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  1. Ub3r will hunt you down if he sees this.... 8) George
  2. Welcome to the Forums and the insanity hobby! Good Mini! and listen to the Limey! Ask questions, people here are happy to give advice. First thing I noticed was the eyes. I hate painting eyes! This tutorial saved me! Try it and see. Read the rest of the stuff in "The Craft" section as well, even if it doesn't seem applicable to what you are doing now. When you start something else, you might just think, 'didn't I see a tip on how to do this somewhere?' Again Welcome and enjoy! 8) George
  3. When I read that, (BEFORE coffee) I thought she was talking about Haldir's picture.... 8) George
  4. EEEEK!!!! 8) George Dude! That should be a spoiler! Think of the children!!! (Kidding)
  5. Tie them kangaroos down, sport! 8) George (Wince) Not that reference, please. Breaks out musical saw.... 8) George
  6. Tie them kangaroos down, sport! 8) George
  7. And I find a bag / box / bottle of these things where? 8) George
  8. Thanks! I know that metallics can be a bit odd, but I didn't know what would or wouldn't work. Guess I'll need to experiment. 8) George
  9. Hello again! Wondering how people go about lightening or darkening their metallic paints. I usually try to get my silvers and golds in at least 3 shades, but wonder if you could add white to bring the color even lighter. For example GW Boltgun Metal, Chainmail, and Mithril Silver, is one example, Dwarf Bronze, Shining Gold, and Burnished Gold. I personally have never tried this, I am wondering if anyone has, and what there results were... Thanks 8) George
  10. Thanks folks! I HAVE BBs. I don't have the others 8( 8) George
  11. That is usually what I see at Ren Faires. The problem is that unless you purchased the sheath / guard when you got the weapon, you normally have to have a leather smith custom make one... 8) George
  12. Hello again! I read something somewhere that people put things in their paint bottles to help shake them up, aka the marble in a can of spray paint. Would BBs work? I would think that the copper jacket would keep them from reacting, but not sure, and they would likely fit down the neck of a Reaper or Vallejo paint dropper bottle. Thanks! 8) George
  13. Great Idea! Going to have to copy this! So my dwarf will have a girlfriend with like talents! 8) George
  14. 'Free time you need not. your father you must help' 8) I literally was cleaning a brush when she walked in, saw what I was doing, and started in! She wants to go to Reaper Con next year, and on again off again wants to learn to paint minis... (Buttering dad up? I told her if she wants to, she needs to save her money...) She is also into the Great Squid face, , cos play steam-punk, and plays some rpgs and board games. 8) George
  15. Guess that would depend on the human! 8) George
  16. I expected that you would grumble about the face.... 8) George GREAT JOB! That is MY Fall Exchange right? (Kidding!)
  17. Continuing... Marbrezuk: 'Skirt high lighted with GW Enchanted Blue, then Ice Blue. Washed with GW Blue Ink. High light on skull and Rivets on belt and left wristlet GW Chainmail. Necklace teeth Snakebite Leather, Ivory, and Skull White. Gems got some GW Blood Red. Belt trimmed with Snakebite leather and then Flesh Wash. Belt 'buckles' and weights on belt ropes got Shining Gold. Belt 'ropes' in Vallejo Flat yellow. 'Muscles' in between crab plates GW Rotting flesh with very dilute Blue Ink wash. (As per Reference photos of Green Crabs) Base is GW Graveyard Earth. (My standard base color for everything un specialized< Snow, desert etc.) Thornwart: I also didn't like the 'hook' on the sword, so I ground it of with my Dremel Tool, and re primed Wings Dry brushed with Vallejo Ivory for darks, and Skull White for lights. Tusks, horns, and fingernails Snakebite leather, Ivory, Skull White. Skirt Gore Red. Lips, and eye liner Black C&C Welcome! 8) George PS ALL inks diluted with a mix of water and flow improver. Burnt Umber and black also have some Future floor polish.
  18. Nice Job! Tell him a joke though, he looks grumpy! 8) George
  19. I just found the absolute BEST way to clean my brushes! Have your teenage daughter do it for you, BECAUSE she WANTS to! She saw me cleaning the one I was using, pulled up a stool, and started on the pile.... 8) George She wants to see any comments, and she is giggling in my ear....
  20. Love it! Wish I could do wood like that. I find that Dullcote sometimes reacts with my metallics, especially the silvers. Does this happen to you as well? I know about it, and actually plan on it when painting... 8) George
  21. Great work and Welcome! Just a quick and easy stone color recipe that I find works: Vallejo German grey base coat. Dry brush with GW Codex Grey Lighter dry brush with GW Fortress Grey Lighter still with Khaki Black wash Dry brush with Vallejo Stone Grey You don't need to use the brands I do, but the German Grey is almost Black, and the Greys get lighter and lighter. the Khaki I think, is what makes them rocks, not just something painted grey. 8) George
  22. You do realize as a member of said guild, honor among thieves lets me negate your contract, right? Hee hee! Guess I'll have to find an outsider! 8) George
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