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    Recent Works

    No test print yet. The details here are pushing the limits of what our printer can do, but we want to see if it can pull it off. We will know in a few days. When measuring things like reapers latest figures, 32mm seems to be gone. We measured all our bones 4 haul, and most reaper male figures clock in at 35-36 mm. Females 33-35. Scale creep is real. We plan to print her at about 29mm and see how it comes out.
  2. We We have a SafFire Laser. It was from a kickstarter that didn't fund, but he still had a few of the printers and we picked one up. It's years ahead of it's time, and gets really high quality prints when I don't screw up the settings.
  3. One of the best benefits of being married to @Rainbow Sculptor, is that every now and then she sculpts a model that I want, the way I want it. Here is the first digital one she did for me. I can. not. wait. to print this guy when I get home in a couple days!!!! The base isn't quite finished, but I had to show it!!!
  4. emmagine

    I`m back

    The astrid model is one of my 3 favorite sculpts of all time. This is my favorite astrid paintjob of all time. The fact that you don't sell or do commissions attached to that photo made me sad a little inside! Phenomenal work! Also, are you coming to reaper con this year? I'd love to see your work in person.
  5. emmagine

    Help request for making putty seamless

    Probably! Are you coming to reapercon this year? @Rainbow Sculptor will have to answer the question about what firmness she likes for what.
  6. emmagine

    Help request for making putty seamless

    Mori's got you. I'll just add that Rainbow uses clay shapers for 95% of her clay work, She loves them and hates metal tools. That said, this is one of the few things she will use a metal tool for. As I once heard rainbowsculptor yell from the other room while trying to do what you're doing with clay shapers, "THIS IS !@#$ING IMPOSSIBLE!!!!..." *Sound of something being thrown across the room*
  7. emmagine

    4 bones 4 speed paints

    I would call it teal? Christie could tell you what it actually is.
  8. emmagine

    Female Minotaur

    She's part of the core set for bones 4. As far as how Rainbow does her voice acting, for any of you with kids... Just imagine angry Apple Jack, but a cow instead of a pony.
  9. emmagine

    4 bones 4 speed paints

    These 4 figures clocked in at about an hour and 45 minutes of paint time. I'm rusty, I'm getting back into it!
  10. emmagine

    Bones 4 snake people!

    I used an airbrush to prime (zenithal) and then paint with oil. These took about 20-30 minutes a figure start to finish.
  11. emmagine

    Bones 4 snake people!

    Had to get my snake folks painted up. I've been wanting an army of these for 20+ years. Yay for Chris Lewis and bones 4!
  12. We got about 80% of the models. We had planned to have an unboxing party, where we would all team up and prime / zenithal all the models. With all the assembly required this time around, we decided to go ahead and open them and get the all put together. It took most of the day for the two of us, but everything is assembled except a few of the dangley bits for the barge, which seems to like to be assembled in stages. Our entire table has been confiscated by bones.
  13. Well, @Rainbow Sculptor says there is a giant box of bones on our porch. Sadly, I do not get home until tomorrow afternoon :(
  14. 43.2 lbs. Delivery estimated Wednesday! I was wave 2, locked on 8/2918. Frost Giants from doom list positive.
  15. They are on wave 2 shipping. There are 3 items that they don't have enough on hand to complete US shipping, but they are on the way, and should be at the factory any day. Those 3 items are the chicken hut, tree of dispair, and frost gaints. Currently, to the best of our knowledge they are out of chicken huts, but still have some of the rest. Q: What does that mean for you? A: If you don't have any of the 3 on your list, absolutely nothing. You will get your items when your wave ships. If you have one of the items that they are out of when they get to your order (for now, just the chicken hut), then your order will be set aside until the last shipping container comes in. When it does, they will stop what they are doing, and go back and fill the orders previously set aside, then resume normal shipping. Total fulfillment of US orders is expected to take 6~ish weeks. We are on week 1.