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  1. I too bought it for the palette and now keep a roll in the kitchen and a box of pre-cut in the paint desk... I've also used it for ironing delicate things...☻ Mom learned to bake from her grand mother during the War, and from her mom and aunts... She passed many of the recipes on to us kids. Many wonderful Swedish confections! Ask NEMPA @Dilvish the Deliverer @Mad Jack and others from Reapercon about the Drow's cookies
  2. I have a Ball Python and a Red Tail Boa, so... Both female Fafnir the python girl, What are you DOING? Whatcha thinking about? Are you making Friends??? Scatha the Wyrm Whatcha pondering? Playing Submarine? Does it taste like sphagetti to you? The Drow
  3. So here I was, on the horns of dilemma about what color to paint the orbs.... So then I asked myself WWPD?* And here is the result... WC One Coat Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue. SC 75Sunset Purple, and WC Violet. SC 75 White Alchemy Thanks for looking! The Drow * What Would @Pezler the Polychromatic Do?
  4. I have a house, I 'HOBBY' every day! I did get a little bit of painting done... I try to do at least one color on one mini a day, as a minimum to help preserve my Sanity....
  5. Since I had the blues out, I trimmed his axe with SC 75 Mediterranean and Sky blues mixed 50% His boots have been getting SC 75s Browns to 50% mix of Brown and Orange leather Jacket with SC 75 Irati and Spring Greens... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  6. Been way to much adulting around here lately, but there has been some work going on.... Almost finished with his skin, went up to SC 75 Mediterranean and Sky Blues mixed 50% Worked on his robes with SC 75 Irati and Spring Greens His belts and pouches up to Scale 75 Brown and Orange Leathers 50%... Need to glaze on his skin next... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  7. I would also recommend using an airbrush at say 40 psi... In fact, the shelves of shame se this often enough...☻
  8. What he said goes for me as well.... @Chaoswolf, @Glitterwolf I thought you WOOFers had issues with baths....
  9. The drummer printed up... And the lead singer, (obviously the Tiefling's human half brother) (pic from Ironwind site)
  10. Reread, White Plume Mountain, Paul Kidd Novelization of the classic adventure Excellent read
  11. Like others... Debts CLUTTER! Books Paints & brushes dice old GDW Traveller stuff Tools, both for minis and house work I scavenge terrain making stuff everywhere... Ren Faire Garb and Gear STL files for 3d printing.... interesting T-shirts And I have been able to re-create my combat uniform from my active duty days, including helmet and battle-rattle, less the Pro mask and weapons,,, Used to collect Vinyl, Cassettes, 8 Tracks, CDs all before they became obsolete... And last but not least, Fleas, Ticks and other bodily parasites... (Been hanging out with W.O.O.F. too much, I guess....
  12. For SCIENCE! I was at the CT Ren Faire yesterday, and there was an booth selling honest to Hades Miniatures! (Most pewter booths sell minis along with their other stuff, this one is just minis...) Turnkey minis started out as a hobby for the dad and kids, and grew into a part time business... Pretty inexpensive for metal, at abot $2.80 per single figure... He had lots of "Villagers" sets of different races for $16, but the ORC set was too different to pass up.... His store site is currently down due to server issues, unfortunately... Nice Guy too... The Drow
  13. Looks like the guy on the cover of Aqualung....
  14. Pretty much every day... Home from work, work around the house til dark or near, and realize I need to eat, take my meds, maybe get to hobby before bed.... Like tonight, except work was all at home....
  15. I took my daughter Alsnia and a friend of hers to the CT Ren Faire today for her birthday, and while we were there, she looked up something from the past that originated herein Random... Ladies and Gents, I give you https://nuclear-krill.fandom.com/wiki/BAND_MEMBERS I removed the link due to forum rules.... Security.... (Is your name in there????)
  16. I have 3... A siphon feed $20 Badger that I use only for body paint for the Drow costume A Grex Genesis XS .3mm an Iwata HP-SB with a .2 mm nozzle The last 2 are gravity side fed, dual action These are used for the full gamut of jobs, but mainly base coating with the Grex as it has a bigger nozzle and feed cup. The Iwata is for more detail work, such as painting camouflage on 15mm armored vehicles Tips- Clean it, clean it, clean it! Nothing will mess up your brush faster than old paint... It isn't that hard to clean them after use, by now (I've been using the Grex since 2010) it takes less than 5 minutes to clean the brush. Every once in a while I'll spend more time and do a deep cleaning... No different than what you do with your kolinski sable brush, just different methods... Practice! You didn't get to your current skill level with a brush without practice, why should an airbrush be any different? They are a tool, like any other tool, they have their uses. Fades for instance... I did Marbrezuk and did fades on his claws using the Grex... If anyone has the desire, pm me and I will be more than willing to help if I can I can also demonstrate things on the Hangout if you wish....
  17. Excellent! I am one of the original hangout folks, along with Guindy and Buglips.... Still on the hangout most nights from 8pm to 1030ishpm EST... . We used to choose a hangout mini of the month, where a group of folks would paint the same mini... It was great to be able to ask each other what the heck this thing on his belt!!!! and just discuss colors, ideas etc... I also did some very basic airbrushing classes live on the hangouts after setting up times in advance...
  18. So nothing has really gotten done due to massive quantities of adulting... So some of Flemmy's friends dropped by to keep him company... The Dragonborn base player, The Dwarf guitarist, The Tiefling Cellist(?) A Girlblin vocalist His Manager His pet cat... And 3 views of @Pezler the Polychromatic, his favorite bartender... The girlblin is actually a steampunk fig, and I need to replace the gun with a microphone... The tressym and kobold pirate are just cool.... I have a dwarf drummer printing now, as well as the bartender NAMES FOR THE NEW FOLKS ???? The Drow
  19. Thanks @Pezler the Polychromatic, couldn't find my bottle...☻
  20. The US Army is 247 years old today! "If you can read this, Thank a Teacher." If it's in ENGLISH, Thank a SOLDIER!" So Happy Birthday to all you Dogfaces, CDATs, Grunts Gun Bunnies etc out there! And for those of you deployed, Be SAFE! Rambo was an idiot.... Live troops! Not dead idiots..... SGT (ret) George E. Lukach
  21. What He Said!!!! Call in the BOMB SQUAD! UXB! UXB!
  22. I would say may parents first, The Time spent in the military next... And the guy in High School that introduced me to this thing called AD&D.... Mal is reading my mind (so called) again....
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