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  1. I believe this was the marvellous, mystical, rather sophistical Bob Ridolphi
  2. Or it could be that as an avid reaper fan, they've already made everything you yearned for and requested?
  3. I mean, I get excited about every Ridolphi sculpt. It could be a hair dryer and I'd probably buy it.
  4. That is correct. as soon as the kickstarter is over, you will be charged the total amount you pledged. You can increase (or decrease) your pledge at any time before the project funds. You CAN add MORE money after the kickstarter is complete, just like you said. There is a downside to this. Purchases after the kickstarter funds will not help unlock additional stretch goals.
  5. I really struggled with it the first time too. While I am not a reaper rep, I can tell you what has consistently gotten me my kickstarter models :) step 1: pledge some money to the kickstarter. Don't pledge more than you want to spend, but if you are short, that's okay for now. Step 2: enjoy the kickstarter as it goes. Get excited about new stuff, increase your pledge as appropriate. But how much? For now, reaper provides a calculator to figure out how much you need to pledge to get all the stuff you want. You use the pledge manager. You select all the things you want to get, read the total it gives you, and pledge that much to kickstarter. Step 3: the kickstarter will eventually end. When it does, they will collect all the funds you pledged. Step 4: after a few weeks, reaper will CHANGE what the pledge manager does. (they should really change the name at this point) After they change it, the pledge manager will be how you tell reaper what you want to do with the money you pledged to kickstarter. You "lock in" your pledge in the new changed pledge manager by selecting all your rewards, and locking it in. Once that is done, you can't "unpledge". Remember, the pledge manager won't do this until AFTER the kickstarter, and AFTER they change the pledge manager. Step 5: The pledge manager will stay "open" for about a year (historically). You can continue to order more rewards, and pay for them with credit card, or pay pal through the pledge manager. Step 6: Receive your bones minis!
  6. There is a bones 5 figure WIP in this photo. But we are on the wrong side of the screen! Seriously though, this has pretty much been our view of my wife @Rainbow Sculptor for the past 2 months as she excitedly tackles her bones 5 assignments. Gotta say though.... The one she's working on here is SO COOL!
  7. Fortunately, you can watch the twitch stream in a browser window! We have an unprecedented level of interaction with the actual owners of the company via this new medium. As well as with Ron, and an assortment of other reps. Not to mention all the sculptors who are usually in the chat with us. Do yourself a favor and try it. It's a lot of fun and it feels like we are part of the team in person!
  8. Less talk about thread structure, more talk about awesome models! Maybe Ron will give us one more teaser to get us back on topic ? :D What's everyones favorite so far?
  9. We spent a few hours painting last night. Way longer than my usual speed paints per figure, but I'm happy with them!
  10. Be sure to demonstrate your ergonomics for both computer work and sculpting to the neuro. Heed their advice on what to change.
  11. There are two vulnerable nerves that handle sensation for your hand. The radial nerve, and the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve handles the pinky, ring, and half of the middle finger. The radial nerve handles the index and half of the middle finger. Often people don't notice when the pinky finger is included in the lack of sensation. There are a few places that the nerve can be vulnerable. 1. In the spine. The nerve leaves the spine and can often get pinched in the neck, or in the shoulder blades. This comes from sitting for too long, with poor ergonomic conditions. Primarily from your work area being too low, forcing you to hunch, though it can be from sitting twisted / tilted too. 2. In the shoulder. If this is actually the location, it is usually from an actual injury, not posture. 3. In the elbow. The ulnar nerve actually extends around the prominent part of the bones for your forearm, in the elbow. When you hit your "funny bone" this is the nerve you are hitting, and where you are hitting it. applying pressure to this nerve for prolonged periods can cause it to deaden. Alternatively, twisting the elbow and forearm in a not so great way (like a keyboard that is not an ergonomic keyboard) for long lengths of time can stretch the nerve between this point and the wrist, pinching it at both ends and deadening sensation. 4. The wrist. Famously, carpel tunnel. USUALLY it is a combination of multiples of these places. You should strive to resolve each one. If the numbness still comes and goes, you should take immediate action. Resolve any bad posture issues immediately, invest in an ergonomic keyboard (logitech and microsoft both make okay ones, but both are better for different body types so you should test before buying one. They are expensive). Start seeing a chiropractor. They can dis-impact the joints that may be occluding these nerves. Failure to take action while it still comes and goes, will result in the numbness becoming invariable. Once it does that, it can sometimes take years to regain sensation & strength. Take it seriously, fix it.
  12. No test print yet. The details here are pushing the limits of what our printer can do, but we want to see if it can pull it off. We will know in a few days. When measuring things like reapers latest figures, 32mm seems to be gone. We measured all our bones 4 haul, and most reaper male figures clock in at 35-36 mm. Females 33-35. Scale creep is real. We plan to print her at about 29mm and see how it comes out.
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