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  1. Time to break out the Jiffy Pop! 8) George
  2. Yeah, I know right? That is what makes me push myself.... 8) George
  3. ARRRRRRRRRGGHHHH! Air compressor DEAD! A moment of silence please... R.I.P. snivel whine.... at least there was enough air left to clean the airbrush. 8( George New one on the way....
  4. And you work where? Thanks for answering all these Qs folks! I have some W&N brushes that I got on sale at a hole in the wall art store for about $7 each, at work so not sure if they are regular or miniature lines. I am pretty sure they are 10/0 though. I use it for eyes etc, and I do find that I need to wet them often. Still have one that I have never used, and I bought them at least 7 years ago, so I know that they last. Going to have to try Rapheal & DaVinci now. I once read somewhere, that you should ask the store for a small cup of water and a piece of paper to test the tips of brushes before you buy them. Never tried this at Michaels, AC Moore, or Hobby Lobby, but the place where I got the W&Ns had no problem with this. The article said that any reputable store wouldn't have issues.... Anyone else try this? Makes me a little leary about buying brushes online... Thanks! 8) George ps just discovered there is a Dick Blicks about 20 blocks from where I work in NYC. Worth the walk? pps checked prices online with Blick's, between shipping and tax, I could buy another brush! So I guess I will spend some sweat and walk....
  5. Thanks for the kind words all! Tonights mission will be to clean up the greys that got over sprayed, and at least base coat the head neck. I plan on doing that with the same colors I do human skin with.... I am wondering if I should do 'traditional' yellow / orange on the legs below the feathers. Also wondering in what direction to go with the grey 'scaly' areas. Green / blue as in reptiles, Orange / red as a 'trad' demon? Brown not likely, the other 3 demons have lots of browns in them... Or maybe a white / grey / black... Descisions, descisions... Guess that is what makes painting fun! Anyone have suggestions, sing out! 8) George ps Lots of good reference pics on web of vultures! Some have some vivid colors! They are not all just grey....
  6. You might try 'painting' the water she is rising on with either a clear gloss, or Future floor wax, and since the base has a small lip, put an eyedropper or 2 of model railroad water effects in. If you do put the water effects in, make sure to not overflow the lip, and put the mini in a level place where it won't get bumped so that the effect can cure. Better to do 2 coats of water effect than to have it slop all over the place. 8) George
  7. Nice work on 'Gear! As for WIP pics, try doing what I (try to) do. Take pics at the end of your painting session. That way you have something to post, and what I find most useful, The camera sees things that you missed / messed up. This is especially true, for me anyway, for smaller figures that show up larger on the computer. Some people change a pick to B&W for high lighting work, but I haven't been able to make paint or gimp do that yet. It also gives me a record of what paints techniques I used, as I don't keep a 'painting log'. 8) George
  8. Hello again! Got 2 more colors on him, Tamiya German Grey and Flat Yellow. Tried to smooth out the transitions and cleaned up some with GW Scab Red as well. Back of the wings isn't that dark, will take better pics tomorrow... As always, C&C Welcome! 8) George ps: Am I using to many pics in these WIP threads? or too few?
  9. Hey all! Started work on the Vrock: After priming, I airbrushed all the scaled skin with Tamiya Neutral Grey, and part of the wings and leg feathers with GW Scab Red. Not much yet more tomorrow. As always, C&C Welcome! 8) George
  10. Hey all! Finished the Basin on Thornwart so here he is: (WIP) As always, C&C Welcome! 8) George
  11. Hey Folks! I found out about this at 1150pm 31 July... PM ed Nomad Zeke and he just told me I could join up. I only Joined the forums at the end of June.... So forgive me! Things done in July: 1: Cichastus 2:Rogan, Half Orc Rogue 3: Cavern Crawler 4: Escalla the Faerie 5: Winter Wolf 6: Karoak 7:Ral Partha Water Elemental 8: Astrid 9: Bettina 10:7 Kobolds 11:Wind Elemental 12: Citadel Dwarf with No Name Technically #12 was finished on 29 June... 2 days after I joined up.... I picked up my paint brush in April this year after a long hiatus... that is 17 / 18 figures I can Prove were done back then because I tend to post on the day I finish a mini, the day after at latest.. 8) George
  12. A new episode of The Twilight ZoneThe Tale of Ub3r Coffeeless... The Horror... 8) George That's my worst nightmare... I've actually had a wake up screaming nightmare about coffee becoming a controlled and regulated substance and needing to be 21 in order to drink it. I was like 20 at the time, and it was around the time that studies came out with the absolutely shocking determination that yes, caffeine is actually physically addictive. For all you coffee folks out there: Any questions? 8) George
  13. Well at least you guys brought this to my attention! After watching Siri's AWESOME work, and having Buglips test pilot, I feel the need to break out my evil queen.... 8) George
  14. Great Work! LOL! Roflmao! 8) George
  15. Great Work! For myself, I would likely use a dark yellow / brown on the belt and pouches. GW Snakebite Leather if you know the color. I think it could tie in with the gold high lights and the browns of the tunic, boots, and gloves. Kind of a 'inside of a hide look'. 8) George
  16. I ain't no (*@$*^(* -(*^*$% officer! Looks like another Vet! Great Job! 8) George
  17. Thanks for all the kind words all! Keeps me painting! I get between 3 and 4 hours per work day to paint in the evenings, and I am always working on a bunch of different minis. If I start to lose the muse on one, I usually find it on another. I have 5 kobolds, an ogre, a demon bunny, and Neroli all in some stage of work, as well as Thornwart. Thornwart just needs his basing finished and will be up tonight. Plus another 20 odd that are primed, some with at least 1 color on them.... The blue on the claws is airbrushed on, and the edges highlighted, so I can't take much credit for the blending there I don't usually base monsters with more than they come with, unless there are wobble issues, or have fiddly things like out stretched wings, tentacles, etc, or have no base at all. (The Remorhaz is an exception, but it may get something now as I have learned to do a winter base.) As they are also gaming pieces as well, but we are not all that picky about distance in fights.... 8) George
  18. Hey all! Finished the Glabrezu, and thought I'd post pics for C&C! (WIP) Any and all feedback welcome! 8) George My 1st Gold star! I'd like to thank.... 8)
  19. A Reaper paint? 8) George Aye, 99% of the time around here. If we say just a name of a paint it's going to be either Reaper MSP or Reaper MSP HD. (Master Series Paint and Master Series Paint High Definition). If it's a different brand it will be specified. :) Thought so, but better safe than sorry! 8) George
  20. Happily dropping split shot into paints.... Thanks all! 8) George
  21. That is why they call Mountain Dew 'Gamer Fuel!' Watch just about any movie about gamers playing, and they are drinking 'dew.... 8) George
  22. A new episode of The Twilight ZoneThe Tale of Ub3r Coffeeless... The Horror... 8) George
  23. Heh, at work, can't paint from here. Precisely. Now I think I'm going to base him as if he's in some catacombs! Okay this is what I'm thinking behind him now. What should he be running to hack up into pieces? Thoughts? As per the cos-play thread, he should be killing Vegetarian Zombies! That Dragoth is a great Figure! I can see the Diorama's title "So Ub3r N3rd, we meet again for the first time...." 8) George
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