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  1. Thanks! It is the tail of a GW skeletal horse that I used basing my Behir George edited to fix link
  2. Hey all! I just experimented with a wet palette on the skin, hair, and clothing on Escalla. I think it came out okay,but now I want to try doing a figure the whole 9 yards this way. What I am looking for are suggestions of the best type of mini to start with. Lots of armor? Or more skin / clothes / robes / cloaks? Monster or PC type? I have quite a bit of unpainted lead, so both specific Reaper figures or general descriptions of what people thing would be an 'easy' figure to do. I have watched a little 'Painting Buddha", and it looks like he starts right from prime to blending, without a base coat. Is this correct? Thanks in advance! George
  3. Hello all! Finished the base for my take on Cichastus, so he is ready for display.... (WIP) He isn't glued down to the flying base post yet... the neckid base As always C&C welcome! George Edit Adding some new pics with a good camera and good lighting... Without the base Just the base Easier to see the colors now... George
  4. Hey folks! Started working on these 3 last night, loosely working from DKS's tutorial. I am using my Grex airbrush to lay down the base coatings.1 I started with Tamiya Medium Grey as my 'light' color, and Tamiya Light Grey with some Black added for my 'dark' color. I also added some Tamiya Red Brown almost as a 'stripe' down their backs. Washed them with Diluted GW Brown ink for light, and the Black 'magic wash'2 I use for the dark areas. Dry brushed Light with Vallejo Ivory, Dark with GW Fortress Grey. They looked a little too light to me, so I washed them over all with some very diluted Brown Ink. Here is where they stand: Warg Dire Wolves: I think I need to do a lite dry brush with the next lighter shades on the fur before moving on to details... What do you all Think? C&C Welcome! George Edit: forgot foot notes 1 Grex Genesis XS spraying at about 10 psi. 2 1 part Black Didi's Magic Ink,1 part Future floor wax, 1 part water / flow improver
  5. LOVELY! I remember the time one of my adventuring parties got a portable hole from a giant they killed. He had been using it as a handkerchief for a few years.... George
  6. AWESOME!!! Thanks for all the reference pics!!!! If I can do mine to your 'base coat' standard, I'll be one happy painter!!! George
  7. What he said x2! Yes you can use it with your specs on~! George
  8. Runs and makes buckets of popcorn (for folks to steal), grabs a bottle of Gatorade, (get your own drinks slackers!) and settles down to watch... George
  9. Are you going to use Tamiya clear paints? George nah, i don't own any. Just the usual reaper paints XD going to try this strategy (which is one i use for digital painting, should work for 3-D painting too) Yes it does work 3d. That is the GW way, as I think of it, as that is the first place I saw it....on their website in the codexes, in the catalogs... Curse you Lochar, for burning Siri's calender and slowing work here! 8) George
  10. You can also use a Dremel tool with a wire brush to buff the figure and help clean under scales etc. Just don't jam the wheel into the mini hard! George
  11. Great Job! Tarsemina, is there a Surgeon General's warning about painting minis that I missed somewhere? 8) George
  12. Are you going to use Tamiya clear paints? George
  13. Once again timidly going... Did her hair with a wash of GW Yellow Ink, then high lighted her hair (1 strand at a time) with Bad Moon Yellow & White. Pics a little shiny because I didn't dullcote yet. Did I do that okay? Do I need to add more white and do it again??? Thanks George
  14. Hey all! Finished up the Behir, subject to fate, and wanted to show him off! (WIP here) And some close ups of his face: C&C Welcome! George Edited because I am taking some new pics with a real camera, under some good lighting... Close ups Much easier to see the real colors with the Ottlights and a good camera! George
  15. Doubt I could afford to pay someone to paint for me... All my 'disposable income' such as there is, goes to minis paint etc.... But I can dream of Sirithiliel painted dragon.... George
  16. Looks like you're about to make another commission, Siri. Just do it at least slightly different than this one. I was kidding,Lochar.... George
  17. Loving It! What colors are you using for the tongues / gums?? :;,;: 3 squids up! George ps one of these should be coming here soon, where do I ship it to be painted???? :bday:
  18. Depends on which half..... 8) George
  19. For the CAV bases look at Woodland Scenics for grass tufts. Some of them are quite small and add a lot of visual appeal to figures. I have about a regiment worth of the things for the old FASA game.... George
  20. In your shoes I would want Wyrmgear to have shoulder mounted side turret gun packs, except... I would also want Wyrmgear unmodified. The solution is magnets. The Warhammer guys do this all the time with their Sci-Fi clanky-stompy battlebot things. Do you have any magnets? Just remember when you put the magnets in to mark them so that they attract each other and don't repel! Pain in the tail when that happens
  21. Great work! That sneaky goblin.... George
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