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  1. Just finished the Kobold by completing the 2nd round of highlights & all the loose ends such as the teeth, claws, dagger & buckles etc.

    Here he is:



    post-14256-0-12798900-1446312410_thumb.jpg post-14256-0-94898700-1446312412_thumb.jpg





    Next up will be the thief:



    post-14256-0-78041700-1446312795_thumb.jpg post-14256-0-85742900-1446312797_thumb.jpg



    I've painted the eyes already & after doing so I found that I really like the way that the whites of his eyes pop out of the black primer & his hooded face. So, as he is a thief, I thought that I would use this to (hopefully) good effect & paint him quite dark as if he is hiding in the shadows about to backstab some poor unfortunate.




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  2. Just a quick update on the cleric & skeleton:







    The cleric's robe has had a basecoat of mid cream with an orange wash followed by a slightly lighter (thinned) cream colour to tidy up the robes raised parts a bit. Normaly, when painting a warm white robe, I would use either a yellow or yellow/brown wash so the orange one is a bit of a departure for me - I'm unsure of it at the moment but I am going to keep going with it to see how it looks after the highlighting is completed.


    The skelly has had it's first highlight layer (same base colour as the cleric's robe) & I've done some more work on the sword & shield. The front side of the shield has a kind of torn fabric detail, I decided to paint this purple because............. I like purple! ^_^ The box art shows some simple runes or markings on the shield so I might have a go at painting them on later.




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  3. Hi there!


    I've been away from this project for a couple of weeks (as I have been working on my first commission) but I'm back on it now & I thought that I'd show some pics of the next minis on the conveyor belt & their progress so far.


    I thought it would be nice to do the cleric & skeleton at the same time to symbolise the classic eternal struggle between good & evil.

    The skeleton will be standard stuff (boney colours, rusty weapons). For the cleric, I'm looking to represent his "goodness" with both cool & warm whites for his robes, he will have bronze armour & a golden religious symbol-type-thing.




    Here they are with some initial basecoats & a flesh wash on the cleric:






    Cleric: 1st layer of flesh highlights, bronze basecoat & brown wash for the breastplate & helm, blue wash on top of the light grey undershirt.

    Skeleton: Brown wash to bones, wooden rear of shield & leather straps, dark silver to sword.





    Back soon with some updates, thanks for looking!



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