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  1. Doesn't the former imply the latter? Nope, just a fun way to poke the goblin!
  2. Hey All some quick pics of Marbezuk, put some Tamiya Dark Green on top, some Tamiya Flat Yellow on the botton, and some GW Hawk Turqoise on the claws... And some Vallejo Black Brown on his back. All with my airbrush.... Which due to noise, got put away.... Hope you can see them. Got some picks of Green crabs off the net for reference... C&C welcome
  3. Forget who, but someone had a post full of pics he was using as models. I am working on 02656 Marbrezuk and I have a screenful of green crabs to model for me and my airbrush...
  4. No need for justification, you can paint whatever you want. It's FANTASY, so have fun and go crazy. Nobody judges based on 'realism' in fantasy with our figures, you can have green stalks of some Underdark insect that has legs which are the consistency of wood. I am (un)fortunately one of those that likes a bit of 'reality' in my fantasy, so I am always looking for a credible excuse to do what I want when I paint....
  5. Good thought. I think I was trying to find justification to maybe do something a bit weird???? Thanks Ub3r!
  6. There is plenty of trading going on from the surface to the Underdark (even among the evil races) and then there are surface raids, so they'd have access to wood and then of course they'd mine the rare earth metals such as Mithril which is light weight and very strong. True, True. But due to it's rarity, wouldn't it be too valuable to be used to make something that is ultimately going to be hacked up? (Wood that is)
  7. Hey all! I have on my to do list The 5 Derro, by DKS, and the 5 Duergar, by JW.. The only Derro shield is a buckler, so I am not to worried about them. (And he painted them and posted them, so I have that to work with/from) The Duergar however, have some larger shields and I was wondering, what would under dark peoples use as wood for the base material of their shields? Colors would likely flow from material, and could be fairly crazy if they are using fungus stalks and the like... Any thoughts out there? Has anyone painted the Duergar and not posted them? Thanks George
  8. Youe sane advice is nothing but crazy talk! Big C is presently hovering around the Bones display after I finally moved all my shelves back into place after painting the walls and restocked them with minis. So I may have subconscious intentions that led me to do that. Or he's working his way into my brain to finish the ritual so that he may return to our realm and resume his dark work. I'm good either way. Or maybe you could really descend into sanity and use, "THE HORROR" an airbrush? "Knarthex holds up his shield in anticipation of goblins throwing unholy things..."
  9. They are pesants, so they reek! You were waiting for that, right?
  10. Great Figure and Painting! Welcome welcome! Going to wear that outfit at the next Reaper Con?
  11. Welcome! Looks good from what I can see, but fig looks shiny. Testor's Dullcote is the cure for that. Most things that you see in life that are not man made are not shiny. There are some exceptions, but on minis, flat is almost always better than shiny.
  12. Used to look at the good DR's site a lot when I was doing 40k awhile back. Good to know he is still out there! And thanks again to everyone sending links and locations! I gat bored at work sometimes....
  13. Gonna do Shub Niggurath when he/she/it comes out? But for Maglubiyet's sake, us a bigger brush for your base coat!
  14. One of my gaming group drives to my house once a month from Bean town to play! Another comes from Orange CT, so if I have to travel.... Plus I know the Citadel of old, and wouldn't mind seeing it again!
  15. Hey all! Just got onto the forums recently, and heard about you folks from Dilvish. As I am in Newburgh NY area, depending on when where and how you do your group days, I will try and join you if that is okay... Following thread now, so will know what is being posted! Thanks George
  16. Love them! ps there's a critter in the swamp things left shoulder!!!!
  17. I was just working on a fly demon, and my wife and daughter showed me this for color inspiration when I was stuck on eye colors. Hope it helps! And I love your figure!
  18. Hey folks! Just finished up Rogan, and thought I would post him... Love this figure! The eyes are a real pain due to the cloak hood over hang... If I had not just finished playing a thief in the last campain, I am pretty sure this would be MY new PC! Comments welcome! I just noticed something, It seems that my group and I must have an odd taste in pcs, almost all the ones that I paint and post have not been posted by anyone else! One other thing: If you do this figure in metal, be very careful in the way you remove the hands/weapons from the sprue! I had BOTH dagger pommels stay on the sprue when I stupidly tried to twist them off, so had to pin them back on. The figure in the online catalog is also missing both pommels....
  19. That might get my daughter to paint....
  20. Hey all! Put down the pumice last night and stuck the rocks in.... Going to try to put a base coat on the sand tonight.... Maybe more pics later....
  21. Then I guess this is me....
  22. Yes, that is what my daughter is shooting for.... Me I plan on Jack the Ripper.... And no folks, you will not be able to prime and paint me!
  23. Well, if you look at my icon, you can see something I did for DragonCon once upon a time. Would need to get more black paint and a cheap air brush and canned propel.... And this is my usual garb.... so would I classify as a hero or a villain? Sorry fellows I'm the one in Black....
  24. I'm going as a half Orc. (The new one) Last I heard the Mr is going as the wandering Monk figure. Remember, since these are not exactly horror themed I am not sure if we'd even get costume credit, but its for fun anyways. so the costumes don't have to match the theme then???? Hopefully attending for 1st time with mu daughter next year.
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