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  1. Stinger Luchtdoel Peloton got their static grass mix and are finished... This finishes the Dutch portion of my originally planned Force, leaving only the West German support... Which is starting with a 6 strong Roland FLAK Batterie... 2 built, 4 to go... And the minefields I have been working on off and on got some tufts.... Thanks for looking! SGT G
  2. Got the Dutch Mortars and M109s finished tonight, as well as the stinger platoon getting it's tufts, and hopefully I can finish with the static grass... Thanks for looking! SGT G
  3. More work on the Glitterwolf's Dragoons tonight... M109s and Mortar Tracks got Drybrushed and airbrushed with Vallejo Iraqi sand... still have details, vision blocks, lights etc to do, mortars need the masking removed and the mortars installed as well... Crew got finished up And Stinger Peloton got it's base base coated and washed... (Wash is still wet in pics....) Thanks for looking! SGT G
  4. The Stinger platoon got attached to their bases, and the bases got sanded... Details on the artillery, Aiming stakes, bed rolls, back packs, water cans and pioneer tools on the M109 turrets, Water cans, tow cables, collimaters and shovels on the mortar tracks... The vehicle crew berets got some Gobi Brown paint as well... Thanks for looking! SGT G
  5. The mortar crews and stinger platoon paint got finished tonight... Just need to finish the tracks and do the bases... Thanks for looking! SGT G
  6. The Mortars and M109s got their decals tonight... Don't they look clean and shiny?? Not for long.... Thanks for looking! SGT G
  7. Last nights bit of work... Vallejo Leather brown on the boots and Khaki-Grey on the helmets of the Stinger platoon and Mortar crew...
  8. So the Mech Infantry are done, bases tufted and flocked. Add their rides to some of the pics... On to the Artillery, mortars and Stinger platoon, then the Dutch are done... The West German support comes after that... Unless I do the Leopard 1s... Thanks for looking! SGT G
  9. Last nights work on the Dutch, Mech infantry bases got re base coated and 3 colors of dry brush. Vehicles got a clear coat, which darkens the Tamiya Khaki Drab, and then pin washed with Tamiya Black panel liner. Mortar crews and stinger platoons got a dry brush of 50% each SC 75 Field grey and Ardennes Green. Also starting to try to put a table together.... It's harder than I remembered! Especially since I never used rivers before... Thanks for looking! SGT G
  10. Lots of base coating tonight... 3 Mortar Tracks 3 M109s all with Tamiya Khaki Drab Mortar Crew and Stinger platoon with Tamiya Dark Green and the bases of the Mech Infantry with ersatz GW Graveyard Earth Thanks for looking! SGT G
  11. Your telling me??? So here's last nights work, as it was to late to edit etc... The 2 Mech platoons got their glue and sand, hopefully I can get the basecoat on them tonight... The 3 Mortar tracks got assembled and primed, as well as the crews... And finally, the Stinger platoon got primed... Really should have done these with the infantry... Basecoats for all tonight! I hope... Thanks for looking! SGT G
  12. Sorting out the 2 platoons of mech infantry and getting them onto the bases... Glue and sand tomorrow.... (I hope!) Thanks for looking! SGT G And prepping the stinger platoon figures...
  13. The infantry stands got base coated, and I decided the next step is support, So here are 3 M109s...cleaned and primed This is the resin / metal kit... Thanks for looking! SGT G
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