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  1. As of right now I don't own any good brushes, so no worries there. I probably need to make sure to get more paint off before drybrushing. It just feels weird when I'm hitting the mini with the brush and don't see any paint really being applied.
  2. So I started by priming both the Orc and the guy in armor from the L2PK. For the Orc I added one drop of water to the Brown Liner. For the guy in armor I added two. The Orc's primer layer was obviously thicker and darker, but the thinner coat for the guy in armor made it much easier for the paint to get into all the recesses. I think I prefer that, though I'll have to wait until I'm finished painting both to be sure. After that I painted the skin using Viper Green and mixing it with one drop of Brown Liner (I think? Maybe it was Pure Black). I was worried that I had gone too dark, but decided to wait and see how much the highlights would lighten it up. Adding the highlights of pure Viper Green did help, though it is still slightly darker than I was shooting for. Either way, it was good enough that I didn't feel the need to start over. The next thing I painted was the pelt. I started with a mix of Dirty Bone and Shadowed Stone as the guide suggests. I then immediately jumped to wash it without really letting the paint dry. Because the paint wasn't dry the wash seemed to remove a lot of the base color, which made it look absolutely terrible. I decided to let it all dry and redo the pelt. Lesson learned. Unfortunately I didn't take any other pictures until I was done for the day. Since I was starting over on the pelt I decided to add some Leather Brown to the mix. I liked the color a bit better overall. I washed it with Brown Liner (I think) and drybrushed it with a lighter version of the brown mix. The drybrush seemed to cover a lot of the wash, so I think next time I might do the drybrushing before the wash. I'll probably go over it with another wash anyway, as I don't like how it looks right now. Then I did the chainmail, which was the simplest part so far. Pure Black as a base. Honed Steel for drybrushing. Turned out alright to my eyes. Then I moved onto the leather, where things both started getting sloppy and crawled to a halt. I took me forever to get what little done that I did. I was trying so hard to keep from painting over areas I'd already painted and I still messed up. I guess that's something I'll just get better at with practice. I quit for the night after that. I still need to add texture to the leather, but hopefully that won't be as difficult. After that I'll probably move onto the sword handle, followed by the sword blade and armor spikes, then the face, and lastly the base. With luck this figure will turn out alright. Any critique on what I've done so far or on my methods? Any advice or things I should consider going forward on this piece? It's a practice piece, and I don't know if I'll ever use it at the table, but I'd like for it to look nice enough that I can. Also, is this the correct place for me to be posting this? I figured it was more advice and less showing off, but I'm new to these forums and want to make sure.
  3. So what you're saying is, I should buy around 300 paints?
  4. Full set? Jesus. I'm maybe looking at having about 80 colors total. I do this thing were I always jump headfirst into hobbies and spend way too much time and money on them. But I've been playing D&D for almost a decade now so I don't think this is something I'll just get bored with and stop doing. I'll probably pull the trigger on them, it's just a matter of when. Now it's about time to get to painting that orc.
  5. I'm already several hundred deep in the Kickstarter. It's one the main reasons I'm here learning to paint. As for basing, I've seen some tutorials but it's not something I'm particularly interested in at the moment. Maybe I'll look into it after I get decent at painting. I plan to use these minis, not display them, and having a nice, thick grass base while walking through a dungeon is a little dissonant. My next step is deciding if I want to pull the trigger on $50 of new paints, or if I jump all in for $240 of new paints. I'm going to need them once the Kickstarter ships, so it's really just a matter of now or later. I'm also grabbing some reaper brushes, as the only art stores around me don't have anything suitable. The plan is to paint one or two more figures today, and I'm going to try to take WIP photos so you all can better critique my form.
  6. It didn't come out quite as poorly as I was expecting (I was expecting it to be pretty terrible), but I think that's mostly because of its simplicity. I also have gotten a lot of advice from this forum, the Bones III Kickstarter comments, and I've watch several youtube tutorials. After my first paintjob I definitely learned a few things. I need better brushes (or just need to get better at using the brushes I have). I also will be getting a wet palette probably today before I paint mini number two. Small details are hard. And washes seem to be the easiest thing in the world (so far). I need better lighting. A magnifying glass might not be the worst idea in the world. Some cheap rags might be nice. And finally, I really want to paint a big dragon figure. If my second figure goes well I'll probably be ordering more paints from Reaper soon. I've go a list of the ones I want and hopefully those will suffice for a long time. I'll post number two when I'm finished regardless of how it turns out. When you guys prime with brown liner, do you water it down a bit first or just paint it straight on?
