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  1. Christie started doing "reaper paint guides" for her models. Honestly for me, because I am terrible at picking colors. I haven't had much time to put them to use until now, here is my first go! I still want to go back and do the base at some point, and a little touch up. but I'm happy for now!
  2. I love spelljammer. I wanted some models for the release next month, and I convinced Christie to make a few. This is what we came up with.
  3. The last day sees the biggest bump. The uptick is in its infant stages, everything is on track.
  4. They are inspired by the circles in certain moth wings. She wanted to add a dimensional difference to that detail from the rest, so it would give people cool options for painting them as eyes, moth eyes, or w/e and give more versatility of painting with the raised surface instead of a recess. She thought the recess would be much harder to paint.
  5. If reaper doesn't resculpt older stuff, they will fall behind the pack. As the art continues to get better, you either keep up or go the way of Ral Partha. Some of us might not be as enthused to see orcs done again, because this is our 4th iteration of orcs. They keep getting better, and they need to or they will no longer have the coolest stuff on the market. Other things reaper doesn't currently have in their lineup. There are some new interesting things weaved in, like the pigmen. Such cool things.
  6. They are really beautiful. They look great in render, but won't print worth sand at gaming scale. The ones you do get to print will be too fragile for anything but a carefully guarded display case. Different minis for different purposes. Very beautiful work.
  7. The problem with the Giustiniani, is that it would just read as a male miniature. If no one came out and said it was female, everyone would assume male. If there were such a model already in the reaper lineup.... theoretically.... not even one person has theorized the model is female. The 2nd one just reads as robes / dress. Conveying the mini is female without emphasizing female traits is not easy, and in many cases not possible.
  8. Reaper has always seeded teasers in each of their platforms. Different sneak peaks in each place. There are folks that really enjoy hunting down all those bits and sharing them across platforms. It gives people fun things to talk about. The big dragons will be on the kickstarter page soon.
  9. Christie says these don't really have what is supposed to be hair, it's supposed to be wind / blend with the air effects.
  10. I made a turnaround of the sylphs for christie. I'll try to get a set printed and to a physical turnaround tomorrow. sylphs4.mpg
  11. Christie and I are officially going as well!
  12. I've always been a do it myself sort of person. I got into hirst arts because I wanted to build my own dungeons instead of build them for example. Being able to print my miniatures myself has been great. It's also accelerated my wife learning to sculpt in incalculable ways. I'm excited for the 8k when it releases, and I hope to get into FDM printing this year.
  13. You should reach out to her. I don't know what all she has planned for the next few months. I know she has a limited subscription tier where you basically rent her for an hour each month for sculpting, tutoring, or other appropriate stuff. She could probably mod one of her rabbit folk in that time to have a scarf? That's the sort of thing you asking her directly is better than me passing it along 😉
  14. Moonlight Minis Tribe Release for January. (It's Rainbow Sculptor) The pictures are a bit big. I'm not sure how to embed and shrink them. Anyone know how?
  15. It could also be from wonky anti aliasing if you have it on
  16. Here is a great video on what UV tools is and how to use it. A little long, but then.... most tutorial videos are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRZIzwlvVks Here is the link to download it. https://github.com/sn4k3/UVtools/releases
  17. So, this is a complicated question. The short answer is: It depends. Island detection is based on your layer height. Most pre supported models are done at 35 or 50 micron layer height. If you are slicing at 20 microns, you're going to pick up 2.5 as many islands. You probably don't actually need to support those. If you are slicing at 60 microns, you're goin to pick up totally different islands than the 50 micron guy. That's the same concept though. It's just one layer, and you probably don't need to worry about supporting those. You can use a program called UV tools, to prep the model at your layer height and remove any islands that it finds. This will ensure no problems from those little pests. Now as to if I trust files from patreons, that 100% depends on the producer. How many models they churn out, and who is doing the support work for them. RainbowSculptor uses atlas, who do a good job and are fairly well known in the community. They also test print everything they support. Those models will still have those layer height based islands. How you address those, and IF you address those, is up to you. Atlas tend to slice at 35 microns, we slice on ours at 20. I usually find 5-8 islands they miss in my slicer. But they are always only "technically islands" for the reasons described above. I'll run the supported model through UV tools and delete any islands found if I have time.
  18. Would you mind if I edited this to include the missing content and post this on Moonlight Discord?
  19. I notice a tremendous detail loss between 2k and 4k. Most people that cite minimal difference, are printing at .05 layer height. the 4k at a .02 or .025 layer height will give you much more detail than you can get from a 2k. A 2k is a good printer, but you can't just zenithal prime it for example. Alot depends on the sculpt too. Each model we do, we make sure there are one or two details we don't think will come out. Sometimes we are surprised. One thing is for sure though: we get higher quality prints / details at .02 on a 4k screen. You can make out details that are less than half a mm. For table top the difference is probably not important. For hobby painting it's very noticeable.
  20. I wonder what classic novel she could possibly be based on..... 🙂
  21. She's been working on stuff for next months Tribes. I'm working Christmas this year (paramedic), so she decided to work too. She was screen sharing with me earlier and I snuck a screen cap 🙂 Since it is for her Tribe, I figured it fit here better than sculpting WIP. It's not finished, but it's getting close 😄
  22. That's exactly correct. Videos get more attention / conversions. People don't want to take the time to do a nice turnaround video and they think a flash animation style video will gain that benefit. Maybe they are correct? Either way, if you are giving me an image I want either still, or a turnaround.
  23. @Rainbow Sculptor has her tribe going live today. It's like patreon but on my mini factory. Stole this from the facebook post.
  24. Sculpting models that are easy to support has been a big push of what we are doing for Rainbow Sculptor She does an entire extra pass now on a model, to make adjustments to minimize the number of specific supports needed, Trying to make it as "auto support friendly" as possible. If you get any of her newer models, rotate it back 22.5 degrees and the supports should be simple.
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