that has been exposed to a really hot fire? If so I suggest adding a tinge of purple and maybe even bronze to it.  Notice the fire torched head on this spider.  (best example I could find quickly lol),  I want to do this to mine know that I've seen yours now. lol.

    Image result for fire torched steel


    Many thanks!


    Yes, It is a bit like that.


    I'm not sure if adding more colours on top would work (unless maybe they are also colourshift paints) as the effect moves around depending on the ambient light & viewing angle, the colours aren't set "in place" as such. You can best see this in effect on the kneecap in the different pics. It's something I will definately experiment with next time though. ::):


  4. 21 hours ago, Pragma said:

    Very nice. The metallics look awesome, and having just a few places with the color shift effect makes it really stand out.




    Agreed, I didn't want to overdo it. Less is more I think.


    20 hours ago, rubegon said:

    That looks amazing!  Which color shift paint did you use on this guy?  I looked at them but had a hard time picturing them on a mini.  This works really well.  You paint a gloss black basecoat and then apply, right?  Did you airbrush or just brush it on?


    If you don’t mind me asking, what paints/process did you use to achieve the tarnished metal look on the rest of him?


    Many thanks!


    The colourshift paint used was Greenstuffworld's "Psychotic Illusions". Yes, painted over a gloss black base. I brushed it on & gave it several very thin coats until the effect started to happen (as recommended by GSW) , I think I did 5 coats for good measure! The paint is quite fluid, goes on very easily & dries quickly.


    As for the other paints, it's all Coat d'arms except for some Citadel "shade" paint. Oh & it's mostly (carefully) drybrushed on............ahem :poke:.

    I'm sure you could easily find similar colours from your favourite paint manufactures so I'll give a rough colour description also.


    1. Gloss black basecoat - Vallejo Game Color

    2. Heavy (wetish) drybrush all over leaving some black visible in the shadows - CDA Magic Metal 113 (very dark brown brassy metallic)

    3. Lighter, more careful drybrush on the iron sections leaving some Magic Metal still visible - CDA Chainmail 109 (mid tone silver)

    4. Edge highlighting on the iron sections - CDA Silver 220 (high tone silver)

    5. Careful drybrush on the brass sections - CDA Dwarven Bronze 143 (mid tone reddish bronze, not too coppery)

    6. Edge highlighting on the brass sections - CDA Bronze 232 (high tone bronze)

    7. Wash applied selectively to the feet & heels for rust effect - Citadel Shade "Fuegan Orange"

    8. The colourshift paint was done last after re-blacking those areas.


    Hope this helps!




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