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  1. You really put my effort to shame.... Simply and absolutely fabulous The Drow
  2. Hobgoblin costume is now in advanced progress! Ps sorry for the necto...
  3. Sorry for the Necro,but I just s aw this for the first time in years...and I look at it every day and it still makes me smile and realize I have friends in the world that I love but haven't ever met In person.... Thank you again for the wonderful gift @malefactus!
  4. okay its after work.... This was from my college days, when we were transitioning from 1st to 2nd ed... my groups sent lots of notes, for things that others might not know / hear about, and it later became tradition to post funny / appropriate things on the screen, along with what ever I decided... The intention was to calligraph (SP?) the quotes onto the screen.... (30 years ago....) that is why the players side is parchment paper.... There are charts on the inside in page protectors as @alchemist mentioned... Sorry for any indescrete language or terminology, but it was my college group that lasted for 10 plus years.... There is also my Judges guild Traveller Screen... the 'to hit charts' were the most valuable.... if anyone wants to know more about the notes, i'll try to explain them...
  5. Did anyone happen to see the goblin in the air vent anywhere? kinda curious....
  6. Looks very similar to the one I built... Pics tonight after work...
  7. Not there this year... Wasn't painting, wasn't interested in painting, so no prep work to go, and of course nothing painted... hope to see some streams... Vacation starts Saturday, so will be working around the house, running errands, etc Maybe next year, but the Collège gaming group is talking about DragonCon next year, and haven't seen many of those folks in a coon's age... 🕷️ Did anyone else notice we lost our nicknames / titles? Very sad....
  8. That must be the Drow version of the technicolor wolf.... @Glitterwolf
  9. are the pups piddling on the floor again...
  10. So @Glitterwolf, what are we going to do today? The same thing we do every day Pinky...
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