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  1. So he's done and over in Showoff now Thanks for following along! The Drow
  2. So I got his base done with 2 kinds of sand, some tufts and a blend of turfs and static grasses... WIP here... Here he is! Thanks for looking! The Drow
  3. To much adulting to hobby much but... Savant not touched... Everyone else got SC75 Caspian Blue on sleeves and pants as needed More SC FG on scabbards and spearman's banner Also noticed the spearman's pick had a frog, so it got SC 75 Brown Leather... As always Critiques and comments welcome! And thanks for looking! The Drow
  4. What they said!!! and wet palettes and thin your paint! And buy the stuff when you can, it can go out of print!!! The Drow
  5. Moar work! Mostly touch ups, but Any wood was washed with SC 75 Inktensity Wood Metal Armor painted with @Chaoswolf's favorite SC 75 color ... Thrash Metal the leaders leather armor edged with Thrash metal as well Sleeves and pants where appropriate with SC 75 Abyssal Blue, then a 50% mix of Abyssal and Caspian blues. The leader and crossbowman's belts with SC 75 Black and Red leathers, with a 50% intermediate step, then Red leather and Indian shade. Dagger scabbards with SC F&G Riff Green Nothing beyond touch ups on the Savant, and Thrash metal on his duster buckles... The leader And the troops need to add green to the 'banner' on the spear... Comments and critiques welcome! The Drow
  6. He's over in Showoff now! Thanks for following along! The Drow
  7. o I finished Thregan this morning with a second application of water effect... Added a few tufts and some Green Turf Blend as well.. WIP here So here he is! Comments appreciated! The Drow No to find the female Thief / Assassin in the pile of lead...
  8. Absolutely! krylon, Rustoleum, rattle cans in white grey black Stylynrez in multiple samples plus black white grey for airbrush... Vallejo black ditto, Scale 75 white Reaper white brush on (forgot the 4 Stylynrez sammple....) White is for people and critters, Black for my military vehicles, grey for???? I clear coat too... Testers Dullcote, recently Krylon and Rustoleum... rattle cans... multiple brush ons in both gloss and flat, including some Polly S from the late 70s!!!! The Drow Is that enough???
  9. Hangouts are open if anyone cares to say hi to the Drow...
  10. tonight's pics... Words tomorrow... The Drow So the words... The Savant, SC 75 Mojave White, then Nacre drybrushed on the fur SC F&G Greenskin Flesh on sleeves and pants SC 75 Heavy Metal on the 'duster'bucckles and snaps The Leader and troops got any sleeves and pants with SC 75 Abyssal Blue SC 75 Mojave White, then Nacre drybrushed on the fur on any troops with it Sorry for the wait... Comments welcome! The Drow
  11. tonight's pics... Words tomorrow... The Drow Time for words... The book got SC F&G Greenskin Flesh, and SC 75 Nacre The Weapon haft some lines of SC 75 Mojave White, then multiple washes with Agrax Earthshade The Marking on the chest plate with SC 75 Tesla Blue The 'Gem' on the top of hid weapon with Greenskin Flesh... Sorry but had to crash last night... The Drow
  12. WarColoursDOTcom is a paint company from Cyprus They make awesome paints! Lots of them come in sets of 5, kinda like Reaper Triads... They have a line called One Coat, that pretty much does just that... The Drow
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