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  1. Hey all! going to turn this over to my 13 year old daughter who wants to say hi, and post some pics of her costume WIP: Hello there, chill-ins! I got this wig for another con (comic con new york to be exact, I'm going as lady Ciel from Black Butler), and I remembered my little top-hat, and showed my dad. I was thinking of using it for my reaper-con costume! What do you think? If you don't like it please don't be rude about it, I trust y'all to be nice. Anyway I'd love to hear feedback and see your W.I.P.s also! Creativity spread within the masses! *hugs everyone* Have a great day/evening/night! -Alsnia 8) George
  2. I think the only difference between the figure and Art from MMI is I believe the MMI art had 2 horns. 8) George
  3. Thanks! Gonna wire brush it to be sure. I would hate for the paint to come off after all the work I expect to put into it! 8) George
  4. Looking Good! I hate eyes to, and found this article to be VERY helpful! Even though it says eyes first, I have used it on figures that I use an airbrush on. 8) George
  5. I am assuming that some under dark fungi would develop into something more 'tree like' as protection from being eaten. In an environment as harsh as the under dark, survival of the fittest tends to force evolution much faster. So any living fungi species would have some sort of defence, ie eating you back like Violet mold, Screaming like a Shrieker, Becoming mobile and intelligent like the Myconids, etc. 8) George
  6. Really Great Work & Concept! With the Ogre aboard, I am reminded of Mongo riding into Rock Ridge in Blazing Saddles! 8) George
  7. Awesome Work! I see what you meant about 2 painters going in very different directions with the same creature! 8) George
  8. OK an hour of prep on her Majesty.... (It's about Time!) (I think she feels cranky, needs some TLC...) But first a couple pics of her belly plate. Look at the edges folks, and tell me if that ridge is supposed to be there?Any one else out there that has on that can let me know? Thanks. In the pic below you can see where I had to rub her belly... (And it Tickled too!) Better run before I get Tail Slapped.... 8) George
  9. Maybe the one on the ground is broken with an image of her face frozen in it??? 8) George
  10. In that 2nd purple skin pic, I thought he had a sawn off hockey stick for a weapon... Gonna use him in those zombie games as well? Or is he gonna get pom poms? 8) George
  11. Great Job! Can we see some more pics from other sides please? And welcome! 8) George
  12. I still have some of those as well. I still use that orange 'Goblin Flesh' and thin it with water. 8) George
  13. LOL! I think I caught the Bonus early! Painted this month: Vourgha the Ogre 02312 In progress: Hell Hound 03609 4 Kobolds 03064 Snar Mangebelly, Kobold King 03295 Neroli 02946 Vulture Demon (Vrock, Type I Demon) 02532 Vourgha the Ogre 02312 DDS 2 (A year end goal) Takhisis (Ditto) Total so far 12 How many more ????? Not too bad IMHO, 8 out of 11 in my projected, and 2 of those are year end project completion dates... Things are going to slow down in September, still grappling with all the newness in painting coming my way! Frustrating at times, but exhilarating when something comes out right! 8) George
  14. That's the plan! Maybe clean / prep on piece a day in between other painting projects, then set on holders etc Wish I lived near you! I'd give you all the big stuff and do your small stuff! 'Course, I'd get by far, the better end of that deal! LOL! Don't I wish! I was test fitting pieces as I cleaned them, just to see how good / bad they were, and I was /am APALLED at how poorly things fit together! I am not sure yet if more cleaning with the dremel will help some pieces, like the tail to body join, or if I am going to need to buy out a green stuff company... Thank all that is Great Gods for Dremel! I was also very surprised at how badly the molds were fitted in places. there must have been a 1/16th inch (2mm?) rim around the base disk from mis-match. The belly plate had / has some pretty bad lines across the scales, as well as a lip all the way around. Did 2406 have this too? Will do a close up pick tonight when I get home. Have not seen so poor a matching of parts since I saw the old Ral Partha Imperial Dragon a friend had back in the day... Most of the rest seems to be normal size