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  1. I have the Red, Blue, and Green Tamiya paints. I used to use them to glaze gems.... Still do sometimes! But I was thinking more along the lines of leaving the plastic 'clear'. I did a search for 'fly wings' images on bing, and all of the ones I saw were 'clear' except for the veins / arteries, whatever they are. The pic on the cover of the book that I am painting the faerie from, she has clear wings. I think if I was going to try for the 'butterfly effect', I would paint the blister plastic before sealing it with the laminator.
  2. Installment #5 Nothing done on the Chasme, except for darkening the attachment points to match the body. Armor stitching and attachments done in Enchanted Blue Skulls high lighted with Vallejo Ivory, then washed with a mix of blue and black inks. Dry brushed with Ivory. Ropes holding armor over the shoulder and the 'amulet' hung from its belt in Khaki. Amulet in shining gold. 1st high light on sash with Warlock Purple. Nails horns etc got a Devlin Mud wash. Teeth in Ivory. Shoulder straps for armor Snakebite Leather and Devlin Mud wash. 'Teeth' on "cod piece' armor in bleached bone. Blue ink wash across stitching on breast plate. Base covered with Graveyard Earth If I did anything else, I forgot.... As always comments welcome!
  3. Hey all! Before I do something I will regret, I thought I would ask advice. I am working on Cichastus the Fly Demon,and one of Werner Klocke's Faeries, and as I looked at the wings, I wondered when some mad boffin was going to invent transparent paint. Then I had a thought, and before it dies of loneliness I started trying to implement it. Here goes: I taped a spare fairy wing onto my painting table, then taped a piece of blister plastic over it, and traced all of the veins with an ultra fine black Sharpie. I then did another, as well as a set of demon wings. I then cut them out along the outside lines as close as I could. I then ran them through a laminator to both give them a little more thickness and to ensure that the black doesn't rub off. I plan to cut them out as close as I can while leaving a bit of stub for attachment. I will then take the metal wing and cut it along the black line: I then plan to take my Dremel tool and a very small cutting bit to put a groove in the remaining metal to hold the wing and add some more strength. Does this sound do-able? or am I crazy? Thanks for any thoughts comments! I have made 'propeller' disks for 15mm war game miniature planes, which is where the idea kind of comes from.
  4. Well, she wants to go see Rocky Horror, bit the wife won't let her.... Even though she sang the 'Time Warp' in a play! She has started to paint a figure, is very crafty, is starting to get into cos play at in a minor way, likes some pre WWII animae, the name of which escapes me atm... Obviously not taking her out drinking!!!!
  5. Maybe have the 'lend-lease' paints caps marked across the crown of the cap with a(pick your color) magic marker BEFORE anyone can use them? Yes they do, because people don't return paint to the racks when they are done with it! O_O where do they go?! They leave it at the table where they were painting and which point it becomes impossible to tell if its from the Reaper rack or from someone's own supply. Personally I'm all for making a sweep at the end of the day and putting all the paints back on the Reaper rack whether it came from there or not! A little consideration would be nice. (Okay, I may be ranting a bit there). Maybe have each of the 'Lend-Lease' paints caps marked witha (pick your color) magic marker BEFORE anyone can use them? Then the clean up would be relatively easy... Just a thought from someone who hopes to go to his 1st Rcon next year.... My 13 year old daughter wants to be Vermina to my Jack the Ripper.... We were discussing costuming.... Is the con Teen friendly????
  6. Here is the box that the figs came in: Sorry for the sidewise pic
  7. Awesome work! The mayor reminds me of a Halfling Tim Curry....
  8. Never knew she came as a single! Thanks!
  9. One of the Reaper artists, Lazlo (?) has her up on Hot-lead without the antlers as well. She definately came with them, as I still have the box. Will post pic when I get home from work....
