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  1. Thanks and enjoy the comics! You too will become a convert!
  2. Hey all! I have decided that I am going to make extreme efforts to get to Reapercon 2016, Mainly to take some classes to up my painting skill, and this thread has helped with things like transportation from DFW to site etc. I do have some questions about a few things.... Ribbons??? Can someone explain this please? What do people think is a good mix of classes to everything else? Not sure about gaming, depends on what is out there.... I have been to DragonCon and GenCon, so not a total Con Newb, but just wondering.... Thanks!
  3. Are we doing this again this weekend????? I have to work Saturday, so that cuts into my time, but I will be painting Friday night until midnight and Saturday starting around 7/8 pm.... Were people talking on mumble? If so I am going to have to set that up....
  4. No plans to re start that army, just looking at them, and showing them, so that I can see that I have learned a little bit about how to paint since then....
  5. I read the strips as they came out as well, starting with Dragon #34/35. I have the treasury as well, and the Dragons with the continuing story that ended in issue #54 I think. I tracked down 'Adventure Gaming' magazine just for the Finieous strips, as well as some of the 'Space Gamers' that he moved to after AG folded its tent.... You might say I was / is a Finieous addict!
  6. Hey all! I am working on Karoak, Toad Demon, and the armor style seems very 'Samurai' to me. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/02570/sku-down/02570 I am wondering if anyone can help me with color choices for it, as I am not sure what the material is /should be made of! Laquered Leather? Metal? Bamboo? He is not in the inspiration gallery either.... Here are some close up pics of the armor, and an overall, maybe they will help: All help gratefully appreciated!
  7. You are welcome! You got paid handsomely as it was a limited edition set, 1981 only, or so the adds in Dragon said. Tell him 'Thanks" for all the Dragons back in the day, and if he is still in contact with JD Webster, to say Thanks for Fin and Co!
  8. After reading the excellent post "The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly" and posting there,I wanted to do something similar. In 1981, my friends from High School and I were all supposed to go to Origins 1981, taking place in Baltimore, MD. about 5 hours by car. ALL of my friends said they couldn't go THE NIGHT BEFORE! I was upset, needless to say, but I drove down, spent a couple hours in the Dealers room, and drove home with goodies. This is the cream of that haul, The Finieous Figures! Finieous Fingers, Worlds Greatest Thief (Self proclaimed): Fred and Charley: Mergatroid (A baby Red Dragon) and Ranger Rupert: Grond (The Anti paladin) and (The Evil Wizard) Kask: And my favorite, Bored Flak the Bolt Lobber! The 'Wand of Automatic Missile Fire', The Wand of Fireballs' and the Foster Grants killed me when they showed up in the comic strip, and I was Sooo glad they sculpted the figure with them! These were painted in1981 (likely) with Polly S AD&D paints, and I tried to stay 'cartoony' with them to match their images in the strip. Enjoy! PS if you google Finieous Fingers, there is a site that you can download apdf of at least some of the strips....
  9. Old lead time! The very 1st mini I ever painted! (1977) Ral Partha Dwarf with Mattock I had been a military modler before starting on my lead obsession, so I had all sorts of Pactra, Testors, and Humbrol enamels, so that is what I used on him. Even back then I had to do modifications, so I cut off the flat mattock, bent and filled it into an axe, and reattached it. Back then there was no such thing as Warhammer, the game, White Dwarf magazine was all about other games, AD&D (Fiend Folio anyone?) Traveller etc, and Citadel was making figures for other games. There was however, a game from TSR called Swords and Spells, and it was about fantasy armies, and my high school friends and I decided to try it. here are some pics of the RP figs that I painted for it.... Wood Elf Pike man: (40) Elf Archer: (12) Mounted Elf Archer: (3) Medium / Heavy Cavalry: (5) The Army: By this time I had discovered the 'Official' AD&D paints by Polly S, and was in heaven! They were so much easier to use than the enamels! I still have some of those paints and still use them for certain things like their Goblin Flesh. I did some conversions with these figures to use as characters, one I am still very proud of! In 1983 I played in my first real AD&D campaign, everything else had been "Got the new module, role up some PCs"... Here is Alain Aspect MU/Thief: The Mask was patterned after the one Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot wore in the video for Metal Health. The crossbow is a filed down regular crossbow. The mask is tin foil! The dagger is a piece of flash for the blade, and the hilt was from the scabbarded sword the figure had. Compare him to the wood elf pike man above. Yes, the DM let me play a Drow. And I did paint his eyes.... The base came 5 years or so later... I mentioned the nascent GW, so here is some stuff from them: Ogre: Need to take a pic of him with the Reaper Ogre I am about to finish to really show scale creep! Some Swordsmen: And lastly for tonight, My Mage Scaramouche Void, 'The Kindly Wizard" Will post more later, minis are calling for paint.... Enjoy!
