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  1. Greetings! I recently bought some Greenstuffworld colourshift paints & eagerly wanting to try them out, I searched through my (huge) Bones backlog for a suitably metallic mini. I grabbed the fantastically ominious Iron Golem from the Bones 4 Stoneskull Expansion & got to work. The blue areas are the colourshift paint, all the other areas are standard paints. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's not as easy to see the effect on these pics as it is with your own eyes but you can make it out. There's no shading or highlighting on these areas ap
  2. Greetings! Presenting the High Rollers! I wanted to keep these chaps looking bright & cartoony so I went with primary & secondary colours for their bodies & I tried to keep these colours appropriate to their character. Pyram "The Pincher" Aleon Octrox D'Tenian Thacovius Sir Vigintor
  3. Great job @planetmut ! I think these colours are definately the best choice for this mini. The OSL wasn't as difficult as you may think, it's just a series of thin yellow glazes which, with each subsequent layer, get stronger as I got nearer to the lava. Anyway, thanks for the mention & don't worry, I've called off the bloodsucking lawyers!
  4. Fantastic - I love 'em, especially Nogbad the bad! I used to watch the sagas on tv as a wee lad (yes, I'm no spring chicken.....)
  5. Grrrrrrrrr.............. Did you hear that? Hear what? Grrrrrrrrrr......... That, I just heard it again. Didn't you? No, I didn't hear a th.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... Wait, yes I think I did. Grrrrrrrrr......... Grrrrrrrr..... Grrrrrrrrr.......Grrrrrrrr............ Er, has any one got any rations left?..... Grrrrrrrrrrrr............... Theres a good boy, sit, siiiiiiiiiiiiit. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............
  6. I was wondering about this also. If the contrast medium's properties are not altered by adding paint or ink, it would open up a much larger colour range to the artist & be more cost effective. Also, it looks like GW has phased out their 4 "Glaze" colours, presumably the contrast paints replace them now?
  7. For something a little bit sturdier than tape, how about using plasticine (or similar) to build a barrier around the base edge? Roll out a long sausage shape, place it on your worksurface between 2 lengths of smooth wood of equal height then flatten it along it's length using a rolling pin. This should give you a nice even flat ribbon of plasticine to wrap around your base to (hopefully) contain the water. I'm not sure what the reaction between the plasticene & the water effect would be so you may need to use something like petroleum jelly on the inner edge before you pour?
  8. Although speedpainting is immoral & the 's work , something I've thought about trying but never got round to is: 1. Do all your basecoat colours 2. 1st layer of highlight colours via a medium to heavy drybrush 3. 2nd layer of (final) highlight colours via a light drybrush 4. Apply washes or glazes to soften the drybrushing and unify the layers of colour. Or even a brown all over wash for extra speed?
  9. That's a lovely diorama, it captures that scene well. Great stuff!
  10. "One of my favourite range of figures ever was Citadel's 1980's licensed "Lord Of The Rings" minis. I have finally decided to get all the miniatures I own painted up (over time) & try to acquire the ones which are missing from my collection (& paint them up too!)". Here is my next completed mini - Treebeard: Mighty Ent. I tried to keep the colours as close to Treebeard's description in the book. I guess this mini sculpt may seem a little dated by todays wonderfully elaborate standards but I think it has it's own charm especially in his warm characterful face. Co
  11. I would try talc also. I use it when making stamped bases out of green stuff - works a treat! There is such a thing a "mold release spray" but I'm not sure if it's suitable for your purposes?
  12. Great stuff!! I have this mini also (squirellled away somewhere in my catacombs...) Citadel FA15 - Dwarf with 2 handed hammer. Do I get a prize for being over a decade older than it?
  13. The mini's dimensions (approx) are - length = 70mm, width = 30mm, height = 30mm. The base is 50mm diam (plastic). The mini does have an integrated metal base which can be seen here. Thank you!
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