  10. Yep, that's why my Reaper Kobolds are that color, all one tribe you know! 5 more Reaper kobolds on the way here from TX too! Unfortunately, THIS is most of what I still have left of my original old-school stuff, at least the stuff I have painted. There's probably another fifteen or twenty unpainted ones, but most of my old stuff got eaten by my house, tossed out or given away over the years... (I've picked up a lot more of the old stuff since then, but it's not the same as having bought it back then, y'know?) Yup, I have some of those figs to, going to have to start a 'This was such and such's character, and they....: type of thread with them maybe.... Anyone else think that might be fun? A "If figures could talk" type of post to tell fun stories about the player that used / abused them? Glad you enjoyed yourself! Don't forget to feed the tip goblin on the way out or he will bite your ankles....
  11. what is it the commercials say? oh yeah, JUST DO IT! but please post pics! I started going crazy with the critters back then figuring I had enough PC types, and if someone just HAD to have mini "X", they could spend the $.... Besides, where else were / are you going to find some of those things? And they look COOL! Uh-oh. Better hide your stuff, quick! You have a very cool old school collection, very nice. I've got some of those kobolds and the orcs in my collection as well as some of the others. I am one of those (un?)fortunate ones that once I started gaming, I never stopped. I also was the primary DM for almost 15 years, so It was fun to put the fig on the table (and watching the players eyes bug out! ) than just giving a description. Critters on the table help with the ambiance, shall we say... And Buglips, if there are any 'shavings' from that pair, I'll send them to you for care and feeding!
  12. Stay tuned, not done yet! I have the catalogs from 90-98 or so, if you need to know what something is, post a pic and I can check if you like....
  13. As I am taking all these pics, and looking at the paint jobs on some of these, I am itching to strip them and do them again! But I have to much other stuff to do 1st... I, I, I suffer from LEAD ADDICTION!!!!
  14. Yep, that's why my Reaper Kobolds are that color, all one tribe you know! 5 more Reaper kobolds on the way here from TX too!
  15. The snake heads on her are very very small.... I love that Remorhaz figure, but I don't remember when I painted it! I think it was after I got Married and had a safe place to keep it! I don't remember assembly being that hard, just had to figure out which pair of legs was 1st, 2nd etc, so they didn't hit each other!
  16. That's what paint strippers are for! Careful with the eye stalks though!
  17. Taer: Troglodytes: Trolls: Umber Hulk: I think That is all the PAINTED critters, Personalities maybe tomorrow. And then list of stuff unpainted / in blisters still. Enjoy, and I hope it brings back memories! PS all these pics done with my cel phone, can't find the stupid digital camera....
  18. Ogre: Otyugh: Owlbear: Perytons: Remorhaz: Rust Monster: Sahuagin: Salamander: Shambling Mound: T next
  19. Continuing again... Kirin: Kobolds: And one with 2 current Reaper Kobolds: Lamia: Lizard: Lizard Men: Manticore: Medusa: Mind Flayers (Illithids): Naga: Ogre Mage: Orcs: Orogs: More in a few....
  20. I was going to try to do this alphabetically, but forgot the larger creatures so.... Bulette: Chimera: Displacer Beasts: Dogs and Handler: Ettin: Ghouls and Ghast: Fomorion Giant: Mountain Giant: Stone Giant: Storm Giant: Hippogriff: Starting K next...
  21. Continuing: Goblins: Golems: Flesh and Clay: Stone and Iron: Hammer: Harpies: Hook Horror: Hobgoblins: Not even half way there yet! Stay Tuned!
  22. Hey all! Been posting a lot of old lead on the-good-the-bad-and-the-fugly thread, and I am up to my college years, and as I have about 95% of the AD&D Monsters, as well as most of the Forgotten Realms figures, I thought I would post them in thier own thread for ease of reference.... Beholder: Bonesnapper: Bugbears: And one with a current Reaper Bugbear... Cave Fisher: Couatl: (I painted this in metallics to match a concert T-Shirt) Fire and Water Elementals: Ettercaps: Gargoyles: A Jann: This figure was painted in the last 30 days or so.... Grell: Gnolls: To be continued.... Gorgon too!
  23. I lied again! As I have about 95% of the Ral Partha AD&D monsters, as well as the Forgotten Realms Figures, I am going to put them in a separate thread in case people want to use it as a reference... Did I read that ALL the molds for those wonderful minis were destroyed somewhere here? If so, that is really a shame....
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