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  1. Just finished 1 Giant Toad & 2 Giant Rats. 3 Down, 17 to go!



    Basecoats applied,






    Washes washed,






    Initial highlights added,





    Secondry highlights, eye details & black base painting added.






    I'm happy with all of these, although I may come back to the Giant Toad later & add some lighter highlights or something to add a bit more variety to the skin - what do you think?



    Coming soon, 2 Giant Fire Beetles & a Stirge.










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  2. Have you tried a different browser?  Last I heard, the forum software had problems with some software like IE.  Firefox always works well for me, and I'm sure many others do as well.


    Ok, I'm using Firefox now and..... success! Issue 1 solved as shown by this reply to Serenity via the "quote" button.

    Just need to do some posts with links in to check issue 2 using Firefox, will post back here with my findings soon.


    Many thanks for all of your input. ::):

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  3. Hi!


    I was just wondering if anyone has come across the following issues that I am having when posting & whether anyone can help me please (or let me know if I am simply doing it wrong!).



    1. Using the quote "button" to reply to a specific post and thus showing the box of text from the original post in my reply


    When I try this, my "quote" post just appears as a regular reply post with no original posters text shown. Any thoughts?



    2. I would like to add myself to the index of Reaper painted figures post & insert links of my pics to it.


    Whilst creating a post, I have tried both clicking the link button to add a direct link or typing some appropriate text, selecting it then clicking the link button. The "link" pop up window appears & I copy the URL address into the appropriate text box & click ok but the pop up just stays there forever (the close pop up "x" does not exit the window but you can still type in the text boxes). Eventually, I have to close the browser window to exit the post.

    I suspect that I am doing something wrong here, can anyone enlighten me please?


    Also, I want to add links to my signature (future WIP's for example) but I have the same problem here too.



    I'd much appreciate it if anyone can help or maybe give me some suggestions please.


    Many thanks!


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  4. I would say that it's always best to always assemble your figure completely as you may need to pin certain pieces (like wings) & "green stuff" any gaps for a seamless join (which can be messy) - it's much more efficient & neater to do this before you start painting.

    However, it can sometimes be very difficult to get your brush into some areas on a mini (I'm looking at you pre-assembled "Bones" Ghoul Queen :rolleyes:) so, I suppose it depends on the circumstances.


    Hope this helps!

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  5. I think the next logical step would be to paint some layers of lighter blue highlights to the extremities but I am guessing that this may negate some of the translucency.


    I was thinking you could maybe try dragging a damp sponge over the highlights in an attempt to remove the blue ink and leave the original clear plastic showing as the highlights? I don't know if this would give enough contrast (or actually work) as I have not painted any translucents yet.


    Anyway good luck with whatever you do and please show us when you finish it.

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  6. Maybe it's the grey wash that is causing the muddiness? Perhaps you could try a wash that is more tonally similar to your base coat, a sepia or yellow/brown for example?


    Or you could search Google for images of gnoll minis and see how others have visualised or painted them for inspiration?


    Hope this helps! ::):

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