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  1. Like many of the OLDER Citadel pieces, these are ones that never hit my then local hobby store's shelves; ergo, they're new to moi. From the two BEAUTIFULLY painted ones, it looks like this will be a SPLENDID thread to follow. Have FUN with the painting et all...speed painting is for gamers.


    Addendum:...it was. Your creations painted up in OUTSTANDING fashion. GREAT WORK!


    Many thanks! I'm glad you're getting to see there oldies now. ::):


    Next minis up will be a classic match up of good Vs evil.............

  2. Another mini done, this time an Orc from the monsters box.


    As this was designed as an AD&D Orc, I didn't want to go with the usual GW dark green skin so I went with a lighter greeny-brown colour.



    Here's the initial basecoats & eyes painted:





    Then washes applied:





    First round of highlights:





    Finally, second round of highlights, teeth, pink nose plus lip, & leather bits done. I also applied a patchy chestnut coloured wash to the metal parts to "rustificate" them & a red glaze to the hood.





    The skin actually turned out more green & less brown than I intended but I'm happy with it.



    Thanks for looking, comments are always welcome!



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  3. Hexagon bases, old school!


    I like your elf, great blending on his undergarment, great color. On his sword did you put a blue wash on the metal on top?






    Yes, there is a blue wash on the sword. I sometimes give my elven figures' weaponry a bit of a blue tint to make it feel magical/different to regular steel.


    In this case (using citadel paints) I started with a base coat of "Ironbreaker" followed by a wash of "Drakenhof Nightshade". After drying, I highlighted the sword with "Runefang Steel" focusing on the edges & heavy on the tip, leaving the hilt end showing more of the blue wash. I then glazed the whole blade with "Guilliman Blue" glaze. Finally, when dry, I carefully picked out the edges & tip again with "Runefang Steel".

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  4. Hi all!


    I have completed some more bits of the 1st Elf over the past few days, just the metal and leather bits to do now. I made a bit of a error with his blue robes initially as they came out a bit too dark after shading so I re-did them a little bit lighter.






    Also, I have started on one of the fighters.

    I've not painted a fully plate armored figure for ages..... I'm quite enjoying the (relative) simplicity of it! ::):






    More to follow soon.


    Thanks for looking!

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  5. Here is my finished Stirge from the Dungeon Monsters set.



    post-14256-0-80028100-1440612513_thumb.jpg post-14256-0-26842600-1440612519_thumb.jpg





    I was actually at a bit of a loss as to how to paint this as it's such a weird mix of creatures & the Monster Manual description is quite hard to visualize (rusty red feathered body, yellow eyes & feet, pink proboscis fading to a grey base). I think it's ok - even if it does look like it's wearing a comedy false nose & glasses combo! :lol:





    I'm currently working on the Giant Fire Beetles:








    I've just got to highlight the black then paint their glowing glands.





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  6. I use one & quite honestly, at my age, I could not paint minis accurately without it! It's great!


    I bought mine from Amazon a short while back for about £10 so it was quite cheap. It is lightweight, has 8 levels of magnification (over a set of single & binocular plastic lenses) & a white LED light. I don't use the light as it is not really powerful enough, plus I prefer to work by daylight.

    I use it for hours on end with no ill effects or fatigue.


    I would recommend you go for the binocular lens type.


    Hope this helps!

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