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  1. OK, I see my pledge in the manager, and also see that I owe some more for the things I've added on. But I'm not getting an option yet to pay the amount over my pledge i owe. When I click "return to kickstarter" it tells me I can't pledge more there, that I need to use the pledge manager. Am I missing something here?
  2. Kinda sad we got the pack mule.. but didn't get the cart to go with him, which apparently they have modeled and had in the case. Aside from that LOVE the Frost Giant king and queen!
  3. On the topic of 3d printing. Right now , if you wanted to even try to get close to the detail level we see you're talking about at least $2,500 on a printer. Then the materials... you'd have to print a figurative TON of minis to pay for that as opposed to the $2-$3 a pop price for bones at retail. They don't have anything to worry about for quite a while, and by quite a while I mean probably at least 10 years.
  4. The answer would be "pound of fresh flesh, and Bones KS 5 being "healthy baby", pr possibly "a kidney"
  5. I can't imagine myself using either of those sea based addons in a game, but I could definitely see painting them , then using a clear epoxy sealer over them, and putting them in my fishtank.
  6. So do we call this Dwarfagheddon, Ragnadwarf, or Dwarfnarok?
  7. I'm glad I just talked my wife into reeling back one of our home improvement projects substantially, I will have some extra cash now. We're quickly approaching my initial limiter level I had set for myself. OTOH, as impressed as I am with the big multi-headed boy there... I don't know if I'm going to pick one up. He's just so large that even with my mean trick to play on the party idea he would essentially be an eternal shelf decoration in the game room. I know I'm definitely in for the first and third expansions (debating on mythos... I want the altar and cultists, and I have a friend I think plays some Lovecraftian RPGs and might like the other figures) Definitely getting extra sets of Hobgobs as I love those asian inspired armor sets on them. Probably in for the big worm, which I will re-name Euphemism.
  8. I think of using it in terms of shock value... You build up a moderate sized Kobold dungeon, premise being that they've gone crazy claiming their divine one had come to lead them to victory... Adventurers do what they do clearing out the old castle where the Kobodls had set up as their new stronghold (think massive fights with hordes of kobolds and some minibosses. THey finally fight down to the main chamber and open the door then.... you say "OK, let's take a break and get drinks and snacks while I set up the next room" and shuffle everybody out of the room. They come back in later to a huge room with Tianot sitting in the middle of it (maybe not even painted yet...) with Kobolds around it and the boss Kobold front and center. Allow them to panic. Once you're done messing with them you describe it as a bunch of kobolds around what looks to be a huge and surprisingly lifelike statue of Tiamat. Turns out the head Kobold convinced everybody else that if they killed and sacrificed enough humans the blood would infuse the statue and bring Tiamat down into it to lead them, he's of course full of horse pockey and just using it to get them all doing whatever he wants, but a plan is a plan, ya know?
  9. I have a quick question about the scaling on the Pathfinder II figures.... Is that a properly scaled 1/58 (28mm) red mantis figure.. or is it..
  10. This is pretty much exactly where I'm at. And trimming back from "Buy one of every dragon" which was my initial plan. I have a cap for what I wanted to pledge which I haven't hit yet though, so some wiggle room here and there. I know it's too late to suggest a model for this KS, but maybe something they could whip together easily at a moderately low sculpting cost would be... a sprue of open/grasping left and right hands to use with those weapons. If they use the female frost giant to try to force into $50 for an expansion and don't pack a lot of other value in there I'll be disappointed (and probably not getting her until retail then.)
  11. I'm about to have to hit the road from Tulsa back to Dallas (went to Tokyo in Tulsa with my wife over the weekend). Hoping they get the new goal reveal done before I have to roll...
  12. I don't really see the Cannon on my to get list, the additions to the expansion are making it more appealing. Have to wait and see what that third part of it turns out to be (assuming we get there). Right now ready to see some more stretch goals revealed though.
  13. Here is a pic of the resin versions from RAC last year. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ex9hxb0t3jfxb0s/2014-10-25%2013.28.54.jpg?dl=0 Cool, so baby oogie boogies. Whats funny is that I know I'm already going to end up getting it for the Behir...
  14. I am also wondering about the scales of the things in the Stonescale Expansion. Is that a big OOgie Boogie, with two mini-oogie boogies? Or are they the same time? How many of those are large size (i.e. over 30mm tall) versus mediums around the usual 25-28mm? etc? Can we get a sir forescale next to the Behir?
  15. Nah, that is the line I'm trying to tip toe along. I wonder want spoilers, but figure on getting some of the generic mobs/mooks that will work in well. I saw that, looked like the online store didn't have the boxed set of the Nefsokar group and just individuals. Maybe I'll augment my undead hordes with that box. Also want to add some scarab swarms, those always seem to happen, Maybe a couple large scorpions, and some Arabian style bandits.
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