  10. One way to get fine lines on a figure is to use a Technical Pen. you can find them at any good art store for about the same price as a brush. They can be very useful for those very small lines of sadow when you use a brown ink. Pracice a bit on a piece of paper first to learn how the pen flows. Also, I have recently been painting mace heads with a GW color called Tin Bitz. It is a dark brown metallic that you can highlight up in either the 'Yellow' or 'White' metal lines.
  11. hey folks, almost midnight and work in am.... Ogres are done, except for another coat of Dullcote and basing: And started on Fairie's 'clothes' I am trying to paint her as Escalla from the TSR Module Novels by Paul Kidd. If you haven't read these, you will be in for a treat! White Plume Mountain is first...
  12. I use hot glue myself to stick figs to old 35 mm film cannisters filled with water. sometimes it peels off, sometimes needs a little work. I can sometimes be re used by melting it again with a candle. 2145hrs Just finished showing wife Avengers #1, she saw 2 in the theaters... On to painting! til 2400 anyway.... ps don't knw if you guys have seen this 20 page post, but I loved it, and will soon be contributing a lot of pics of old school lead.... http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51587-the-good-the-bad-and-the-fugly/
  13. yes indeed! I believe that is Shaerl Amcathra from Forgotten Realms...
  14. Jessie said: "Oh my that rabbit is adorable. I love your conversion. Something bunnicula-esque comes to mind." It isn't a conversion! http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/P01417E_w_1.jpg is where you find it! My Pathfinder group have been using a lot of animal companions lately, so the familiar packs have been getting a workout....
  15. ok 4am again, here is where I am at.... The Behir base collapsed, need to find a better 'putty' than what I used.... A coat of flesh on the fairy... Nothing on the demons... A bit done on the half orc until issues came up with the sculpt that I can't figure out.... Not sure what is up with right arm where glove meets arm. More pics @ http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62878-looking-for-help/ Quite a bit on the ogres, they should be done tonight.... and a little silly work.... See you all later and keep painting!!!! ps any suggestions?
  16. Are you / did you do 02537 Orankar, Ogre Boss as well? I am about 1/2 to 3/4 finished with mine if so....
  17. thanks! he is part of my 24 hour gig...
  18. Thanks all! Will try the help line. Stupid corner- left arm was assembly error on my part....DOH!
  19. Thanks for chiming in! I thought that at first as well, but there seems to be details of some sort scribed/sculpted in there....
  20. PS If anyone out there is looking for some hair metal music to paint by, the House of Hair with Dee Snyder can be found @ http://wpdh.com/ until 1am EST
  21. Hey all! I am working on Rogan, half orc thief, (03278) and I am having a problem figuring out what the heck is above the cuffs of his gloves... The right one looks as if it could be the remnants of a shirt sleeve, or fur? Or????? The left I am not sure if it his skin or an extension of the glove or something else.... 2 other pics of whole mini: any help gratefully appreciated!
  22. Huzzah for Display cabinets! (For minis?) It is now time to put down the 3 inch brush, after cleaning of course, and to pick up the 3 000!!
  23. as kickstarters???? As things to paint for the weekend. Were they SMALL windows????
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