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  1. Finished the spines & claws today with an initial highlight of 2 parts Field Grey 29834 to 1 part Arctic Grey 29854, followed by a final highlight of 1 part Field Grey to 2 parts Arctic Grey. I also base coated the base in black.


    I've still got the base to finish off but effectively, Stormwing is now finished so I will post him completed in the show off forum soon.










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  2. Second round of highlights:


    Wings & Ears - Arctic Grey 29854

    Body - Ashen Blue 09057

    Belly - Concrete Grey 29832









    Then a final highlight on the very edge of the belly scales using a 50/50 mix of Arctic Grey & Concrete Grey:





    Finally, I painted the pupils with an initial circle of Rusty Red 29804 followed by an inner circle of Fireball Orange 29806:



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  3. I searched for "dwarf with pipe miniature" & found this:




    It's definately the same mini but with a different weapon head. The blogger states that they painted him for a client who got it as a freebie with an order they placed. Frustratingly, it doesnt say where from. Perhaps yours came free with an order?


    The sculpting quaility doesn't look that old to me, say 1995 onwards. Maybe he never saw an actual release......


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  4. Just done some corrective surgery on Stormwing to correct his chronic stooposis.


    1. Drilled base & tail, glued & pinned base:



    2. Glued tail to base pin. After drying, drilled quite a long hole through the right ankle & shin & inserted a pin for some extra support:



    3. Covered the ankle hole with green stuff & added some around the tail join for some extra adhesive security:



    4. Post op, standing proud again. Lets hope he stays this way..........:



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  5. Next up will be Stormwing.


    When I first assembled him a couple of months ago, he was standing tall & proud but now he seems to be looking around on the ground for some gold coins he's dropped:




    Has anyone dealt with the droopyness on this particular mini or got any thoughts on sorting it? What did you do & did it last? I think that if I drag the tail down then pin & glue it to the base, it could work but would I need to put pins in the ankles for extra support?




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  6. On 17/01/2018 at 9:55 AM, Glitterwolf said:



    I got the Actec, Greek and Egyptian one and a Plain one for flattening.

    Superb stuff.

    Make sure you use them when the putty/ greenstuff or clay you're using is already a bit hardened.

    If you do it too soon you will roll the putty off the bases and on your pin..

    If you're too late you won't make an impression.


    Actually I even applied the Aztec roller to foam, pressing hard I was able to make an impression ( Tanith's Awakening Piece, I did this on the bottom part of the altar, upper part was milliput)


    Using plasticine in the mix will take longer to dry, but is more cost effective in the end.


    Clean the rollers directly afterwards, warm water/detergent I use a wooden toothpick ( NOT METAL) to scrape residue out of the motif.



    To reduce stickyness & cleaning up, can I recommend a light dusting of talcum powder on the putty surface before rolling the imprint? ::):


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  7. After a brief absence, I'm back with an update to Diabolus.


    First, I painted the large scale plates of the underside with CD'A "Golden Yellow" leaving the "Dusky Yellow" showing in the crevices. I then painted the lower edge of each scale with "Angel Red".





    Next, I painted a thinned mix of "Golden Yellow" on to the last 2 thirds of each wing membrane section followed by a thinned mix of "Angel Red" to the rear wing membrane edges to add some variation & definition. I then drybrushed "Ruby Red" onto the wing membrane edges front & back followed by "Black" to the rear edge membranes.

    I also used these colours to paint the spines down the neck & back to create a fiery effect.









    Finally, I felt that the underside scales colour transitions were a little harsh so I tidied them up using "Golden Yellow". I also drybrushed the base with blue/greys.






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  8. Update time!......


    This week, I finished the mouth using reds yellows & oranges with a touch of blue for the tongue tip for a diabolical touch. I kept the inside of the throat & nostrils yellow to capture it's "inner glow", also completed the eyes, teeth & darkened the head a little bit more.

    I painted all the claws & horns with a black base followed by a couple of red highlight layers & base coated the base with black.









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  9. Looking good!


    I would go with a phoenix on the mage. Maybe you could paint it to look like it's made up of simple flame shapes using yellows, oranges & reds then match the feather to these colours?


    Regarding the sideways pics - I always transfer my photos to my PC first then crop and rotate them if needed, using a photo editing program (I think they call them "apps" these days::):).

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  10. A bit more progress......


    I applied Cote D'Arms "Ruby Red" to the top half of the scaled body & used dry brushing to try & blend the red & yellow areas together where they meet.







    Next, I painted the topmost red areas with CD'A "Vampire Red". I also mixed up a 1:1 mix of "Dusky Yellow" & white & highlighted the feet.










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