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  1. All good points, Damon. And I notice your views have soften up from awhile ago, thinking back to some threads on TMP. I was totally against 3e when it came out. I thought 2nd ed was perfect (with my dozens of house rules). Then I started reading it and fell in love with it. Now I've got the same feeling for 4e. It's easier and is more self consistent and compact. Same as 3e was compared to 2e. The things about 4e that might appeal to a new player also appeal to me as someone with very limited gaming time. And I need to say that if someone wanted to start up a Pathfinder or 3.5 game, I'd play in it in a heartbeat. I'm just through DM'ing it. That's great, all my players in my current 3.5 game feel the same way. They'll feel the same when they roll a crit with their new 4e characters. They just won't have to take 5 minutes figuring out all their bonuses and rolling dice, then forgetting some other modifiers and adding some more...
  2. Christ on a crutch. Are people still arguing over this? I'm finishing a 3.5 campaign right now that has gone all 20 levels. First time I've done that with a campaign in 25 years. I love 3.5, but after months of gigantic high-level stat blocks and having to keep the PHB, MM AND DMG open in front of me as DM (or at least have 3 or 4 tabs up on my browser of pages from d20srd.org) just to run a combat, then roll dozens of attacks from monsters then roll damage, look up spells, then wait for my players to run through their huge spell lists, roll 5 attacks, add up massive amounts of damage from all those attacks...etc etc ad nauseum...I'm looking forward to DM'ing 4e. I've started writing the new campaign and following the guidelines in the DMG makes it a snap to put together encounters. Making new monsters and npc's is way easier too. I also love classifying the monsters by what they do and what purpose they have rather than type. I've flipped through Pathfinder, and it seems to do some good things with the d20 system, but the fundamental flaws of low level play (pc's made of glass) and high level (so much work to run it's not fun) are still present. Played at 4th-12th level I'm sure it's just as fun as 3.5 was, but 4e seems to keep the "sweet spot" of challenge vs ability the whole way through.
  3. Orcus, Lord of the Undead, commands you to rise!
  4. Hello, long time no post. A couple years ago, I came up with some FPS rules that I think I posted here. I've refined them a bit and added vehicle rules. I also started a blog so I'd actually have a place to make them available. Frag-o-rama blog They'll give you something to do with all those Starship Troopers or Haloclix minis.
  5. Crazily, it doesn't seem a fraction as bad as it could have been. 50 cars on the bridge, I'd be hard pressed to say there were more than 100 people involved considering the way people drive here. Kids in the bus fine and only six dead. I ended up near there dropping someone off at the Metrodome which is fairly close. Lots of emergency vehicles going through a little over an hour after it happened. In other good news, I don't drive that part of the city, so I can still get to work...waitaminnit...
  6. Vallejo Model Color USA Uniform green. Kinda WWII-ish. I think 'jacks are fun to put together.
  7. Russian tank colors. Nice. I'm painting my Devil Dogs and their Nomad in US army green.
  8. Nice 'jacks. I hates the Juggernaut. My Mercs can't go toe-to-toe with one so I have to be sneaky and hope for a caster kill. Are your Khador painted in 5th Border Legion colors or did you just like the green?
  9. How paranoid do you have to be to wear your helmet, spear, and sickle just to take a shower?
  10. The prodigal thread returns. And has a haircut. Still need to paint my burrowers... And Marauders... and bugs...
  11. Gen Con VS Origins: This time...it's personal.
  12. I do exactly what Rocky describes. And for cripes sake don't get impatient and do it when the mini might still be at all tacky from drying ink or varnish. The grass will stick like a sonuvagun to your mini. Not that I've ever done that.
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