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  1. One thing I wanted to note that worked really worked for me with the clears was, especially on the flat slime, was to paint the slime with the green clear, and then paint the bottom with the Dungeon Slime green. Painting the bottom like that changed the whole tone and depth of the green, but it's not obvious what happened when it's sitting on the table.
  2. I hope it's the Elf King this time... we got the dwarf king last time
  3. My bet would be (RAMPANT SPECULATION) that any of it that isn't eaten up by inflation, etc, goes into slightly more figs, because the price point is too neat as it stands.
  4. I thought the mouslings was the REASON for the cat dragon!
  5. I wish I could like this more than once, or put it in bold, or save it as a keyboard shortcut...
  6. Oh no, I think we should get a snake too.... Eventually
  7. It just fits SO well with the mouselings... and it seems to me like you could do something 28mm small horse sized that would be cute/amusing in a 28mm setting, and scary as $#!^ in a mouseling context
  8. The upshot being that DF waited until they were delivered, or mostly so, before they launched their new KS. That's unfortunately pushing it into competition with Reaper for gaming equipment. Personally I'm not concerned for myself, but I do understand those that are.
  9. I will say that it is a little weird to have marketing materials listing a website that doesn't at least have a 'Coming Soon' splash on it.
  10. Neato... The pen runs too hot to really write on my game map, but I could do this stuff off the map and put it on. It's almost fast enough to doodle 3d items the same way we'd normally use a marker to draw on the map, if I have the drawing board (or paper....) Plastic seems like it might be a little expensive for something so disposable, though.
  11. That's kinda how I'm thinking. Armatures are definitely a strength of the system. It also seems like it might be good for welding two pieces of plastic together. The plastic is sandable, although I don't think it ever gets thick enough to be drillable... not without a LOT of work. You're basically drawing lines. One neat thing is that there's a type of plastic that's around 30% wood pulp, so it ends up with a wood pulp texture. One of the suggestions there is to fill holes in furniture and then sand it down. While I can control the speed offline with a screwdriver, when running it I've only got two speeds. I certainly have enough plastic to play around with stuff, and I've got the big book o' projects, but all the projects end up looking kludgy and handmade, which has it's own charm for art projects, but not so much for modelling. So far I've managed to cobble together a couple of box frames. Thanks for the responses
  12. So, I got a 3D Doodler for Christmas. Does anybody have one of these? Any thoughts for useful game related projects?
  13. It has not but chances are good since the last 2 allowed it. It's been implied that it will happen later, so as not to confuse people.
  14. NMM are just paints chosen because they should work well for an easy NMM recipe. Liners are special. Anne explained them here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55494-color-usage-discussion-msp-and-others/(Anne is the paint mixtress extraordinaire). Also if you care to read through, you may see why folks are excited as liners have seen a resurgence and cancelled colors are returning to the active line! Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  15. Is there a resource for explaining the liners and NMMs?
  16. You know it will be epic in the end. May as well post up your $100 now. Do it. I believe in you. Oh I did that hours ago, just wish that stretch goals were inspiring me a bit more. Yeah, there's a psychology thing going on where you're comparing what it ended up being last time with what it's actually at right now, and even though your forebrain is pointing out all the awesome stuff to come, your hind brain is still pointing out how small a pile it is (right now) compared to what it ended up being last time. Crazy things, brains.
  17. Yeah, I finally broke down and did this. I'm a little sad, because I was 25th in. It's a stupid, stupid, stupid thing for me to be butt hurt about, but there you have it.
  18. Goals didn't get larger than 30k till right at 500k in Bones 2
  19. I backed almost a week in and got Wave 1, but I ghosted and upgraded several times
  20. Think that's the $1 million mark? Probably, or at least a multiple of 250. Counting out in 30ks, it looks like it'll fall around 500k
  21. I don't think that's the way it works... Just let it run and you should still be in Wave 1 (assuming your fiddling didn't jack something up).
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