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  1. Great job @planetmut ! I think these colours are definately the best choice for this mini. The OSL wasn't as difficult as you may think, it's just a series of thin yellow glazes which, with each subsequent layer, get stronger as I got nearer to the lava.


    Anyway, thanks for the mention & don't worry, I've called off the bloodsucking lawyers! :poke:

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  2. 1 hour ago, lowlylowlycook said:

    So there is a "Contrast Medium" or something like that.  Has anyone tried thinning regular paints with that?    Or maybe using the medium and some artist inks.


    I was wondering about this also. If the contrast medium's properties are not altered by adding paint or ink, it would open up a much larger colour range to the artist & be more cost effective.


    Also, it looks like GW has phased out their 4 "Glaze" colours, presumably the contrast paints replace them now?


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  3. For something a little bit sturdier than tape, how about using plasticine (or similar) to build a barrier around the base edge? Roll out a long sausage shape, place it on your worksurface between 2 lengths of smooth wood of equal height then flatten it along it's length using a rolling pin. This should give you a nice even flat ribbon of plasticine to wrap around your base to (hopefully) contain the water.


    I'm not sure what the reaction between the plasticene & the water effect would be so you may need to use something like petroleum jelly on the inner edge before you pour?



  4. Although speedpainting is immoral & the :devil: 's work :poke:, something I've thought about trying but never got round to is:


    1. Do all your basecoat colours

    2. 1st layer of highlight colours via a medium to heavy drybrush

    3. 2nd layer of (final) highlight colours via a light drybrush

    4. Apply washes or glazes to soften the drybrushing and unify the layers of colour. Or even a brown all over wash for extra speed?


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  5. 17 hours ago, Valiant said:

    What are the dimensions of this miniature and base?


    The mini's dimensions (approx) are - length = 70mm, width = 30mm, height = 30mm.

    The base is 50mm diam (plastic). The mini does have an integrated metal base which can be seen here.


    4 hours ago, Mutilatedlips said:

    Very cool.


    Thank you!


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