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  1. Eventually, with the heat death of the universe, even the constant change will stop being a constant. I mean... Just sayin'...
  2. That dragon fits the character of your world so perfectly, and I can't imagine him without the scarf! He would just look so naked without it. The latest goblin looks like he should fit in beautifully.
  3. As always, the figures on their own are a delight and when placed in your world become even more extraordinary.
  4. They're not really dressed like those greybeards... I find that disappointing. Such a wasted opportunity. Though I'm not painting them to look like Nords anyway so I guess it doesn't matter.
  5. Finished a couple of the Greybeards set from Bones 4. Here's the latest: The camera's being a bit weird and I can't get the colours right for both the clothing and skin at the same time, so the first pic is to show off the skin colour and the rest are to show off the colours for the rest. It's been a while since I've done any significant painting so my skills are pretty rusty, but I moved my hobby area and finally got some motivation so I decided to make sure that I had spare wizards so friends could join a spontaneous game of Frostgrave with me if they wanted to. It's never happened but I wanted to be prepared.
  6. Hippo birdie two ewe, o great creator of wonder and semisensical whimsy!
  7. I think you misspelled "not enough" there... For some reason it came out looking like "too many". Weird. As always, a delight to catch up on your threat. Seeing all the mushrooms gathered in some of those shots is quite the sight to behold! Not gonna lie, there are days when my brain is malfunctioning and the world seems to be all in greyscale, and looking at your work helps bring the colours back in the best possible way. And that flying terror fish... My friend, that thing is beyond amazing! It looks like the perfect combination of lunatic, terrifying, and delightful. A little more directly frightening than many things in your world, but just as refreshingly nonsensical... or semi-sensical? Is that a word? I'm deeming it a real word because it fits your world so well.
  8. Those are some substantial mushrooms. Also devious and deranged, just as I'd expect from any mushroom off your workbench.
  9. I can neither confirm nor deny that you lunatics talked me into ordering an ELEGOO Mars. (I totally ordered an ELEGOO Mars.) Really enjoying seeing what you're doing.
  10. WUT OH CRUD I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!! Thank you! (Just found a YouTube video confirming it too. OK, that makes my life easier.)
  11. You know what's making it easier to resist the siren song of a 3d printer? I can't find isopropyl alcohol. Oh well, guess I'm safe! I'm really enjoying watching your progress @Glitterwolf
  12. Ah! So much great stuff piled up while I've been away! I must say I particularly appreciate the steam powered snail, as well as the Pinterest-inspired shroom, but my favourite thing you've done since I last caught up has to be the new photo stage. As always, so many little details to pick up on and be delighted by. Also, I thought you'd appreciate knowing that I was thinking of some of your photo stages recently and it inspired me to start work on my own. Nothing as creative or delightful as yours, and there's a lot of work left to go, but it's getting there and I have you to thank. So, thank you!
  13. Y'know, this isn't helping me resist the urge to buy a 3d printer...
  14. Slow compared to some folks. Worth keeping in mind - the figure really lends itself doing most of the work via drybrushing and washing. There's very little highlighting or shading of any kind in there aside from that.
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