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  1. Great Job! This one is on my to do list soon....
  2. I think Titanium White was the recommended color... (at work so I can't check) ps remember to get some thinner to cleans brushes when you buy the oils!
  3. 10 mins from 1st to last post, better get busy Baugi! People obviously want to see you paint! George
  4. DO IT! Paint! Paint! Paint! I would like to see the Sorceress done, as my wife is thinking about using that mini, and I could use the inspiration! What Chaos SM army do you play/paint? George Wow, ninja'ed again!
  5. NO!!!! A THOUSAND TIMES NO! Sure put the arms on, but don't add the tail section until after you Dullcote! It was hard enough to get a brush with white glue for the sand in the gap! Can't imagine trying to paint legs/feet/claws in there....
  6. Thanks! Base was easy to do. Painted Stone Grey to cover up wash marks etc, followed by white. Added 4/6MM BURNT GRASS DESERT TUFT SILFLORETTES. (At least I think that was the right type....) Added GF9 Snow Flock, making sure to get some glue on the tops of the grass tufts. George
  7. Lovely! Better start saving money for her college tuition, those Art schools aren't cheap! Maybe you could get a scholarship from Reaper with the caveat that she has to paint for them for X# of years?
  8. Very Nice! Got a good laugh from the name! If you do an albino pirate, you can call him 'Swab'!
  9. You can do this with artists oil paint from a tube to make cloth. Worked on a dancing girl figure for my wife that she used in a Pathfinder Society game... That tip came from an old Dragon magazine from the late 70s early 80s!
  10. Thanks MJ! I didn't want her clothes to go grey on me, which was why I didn't go there, and the shadows there are already black. Should I add some dark blue to the shadows in her clothes? And should I try to wet palette the skin shadows.
  11. Thanks! I did high light the hair, seems that yellow is difficult to see as it is only drybrushed.... Kind of scared to try to paint individual strands! As for the flowers on the base, Escalla is written as very much the tom boy. I doubt that she would be walking through feilds of flowers for the heck of it....
  12. Hey All! Just finished the Faerie, and want to show her off. (Work in progress here) This was my first attempt at doing some wet blending, I tried it on her skin after doing the base coat and a highlight. This is where I normally leave a figure, but I tried to push myself a little and did 3 or 4 coats with a wet palette adding white to my Elf Flesh. I may later tint the wings if I find the right color. C&C welcome! Thanks for looking! George
  13. Hey all! The pumice dried and got painted, but I wasn't thrilled with it, so I re-sanded the whole thing tonight, and added the bits of the horse skeleton that I planned for the base, and now I am building up the sand around the skeleton to give it the 'half buried' look. I am also building up the sand in some other places so the base doesn't look overly flat. Will need to build up the sand around the skeleton more, than will then start adding tufts of grass of different heights around the rocks, and a few scattered about. I also want to have some growing through the rib cage as well, and will put a little water effect in the rock cluster. C&C welcome! Thanks for looking! George
  14. But, but, You notice that only the brush is touching the faerie? Don't need the Justicar after me! ps, I have Polk, the Badger, and Henry, the Crossbow kid to work on too! Enid will be done with the new Bones Gynosphinx, when she gets here. (The new sphinx is the best I have seen, hands down!) Now only if I could find a good fig for Jus! Any Ideas? George
  15. Thanks folks! Picks taken in front of grey printer paper with over head light, and a light on each side, all bulbs equal wattage... I think if i took pics from the 'back' of the mini, the wash would show more, because of the way the fur is sculpted. Have to remember this on the warg and 2 dire wolves sitting on the to do shelf....
  16. After the game last night, I tinted a spare wing that I had for this figure as a test, using Tamiya Clear Blue, and Clear Green, both heavily thinned. I don't think either of these will work myself: Any thoughts? I think I really need a "Clear Black" if they make one.... Keep the C&C coming, and thanks! George
  17. Thanks all! Did you see the other fairy in the pack? she is au natural....
  18. Hey folks! We are currently involved in a winter themed Path Finder game, so I painted up a Winter Wolf.... Need to get those cool Frost Giants too... I had painted this figure as a warg before, and this one is basically done the same way, Base coat, wash, dry brush, details and base. Here it is! Pics look a little washed out, darn cel camera! As always C&C welcome! George
  19. Thanks MM! I think you were the one that made the post that showed me this stuff....
  20. Thanks everyone! I usually only use Glosscote on things that I am putting decals on for a smooth surface, but a drop on a gem or 2 will work as well!
  21. Yeah, but 1 set of them appear to be the wings for Cichastus, and another are the wings for the fairy I am working on, even though I got her different wings....
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