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  1. I have a few sets of Q-Workhop dice, the craftsmanship of that company is very nice and I would recommend. As a DM the one I like the most is the Metal Dwarven Set. They feel powerful in your hands and they are loud when you roll them (getting attention of your players instantly). I got at a really good price here in Canada. I'm looking forward to this kickstarter... What can I say I love Dice sets and will trow money to get more, especially this one.
  2. Waiting for Paizo and Q-Worshop Pathfinder Metal dice KS starting in 47 days. They say that they are: extremely happy to announce their project to make the most awesome metal dice set on Earth - and possibly in the Universe as well.
  3. Ahem, Gauth and T'Raukzul. Maybe classic Kaladrax. And I also realized the $CAN is not in our favor these days. Enough to make me reconsider Ma'al (heresy, I know) and its huge shipping cost. Once it hits full price retail, assuming we still have free shipping to Canada, it may be cheaper to wait. Having just upped my pledge, I am a very conscious that I can't afford to have this stuff shipped to Canada. Same for DF stuff. I have it all shipped to my best bud down in the US and then I practice zen like patience (sometimes up to six months) until either he visits me or I visit him. I have learned a lot about how patient I can actually be. This is what a lot of ROW pledgers need. A friend or relative in the US, and frequent visits. There is also the choice of sending the package to a friendly Store near the border. You then pick it up there when it arrives. Example of that is shipping shops in Massena NY or UPS.Store close to the Border. They charge you about 5$ per box per week to keep it.
  4. Ouch... My wallet hurts... Love the new Ogre Command and the add-on to the new expansion.
  5. Love the Eastern Legend pack and Yes a Bronze Dragon!!!!!
  6. Like very much this new addition in the core set. My D&D players will be happy. I have almost finished painting the latest Reaper Bones Learn to Paint Kit. What a great way for me to get back in the Hobby more than twenty years later. Thanks Reaper for this kickstarter just in time and bowing to you for reviving a flame in me. I'm all pump-up and just order some paints from Reaper and new Bones to continue. I would recommend the Learn to Paint Kit to anyone starting or coming back to the Hobby. I'm looking forward to exchange and get advice for a really cool community using this Forum and who knows maybe Reaper Con to meet at some point in the future. Feeling really Zen and ready to spend more on this kickstarter.
  7. Know the feeling, but for me it's a first and I really like what I'm seeing as a newbie so I'm all in for pledging in this kickstarter. Like I said in a previous post, I will send the order in the USA close to the Border therefore alleviating the cost of shipping to Canada. I will take take delivery myself and cross the border dealing directly with Canadian Custom. I have done this often in the past and it makes a big difference when you deal directly with CBSA officers at the Border rather than let the package being handled in the shipper warehouse. I'm still taking a hit at the currency conversion but hey that's life in Canada...
  8. For me, living in Canada close to the border, I just sent the package in the USA and go pick-it up and bringing across. I still have to pay customs and duty but no shipping. I have experience outrageous shipping cost in the past dealing with Ebay Orders and so forth.
  9. I really love this first experience for a Kickstarter and being new to the Hobby, I'am really happy with all the goodies I'm getting from Reaper.
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