  7. So I painted my first mini from the L2PK today. Only partially followed the instructions given, but definitely used them as a guideline. Took me a little over two hours, and it turned out as bad as I was expecting, but it's a start. I definitely want to get some more paint, but I have enough that I should be fine for now. I also really need to work on highlighting and the small details. Any advice besides to just continue practicing?
  8. The problem with using newspaper is first that I don't get newspapers. Ever other week I'll get some small coupon type book, but that's it. I'd have to save a lot to be able to use them to paint. The second problem is that I'm maybe slightly OCD and clutter drives me absolutely crazy. Newspapers spread out across my table, even for a short while, would bother me. I'd rather pay a little extra money to just not deal with that. I will look into getting some sort of cutting board. If it works well and can be cleaned fairly easily, I would prefer the hard, stiff surface to work on as well. I just have to find one big enough to be my workspace. Again, I want to thank you all for the advice. I'm running some Pathfinder today, but I will start painting tomorrow. I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm done.
  9. Alright, so I went and got a bunch of painting supplies (this crap is more expensive than I was expecting) and I have one question left. What do you guys use to paint on? The only thing this store had was this cheap plastic tarp that I'm supposed to throw over my table to protect it. I was hoping for something a little more durable and less cheap. I feel like I'll have to replace this after a few uses. I think I saw some people using a cutting board (for crafts, not food). Is that a good option? I definitely want something to protect my table as I will be doing all my painting on the same table I use to eat.
  10. Yeah, I'm the kind of person who always wants to have everything. What? Reaper has 1322 paints available? Well I guess I need them all. And of course I'll need 30 different types of brushes. Got to be prepared for anything. I just have to remember that starting small is preferable and I can always expand later. So one last question (for now). Bones aren't supposed to need to be primed, right? So why do people use brown liner as a primer?
  11. I'll be heading to AC Moore tomorrow to pick up supplies, so I appreciate the advice. I think starting off I'll just stick to a dry palette and see how that goes. I'll also skip the magnifier for now, as I am nearsighted and do have very good near vision without my glasses. Now just to convince myself I don't need to buy a 54 color paint set until I'm already comfortable with painting...
  12. So I see a lot of people are really into wet palettes. Do you guys think that is something I need to get right off, or will I be alright if I just start out with a simple dry palette? Also, how do you feel about magnifying glasses? It's been suggested to me to make it easier to see small details, but I'm unsure if I'll need such a thing. Thoughts?
  13. Thank you all for the advice. Right now I'm looking at adding these colors in addition to the L2PK. 09064 Brown Liner 09046-09048 Fair Skin Triad 09133 Bloodstain Red 09134 Clotted Red 09050 Antique Gold I'll probably expand a bit in October when Reaper has its sales (thank you for letting me know about that). I'll pick up a knife, some brushes, brush soap, a palette, varnish, and safety pins from a craft store as well. Those links were very helpful. @Inarah, what plastic sanding needles are you talking about? One of the links djizomdjinn posted suggested metal files. I'm guessing those fit the same purpose, but better suited for bones?
  14. So I got in on the new Bones Kickstarter and decided that I need to learn how to paint these things before they get here. I've never painted a mini before, but I plan on watching plenty of tutorials before I start. Right now my plan is to grab the Bones Learn to Paint Kit and possibly a few other paints to round out my color options. I also read on some other posts that people recommend getting higher end brushes than what comes in the set, so I might look into getting some of those as well. My question is what would you guys recommend? Looking at the L2PK I'm going to need some flesh tones, and probably some reds and yellows as well. Are there any particular paints that you would recommend I add to my starting collection? As I'm just beginning I don't really have a style yet, but I do generally prefer dark, more gritty looking minis to the more brightly colored, fantastical looking ones, so I'm assuming that would change my selection of paints? Also what brushes, other than the ones in the L2PK, so I get? And is there anything else I should look into? Like brush cleaners, or a pallet for mixing paints? Like I said, I'm completely new to this hobby. I'm getting all the paint sets offered in the Kickstarter, so I'd like to stick with Reaper paints for the most part. I think having mix and match brands would get on my nerves, since I like things being particularly organized. But I've also been told I should stay away from Reaper washes because they are overly glossy. What are your opinions on that? Any advice offered will be greatly appreciated.
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