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  1. So last night's and tonight's work.... The bottle on his belt was done with SC FG Arianhrod, Amarth, and Hiril Blues. The cap with SC75 Dwarven and Elven Golds. The cords with SC75 Graphite and Nacre. The pouch on his right hip was done with SC75 Cantabric, Tesla, Mediteranian, and Sky Blues, and a dilute, wash of Inktensity Blue. as well as the fur being done with Graphite, Nacre, and White. The bedroll with SC WF Camo Light Green, and a 50% mix of Camo Light Green and Camo Ochre Brown. He's just about done, need to do a wash on the bedroll and finish up the base... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  2. Regarding Tacos.... YES PLEASE!
  3. lots of cards in my youth... Oh Hell, 'Pinochle, Spades in the Army, war, slap jack, go fish, rummy, gin, blackjack, some poker, but sucked at it... Water Works and Mil Bournes from Parker Brothers, or Milton Bradley??? Munchkin, Illuminati from SJG solitaires of all sorts, now mainly on phone/tablet never played the CCGs... Those folks are like RPGers with dice or mini painters with paint....🌑
  4. My Scale Color Warfront collection came in from Spain today... Saved $80, even with the shipping due to the sale they were running... Love Scale Color paints! I have all their dropper bottle colors... Their Metallics are the BEST!!! The Drow.
  5. Not much here, but Quilting on right hand pouch with SC75 Deep and Navy blues Bed roll in SC Warfront Camo Dark and Medium greens, Bottle with SC FG Arianrhod Blue Thanks for looking! The Drow
  6. So the forthcoming... Cloak redone with SC Warfront Camo dark and Medium Greens' Belts and gloves with SC75 Black Leather Sash with SC75 Navy Blue More later... Getting late... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  7. Looking for Issue #1 of the Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society, and Book 7 Merchants for 1st edition Traveller.... The book i've not seen under $100.... I want it, but not that bad!!! Old Grenadier 28mm Traveller minis as well....
  8. So they migrated to show off after their bases were done... Thanks for the comments! The Drow
  9. So I put them on their bases, added some Silflor tufts and Secret Weapon Crushed glass for the snow... Wip Here Thanks for looking! The Drow
  10. Picking him up again as well... looks like I had done a bit more... Comments always welcome! The Drow
  11. So picking his guy up again, he had gotten The beginnings of the Blond Hair Triad, His cloak with SC75 Boreal Green, and the armor with SC75 Black Metal... More forthcoming... Comments welcome! The Drow
  12. METAL! There is mothing but METAL! Both in music and minis!!! Did I make my point a little too strongly???😆 My neighbors listen to good music.... Weather they want to, or not!
  13. Unless someone sees something I need to fix, I'm going to call him done except for the base.... Thanks for looking! The Drow
  14. A couple of things... The right kind of doormat makes excellent grain fields for 15mm wargames... Can't claim originality for this, but I had this Homer Simpson lying around, so he became a statue for Frostgrave, along with some decoupage stuff from Michael's... The Pyramid was from some fast food places kids meal... will become more Frostgrave terrain... Same for this Sauruman figure... All sorts of stuff out there to use! Dollhouse accessories are another good place to look... The Drow
  15. Well I seem to have thrown it off... (Digits Crossed!) So over the past 2 nights have done a bit, most on Thursday talking to TGP on te Hangouts while I worked... The Gnoll His hood and loincloth went through the SC75 reds from Deep to a 50% mix of Aldebaran Red and Mars Orange, followed by a diluted GW Red Ink wash. (The old GW ink from the 90s...) Belts, Quiver, and legging got SCFG Decay black, SC75 Petroleum Grey, and a 50% mix of Petroleum Grey and Graphene Grey Bow tips,Teeth and claws got GW Bleached Bone, then VMC Ivory. Claws and bow got a dilute Agrax Earthshade Ravager Mane got WC Ochre 2 teeth, claw, and spikes done with GW bleached Bone and then VMC Ivory. Claws and spikes, as well as the entire tail got a dilute Agrax Earthshade Except for the base, and unless someone has Ideas, I'm ready to call the Ravager done... As always, thanks for commenting and looking! And thanks for all the good wishes! The Drow
  16. Pinning.... I do mainly metal, so pinning is a must. Trying to drill the holes in the right places so that the parts line up can be... annoying.... The Drow
  17. A CURSE on the Ultramarines! This is my WARSMITH He is Tantalus Rust, War Smith of my Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines... Let the Galaxy BURN! (Warhammer 40k) And my sometime leader of my American Armored force in Flames of War... (Oddball and his Sherman... So knock it off with those negative waves! The Drow
  18. progress comes to a screeching halt with the onset to covid... this stuff really sux.... will try to get back when Im feeling better...
  19. to tired after all the yard work, but here's what I did...Pics from last nights work... The Gnoll only got GW Snakebite leather on his teeth... The Ravager got Gw Snakebite Leather on his mane and the back spikes and teeth Then GW Bubonic Brown, then War Colours Ochre 3 Topped off with a wash with a Diluted GW Agrax Earthshade... Chime in with thoughts or comments... The Drow
  20. hey all! Still moving along with these 2 critters, and reporting on last nights work... Gnoll Many coats of GW Agrax Earthshade on all the leathers More AK AK Wood Base on the wood... Black wash on bared flesh 50% VMC Black brown and Flat earth on the bare skin.. SC F&G Decay Black on his nose, Quiver and belts sorry for the blurry pic The Ravager got the same decay black nose The same bare skin mix The tailwas stipled with VMC Leather Brown, Flat Earth, and US Field Drab The stinger got GW Bleached Bone decided to do his mane with a 50% mix of VMC Leather Brown and Flat Earth so there you have it! Please chime in with comments critiques etc The Drow...
  21. Pics from last nights work... My photoshop isn't working for some reason, so the lighting isn't fixed, nor are the pics cropped.... Gnoll: Mane ant tail tip done as per Blacktounge with VMC Leather Brown, Saddle Brown, and SC75 Graphit 1/1/1 Mouth with GW Red Ink I missed his skirt, so SC75 Deep red' all leather armor parts done with the SC75 Leather colors, Followed by GW Agrax Earthshade, again, per Blacktounge Bow, Arrow shafts, and weapon hafts with AK Wood Base Ravager got the red ink and AK Sand Yellow Deposits, which is an oil base was that I use on my 15mm military stuff... It didn't do what I wanted, so... need to figure out what to do... Thanks for peeking! The Drow
  22. Pics from last nights work... Added SC75 Deep Red and Black Leather, and GW Snot green to Gnoll, SW Snakebite Leather, and Snot Green to the Ravager... As well as touching up oopsies here and there... Still early days, but they are starting to SNARL AND GROWL AT ME... Thanks for lookin, and comments critiques always welcome! The Drow...
  23. Well I'm back... Been in a dark place again, and I'm climbing out, and painting is good therapy for me so I'm back to these guys.... Base coated with SC75 SS Camo Shade, then started dry brushing with various blends of camo shade and Feldgrau, Im pretty much following the fur color that I used on Blacktongue a few years ago. )https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/74313-blacktongue-knarthex-hangout-mini-of-the-month-for-may/#comment-1543883 pics later... George Ravager: Still early days yet... Thanks for looking! G
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