lines, vents and feeders, at least so far. Some of the horns and such are SHARP. (I guess she demands a blood sacrifice so as to not get more cranky...) From your experiance, what is going to be the best way to mount the wings for painting? The rest of the stuff will likely go on different size nails driven through pieces of board, kind of like what you did with the heads, from the pics any way. I am also thinking 2 body parts, arms, and tail together as a unit for painting, Thoughts? I am also not the best sculptor in the world, so I am wondering what people think of this idea: Paint Necks & heads individually. When finished attach to each other. Paint wings seperately. paint main body with base coats and some layering, washing, drybrushing. Put everything to gether with pins, glue, green stuff and sacrifices to the Gods. Try to blend it all together and finish. Thinking about giving the wings more of a curve, they look a little strange being so flat. Anyone have a good technique for doing this? Another question. The lead has 'brown' patches in places, almost like an oxidation. Been a long time since I have seen this on a mini, and am wondering if I need to worry about it for primer adhesion... And since I am considering insanity anyway, does anyone have a sugestion for a mini to use as the Lady chained up in the artwork? I might try to do the art work into a diorama... Her name is / was Kitara, or something like that, I think.... 8) George ps And Buglips, you cannot really kill a Goddess when she is not on her home plane, she will start speaking to tou again, demanding Goblin Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Or would that be Greenstuff, Glue, and Paint?
  15. Maybe we need to all chip in and put a closed circuit video feed over her painting desk? (hee hee!) 8) George PS we need to invest in popcorn, junk food, and coffee futures....
  16. I just had a horrible vision of a Barbarian in a loin cloth raging with pom poms..... 8) George
  17. I have 3 finished Dragons. The AD&D Black Dragon, which is pretty big. 2 Grenadier White Dragons from the "Dragon of the Month Club" but they are plenty small. I also have the Grenadier Shire Dragon, Green Dragon, and Brass Dragon II in boxes.... Found DDS 2 cheap the other day, It should be here in a week. Got all the Dragons from KSIII except the devil one, but they wont be here for a year.... I am not feeling pressured to do this by any dead line except 1916, so there might be long periods of time in between posts. It is also going to help me push myself both in brush painting, and airbrush work. Unlike a certain cursed goblin, (HI BUGLIPS!) I am not into pain and suffering by limiting my tools! Also, I kind of have a life 8) George
  18. Show started! Cut to scene- Man wearing an opti-visor, hunched over in a chair in front of 3 BRIGHT lites. He mutters to himself as he applies needle files to something he holds in his hand... 18 pieces to clean, and some are baaaaaaaad.... (you talking again? my belly needs rubbing!) 8) George
  19. OH CURSE YOU GOBLIN! A friend gave me this for Christmas 10+ years ago, and I have always been afraid to paint it, as I had the 'I'm not good enough now' syndrome.... Then seeing Siri's Tia-not, and then Buglips' thread on this beastie, (I mean her Dark Majesty) the 5 little voices have been saying do it, paint it, Ma'al Drakkar will be here in a year... (I need to look Good, in an evil sort of way, for that big guy!) And since my air compressor died tonight, I thought maybe I could kill my Dremel tool to! Going to do prep work tonight, so won't be anything exciting, but I snapped a few pics to show the components. I don't have Sir Forscale, so I brought in his bard, Astrid the Chronicler, to show you all their sheer size... (What is this wench doing strolling around my parts!!) (Ma'al is gonna be scary!) Pics: The Vrock I am working on to show the wing span: This also to motivate me to work on it, so that I can have it ready for the end of the year.... DDS 2 is in the mail to.... Think I might be biting off more than I can get in my mouth, never mind chew... Wish me luck! Gonna need it! (If you don't get back to work, you'll need more than LUCK!) 8) George (Are you finished nattering yet slave? I need to be cleaned!) (coming your Darkness!) Now Buglips has ME doing it! Buglips' post on This figure
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