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  1. When I get a notification that someone or something has posted in a thread I follow...🦐
  2. as long as I have my purple...☻👤
  3. Thanks Never read or saw anything from that series....
  4. Thanks! okay who is she? I feel that I should know, but drawing a complete blank.... Eclavdra?
  5. Ral partha kirin! @Thoramel Are you using a light grey primer with a black wash??? What it appears to be. How are your results?
  6. You really want to know??? First the 8 minis I have wips going for... Flemmy Maggot Grixus Damaris Walmund, Duskwarden and her dog Reaper Orcs A mess of 3d print stuff that needs to be removed from the supports, as well as other stuff oh yeah... 30 15mm Czechoslovak tanks for Team Yankee... And of course working on the house....
  7. This came today: 15mm scale Ruhr Valley Millhouse for Flames of War / Team Yankee... And an update, The Speakers from the last time I posted got mounted today... They sound awesome all over the backyard and in the pool! Time to live up to the Klipsch motto... Pi$$ing of the neighbors since 1946! My neighbors listen to good music! Weather they want to or not!
  8. A bit of stuff acquired over the last little bit... Minis first! Ral Partha Peryton 11-530 AD&D line Missing a piece, part of the tail. From Ebay. I already have 2, so I'm hopping to be able to make an instant mold of the tail from one of them... (I did not know that it was missing....) A couple of Ral Partha Lizard men, AD&D 11-475(a) I have a complete set of 3 from back when, but reinforcements are , well, reinforcements! also Ebay a couple of Ral Partha Orc Archers The standing one is what I though the guys in my Ral Partha Love thread were... Some paint... (On sale it was cheaper to have shipped from Spain than from the US!!!) A pair of Klipsch outdoor speakers See Flemmy playing his heart out in the top right corner? and another well known personality in the first pic... A box I am using for my sewing supplies from Amazon... Other folks might use it for brushes, paints etc...
  9. Ernst Stavro Blofeld was 1st to my mind... Even if he was more of a behind the scenes mastermind... (He was no 1 of S.P.EC.T.R.E. for those wondering...)
  10. The humble Goblin... If the DM wants to play them correctly... Some traps near or on the way to the lair, missle weapons, a spell caster with well chosen spells, blade venom... They are intelligent (I can't believe I said it!☻) creatures after all... A group of jaded players starting with new characters can get a big surprise! Can apply to any humanoid really... Grimfrost for the pic?
  11. I think that I have to go with Cranky Dog on this one. There were no home computers when I grew up, now they're in everything.... There's more computing power in my phone than there was in the PC I took to college! (Grad 1992)🧟‍♂️
  12. What the Gryphon said in spades!!!!
  13. for all of you coffee drinkers out there.... Always wanted this on a T shirt... 13th warrior, aka Eaters of the Dead, aka Beowulf... Great flick
  14. Look on thingiverse for heads... If you don't have a 3d printer, send me an email with a link and I'll try to print them for you... And I likely have extra heads in my bitz box...🧟‍♂️
  15. Nice work! where's the WOOF shoulder patch? ☻🦐
  16. oh F____! Hopefully others, it's a shared unviverse after all, will keep it going... RIP Eric.... yup can't say how many times I've done this.... The White Dragon was the first Pern book I bought....
  17. now that I know about the new AD&D movie.... As for books... The next 1632 series book New Honor Harrington New WEB Griffin 3rd book in "the Name of the wind" series...
  18. Of all the places I've been, this was the closest to Heaven on earth for me... This is a pic of Treasure Island resort in Fiji. Went there for my honeymoon... Only 1 radio, and 1 TV on the whole island... night temps in the upper 60s lower 70s, day temps around 80-85... Always a soft breeze... NO biting insects the Scuba diving was beyond fantastic... Would love to go back. yes it was worth the really long plane rides... if you are thinking about a RELAXING vacation, as opposed to I gotta go here there and everywhere sightseeing trip, look this place up....
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