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  1. Those are some substantial mushrooms. Also devious and deranged, just as I'd expect from any mushroom off your workbench.
  2. I can neither confirm nor deny that you lunatics talked me into ordering an ELEGOO Mars. (I totally ordered an ELEGOO Mars.) Really enjoying seeing what you're doing.
  3. WUT OH CRUD I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!! Thank you! (Just found a YouTube video confirming it too. OK, that makes my life easier.)
  4. Those are gonna be some chonky mushrooms. I like 'em!
  5. You know what's making it easier to resist the siren song of a 3d printer? I can't find isopropyl alcohol. Oh well, guess I'm safe! I'm really enjoying watching your progress @Glitterwolf
  6. Ah! So much great stuff piled up while I've been away! I must say I particularly appreciate the steam powered snail, as well as the Pinterest-inspired shroom, but my favourite thing you've done since I last caught up has to be the new photo stage. As always, so many little details to pick up on and be delighted by. Also, I thought you'd appreciate knowing that I was thinking of some of your photo stages recently and it inspired me to start work on my own. Nothing as creative or delightful as yours, and there's a lot of work left to go, but it's getting there and I have you to thank. So, thank you!
  7. Y'know, this isn't helping me resist the urge to buy a 3d printer...
  8. Slow compared to some folks. Worth keeping in mind - the figure really lends itself doing most of the work via drybrushing and washing. There's very little highlighting or shading of any kind in there aside from that.
  9. I figure they take me as long as they take me... I just know that for some of the folks here, getting the mini to that standard would be like ten minutes work. But they're them and I'm me! Also, I feel the need to share a friend's comment from Facebook: "It's like a burlesque Skeletor and I'm totally into it."
  10. Fairly quick mini... Needed something fun to give myself a bit of a mental break over the weekend. Probably 3 hours total - yes, I'm slow!
  11. Online for a bit, will be on and off throughout the evening.
  12. As always, a visit to this thread pays off with delight and inspiration! The tree fellows are wonderful, and I now have every intention of making a few for myself. The mushroom troll is extraordinary and fantastic! And the various mushrooms are, as always, a distinct pleasure. I also quite enjoy the variety of odd faces you've been creating!
  13. Thanks! They're 6mm cabochons, and the pupils are a mixture of a couple different colour shift paints. They're less crazy sparkly in real life - the picture is zoomed in to pretty extreme proportions. I've added a tiny bit more clay and futzed around with him a little more. I'd keep going but I'm already late for heading to bed so... Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with him next?
  14. I'm sculpting this weird angry fridge magnet just for fun. The magnet in the base is about 19mm across, so the total thing is maybe 23mm. Now I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do with him next... Might take some more inspiration from @malefactus and make him extra weird and awesome and worrying... And yes, I know I have more smoothing to do! But I felt like sharing.
  15. Your camera may be grateful, but the rest of us wish we could donate you some of our energy and time so we could have more of your wizardry to admire. I like what you've done with the lurker! He fits in well in your world.
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