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  1. Not a speck of glitter???!!! 🦐 Biggest problem with 3d prints FRAGILE as broccoli!
  2. Was supposed to rain, about 73 F... Hasn't yet.... Doing well shopping for home improvement stuff hades.... ^^^^^^^ Amen!
  3. Leathers done with SC 75 Black leather (Why S.G> gave them shoes at all, especially something rather complex like Roman Legionnaire's sandals is beyond me...) Back in the day when the older ones were painted, excempt fore the base and buckles, this guy would have been done.... How times change! The Drow
  4. Grixus has been getting his beard worked on with various SC 75 greys and mixes there of... His leather accoutrements in SC 75 Black Leather Thanks for looking! The Drow
  5. So I decided to really try Bleach blond peroxide blond hair on Flemmy... WC Warm Grey 3 on hair, Green washed with GW Green ink from back in the day when GW made the best inks... Knee pads in SC F&G Decay Black. I will gloss coat the pads after finishing so that they (Hopefully!) look like polished leather... Axe in SC 75 Mediterranean Blue Need to work more on the jacket / shirt highlights.... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  6. A lot more touching up on her, hair coat face belts etc... The dog had been getting more highlights with SC 75 Eclipse Grey and Graphite, and then I washed it with full strength Inktensity Black.... Now to almost start over again... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  7. Just some Didi's Black Magic Black Ink mixed with Future and water washed on the chain tonight... (It takes a while to dry....) I know it's wrong, but I always think of Amazon warriors due to the cut of their armor.... The Drow
  8. Some SC 75 Irati Green.... And SC 75 Black Leather for the belt et ali.... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  9. So Flemmy got a little paint, his shoulder pads got SC F&G Decay Black, and his shirt some SC 75 Irati Green... Wondering if I should do the knee pads the same as the shoulders? or maybe in all metal? Thanks For looking! The Drow
  10. Mom's Family is Swedish, they were Neutral during the war... Dad's father worked in the steel mills in Pittsburg, and as such, was an 'Essential war effort worker' Had an uncle by maraige, he served in the Polish Army, was captured by the Russians and sent to Siberia! Furthermore, he escaped the camp, and walked all the way to Odessa, in the Ukraine on the Black Sea! Not sure how many miles, and how long it took, but... Being a retired NON COMBAT Vet, I have talked to many vets, and those that served in combat tend to not talk about it, even to folks like me. This is for 2 reasons, in my opinion... 1. They want to forget about the things they saw and did, and talking about it often brings back painful memories. 2. They figure that you were either there (ie in combat) or you weren't, and if you weren't, you wouldn't understand anyway... Largest Painted plastic- DDS 2 Terrain and Dragon (not the characters) (That is a 15mm LST in the back left corner...) Unpainted Plastic- Either Ma'al or Sophie's Revenge, both still in the unopened boxes... Painted Metal- Takhisis... (click on I painted a Goddess blow for pics) Unpainted Metal- Likely Gauth.... or maybe DDS 1? again, both still in the boxes.... (And yes my Gauth is Metal) Smallest Unpainted would likely be the 15mm infantry figure for Flames of War / Team Yankee WWIII... or the teeney tiny Taki 3d print for a project (Shown with our Hero!) Painted would likely be this familiar Vampire Rat, with Thregan Helmsplitter.... The Drow
  11. So.... These guys got CW Catachan Green as a shadow, then MIG Olivgrun high lit on the skin, VMC Bronze on the armor and SC 75 Thrash Metal drybrushed on the Chainmail Exaple Thanks for looking! The Drow
  12. Some love... Base color n robe to SC 75 Black Forest Green, then some Boreal Tree Green Beard got a 50% mix of SC 75 Eclipse Grey and Graphite SC 75 Cantabric Blue on the skin If anyone is going to do this guy, you might really consider doing his face before attaching the right arm.... The ball of stuff in his right hand, any ideas on what it could be besides fire???? Thought maybe water or poison, or.... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  13. Moar work She got SC 75 Basic Flesh, and Arabic Shadow 50%, then Basic Flesh WC One Coat Red on the vest and pants, SC 75 Black Leather on the Belts and corset(?) (Lot's of touchups...) The dog got SC 75 Abyssal Blue then Eclipse grey Thanks for looking! The Drow
  14. So though I haven't been posting, I have been painting... Flemmy got another coat of SC 75 Black Forest Green, and then some Boreal Tree Green on his shirt, SC75 Black Leather on his boots... Don't think I can get that logo on the shirt... It's just too small an area... (Will likely try though....) Wondering what color to do the guitar.... @TGP suggested an ice blue.... any other thoughts? Thanks for looking! The Drow
  15. Went to the CT Ren Faire! Map the Greeter And I about died when I saw this.... Sorry that they forgot the Umlats @TGP... The Best Booth sign... Tomorrow cutting down trees for mom.... The Drow PS and Hanging out and Painting both evenings!
  17. The reason the fantasy folks are taking so long is this, plus another group the same size of 15mm Czechoslovak tanks.... So she got a 50% mix of SC 75 Arabic Shadow and Basic flesh'Hair is MSP Auburn Shadow, and vest WC One Coat Red Thanks for looking! The Drow
  18. Moar work.. 50% mix of SC 75 Deep and Navy Blues, then Navy Blue, Then 50% mix of Navy and Cantabric Blues Then SC 75 Black Forest Green. I'm going to change the base color to this.... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  19. So Flemmy, Flem to friends... got some love.... Polly S Goblin Flesh on the skin, and SC75 Black Forest green on his shirt Thanks for looking! The Drow
  20. Goblins are always GOBLIN FLESH!!! (at least till it runs out....)
  21. ??? I didn't do any head swap The metal Damaris doesn't have a hat, if that's what you mean...
  22. WC One Coat Red-Orange, then One Coat Orange in the eye sockets, SC 75 Deep Blue skin, and SC 75 Ardennes Green Robe... GW Stormvermin Grey on the rock.... Thanks for having a look! The Drow
  23. So I discovered some things about these guys... They are NOT Ral Partha! They are Reaper! I thought that they were these guys... Ral Partha 02-077, and that's what I was told they were.... Lost minis doesn't list the sculptor... also there are 3 of 1 type and 1 of another, all sculpted by Sandra Garrity, the 3 in 1997, the single in 1999! (Look at the bases in the back shots....) so they got the precious Polly S Armor Dark Green skin, WC One Coat Yellow in the eye sockets, SC 75 Black metal Chainmail, SC 75 Decayed metal helmets and greaves. GW Bleached Bone on the bow staves . Now the guys below don't have the bracelet nd their helmets are different... (One guy used as an example...) Thanks for having a look! The Drow
  24. He got SC 75 Kalahari Orange skin, WC One Coat Yellow in the eye sockets and SC F&G Decay Black on his pants Thinking he's going to have bleach blond hair... Still not sure about the rest.... Maybe a Nuclear Krill logo on the back of his Jacket???? The Drow
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