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  1. I agree with this... A gallows maybe? An out door well?
  2. I hate dusting! So a cleaning person to do that kind of thing once a week
  3. Just placed an order with noble knight... They have a bunch of Secret Weapon stuff ...
  4. so Gamma World... Still have mine (Box set of GW) from waaaayyyy back when.... Even got some figures at Reapercon 16!
  5. There are quite a few things that I would like to fix , and I think 10 million dollars would fix most of them...🕷
  6. Been a typical Mid Hudson valley summer, occasionally hot and humid with T-storms, sometimes cool and rainy... Milder than most this year, I think. Doubt we have hit 100F more than twice... And we'll be snickering at the Southren hemisphere folks soon enough whilst we freeze our tails...
  7. I don't have a musical bone in my body... Electric guitar ftw!🕷
  8. My latest order from our hosts.... There were also 4 assorted blisters of bases... Since I did the Duergar sets, I have a color scheme already worked out, and the enlarged guy is cool... Just need to figure out how to modify the hammer head on the normal sized guy to match the big one... The mousling is for the quarterly comp... I might get to it, never having painted a mousling.... (Snakefood you know....) And I hope I can replicate the paint job I did for a Secret Sophie with the Peryton... Was one of my best works on a critter, IMHO These were the free figs... I am likely to test out the archer, as it is bones use, and I haven't done anything with that yet.... Thanks for looking!
  9. If you post them early in the am, the longer people will have to see and answer them...💣
  10. It was Aired on tonight's Reaper Live that Cathy Wappel is ill, and that the treatment costs are going to be high. Reaper and Darksword minis will be producing a fund raising mini to help. Reaper in Bones, Darksword in metal. No further details given, but the 'Green' was previewed and looks awesome! Adepticon has joined in with a FT Wappel T-Shirt... To find out more, go to the Adepticon page, go to the 'news' link, and then look for Ft. Wappel tshirt. Detains at that site. Our thoughts are with the Wappel family. George Lukach Could a MOD please pin this to the top of the page? Thank you @TaleSpinner @Chaoswolf @OneBoot
  11. When I get a notification that someone or something has posted in a thread I follow...🦐
  12. as long as I have my purple...☻👤
  13. Thanks Never read or saw anything from that series....
  14. Thanks! okay who is she? I feel that I should know, but drawing a complete blank.... Eclavdra?
  15. Ral partha kirin! @Thoramel Are you using a light grey primer with a black wash??? What it appears to be. How are your results?
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