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  1. Moar work! Mostly touch ups, but Any wood was washed with SC 75 Inktensity Wood Metal Armor painted with @Chaoswolf's favorite SC 75 color ... Thrash Metal the leaders leather armor edged with Thrash metal as well Sleeves and pants where appropriate with SC 75 Abyssal Blue, then a 50% mix of Abyssal and Caspian blues. The leader and crossbowman's belts with SC 75 Black and Red leathers, with a 50% intermediate step, then Red leather and Indian shade. Dagger scabbards with SC F&G Riff Green Nothing beyond touch ups on the Savant, and Thrash metal on his duster buckles... The leader And the troops need to add green to the 'banner' on the spear... Comments and critiques welcome! The Drow
  2. He's over in Showoff now! Thanks for following along! The Drow
  3. o I finished Thregan this morning with a second application of water effect... Added a few tufts and some Green Turf Blend as well.. WIP here So here he is! Comments appreciated! The Drow No to find the female Thief / Assassin in the pile of lead...
  4. Absolutely! krylon, Rustoleum, rattle cans in white grey black Stylynrez in multiple samples plus black white grey for airbrush... Vallejo black ditto, Scale 75 white Reaper white brush on (forgot the 4 Stylynrez sammple....) White is for people and critters, Black for my military vehicles, grey for???? I clear coat too... Testers Dullcote, recently Krylon and Rustoleum... rattle cans... multiple brush ons in both gloss and flat, including some Polly S from the late 70s!!!! The Drow Is that enough???
  5. Hangouts are open if anyone cares to say hi to the Drow...
  6. tonight's pics... Words tomorrow... The Drow So the words... The Savant, SC 75 Mojave White, then Nacre drybrushed on the fur SC F&G Greenskin Flesh on sleeves and pants SC 75 Heavy Metal on the 'duster'bucckles and snaps The Leader and troops got any sleeves and pants with SC 75 Abyssal Blue SC 75 Mojave White, then Nacre drybrushed on the fur on any troops with it Sorry for the wait... Comments welcome! The Drow
  7. tonight's pics... Words tomorrow... The Drow Time for words... The book got SC F&G Greenskin Flesh, and SC 75 Nacre The Weapon haft some lines of SC 75 Mojave White, then multiple washes with Agrax Earthshade The Marking on the chest plate with SC 75 Tesla Blue The 'Gem' on the top of hid weapon with Greenskin Flesh... Sorry but had to crash last night... The Drow
  8. WarColoursDOTcom is a paint company from Cyprus They make awesome paints! Lots of them come in sets of 5, kinda like Reaper Triads... They have a line called One Coat, that pretty much does just that... The Drow
  9. ps... In response tolast months question about what you hate about painting, Painting the interface between 2 adjacent items!!! especially straight lines!!! The Drow
  10. MEGAFORCE!!! ICE PIRATES City Heat The SHADOW The ONLY movie that I liked Alex Baldwin in... TEAM AMERICA! (F*** YEAH!) Do I need to keep going????? Many... My favorite is a blue steel metallic I occasionally use for plate mail... It's usually just a needed thing.... But when we still had the ex wife's RX-7.... That could be a lot of fun....
  11. PS Reference pics... The poster was my reward for handing out and collecting from the 2018 Auction... The Drow
  12. Just leader pics tonigh, but all of them got their hair done with SC 75 Tenere Yellow His shirt and pants got SC F&G Riffs Green' More WC Yellow 5 on the cloak Gold is SC 75 Necro Gold, and fur drybrushed with SC 75 Grapite Thanks for looking and any comments! The Drow...
  13. His hair got another Agrax wash The gold was done with SC 75 Dwarven and Elven golds the book jacket with SC F&G Riff Green... Thanks for looking and commenting! The Drow...
  14. Not too much tonight... Hair went through the MSP Blond Hair triad, followed by a dilute wash of GW Agrax Earthshade. The Gold was done with SC 75 Necro gold... The book with MSP brush on primer. Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques welcome The Drow
  15. To continue... All 5 got their Leather brought up to SC75 Iroku in 50% increments, followed by a dilute GW Agrax Earthshade. Metal armor with SC 75 Black metal Any wood with AK Wood Base The Savant also got WC One coat Yellow on his cloak, and SC F&G Riff Green on his sleeves. And the rest of the troops... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  16. So here is the last 2 night's work... His armor was done with SC75 Speed metal, the White Alchemy, washed with a very Diluted GW Blue ink. The leathr was Brought up through 50% steps to SC75Iroku, then washed with GW Agrax Earthshade cut 1 to 5 His weapon haft done with AK Wood base. I also picked out his base from my Secret Weapon pile of Crap... Since he's from Dreadmere, I thought having some water on the base would be appropriate Primed black, drybrushed with GW Stormvermin Fur, Codex Grey, Commando Khaki, Fortress Grey, then VMC Stonewall grey, washed with Secret Weapon Stone Wash. The water was toned with SC75 Abyssal Blue and GW Graveyard Earth, the the aforementioned stone wash. The wood with MSP white brush on primer. Computer lost the pics, so I will re take them tomorrow... Stupid PEBKAC issues.... Pics added.... Comments welcome! The Drow
  17. Working on Thregan Helmsplitter, Duskwarden Cleric, and Grungor, 1/2 orc monk... plus cutting up a 30 odd foot by 20" tree trunk for firewood when it's not raining.... The Drow
  18. So last night's and tonight's work... Cloak one with SC WF Camo Light Green, and a 50% mix of Camo Light Green and Camo Ochre Brown. Still needs a wash... Sash with SC75 Cantabric, Tesla, Mediteranian, and Sky Blues, and a dilute, wash of Inktensity Blue. Armor with SC75 Heavy Metal. (Gotta LOVE that name!) Thanks for looking! The Drow
  19. So last night's and tonight's work.... The bottle on his belt was done with SC FG Arianhrod, Amarth, and Hiril Blues. The cap with SC75 Dwarven and Elven Golds. The cords with SC75 Graphite and Nacre. The pouch on his right hip was done with SC75 Cantabric, Tesla, Mediteranian, and Sky Blues, and a dilute, wash of Inktensity Blue. as well as the fur being done with Graphite, Nacre, and White. The bedroll with SC WF Camo Light Green, and a 50% mix of Camo Light Green and Camo Ochre Brown. He's just about done, need to do a wash on the bedroll and finish up the base... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  20. Regarding Tacos.... YES PLEASE!
  21. lots of cards in my youth... Oh Hell, 'Pinochle, Spades in the Army, war, slap jack, go fish, rummy, gin, blackjack, some poker, but sucked at it... Water Works and Mil Bournes from Parker Brothers, or Milton Bradley??? Munchkin, Illuminati from SJG solitaires of all sorts, now mainly on phone/tablet never played the CCGs... Those folks are like RPGers with dice or mini painters with paint....🌑
  22. My Scale Color Warfront collection came in from Spain today... Saved $80, even with the shipping due to the sale they were running... Love Scale Color paints! I have all their dropper bottle colors... Their Metallics are the BEST!!! The Drow.
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