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  1. That is definitely supposed to be a teeeeny tiny piece!
  2. And just to make sure she puts me in my place as an amateur, my partner painted this Goremaw.
  3. I painted my first mini ever yesterday, choosing the Iron Golem which is an AMAZING golem by any means. I still have to dry brush this puppy, but here is his WIP, from assembled to plain coated to washed and detail added:
  4. I don't know how this could have been worded any nicer. That was some class A word-smithing! And even I have to agree: putting out speculations is only going to fuel fires that do not exist.
  5. Query: My fire giant jailer came with a drinking keg and a dagger as loose items. I do not see where they would go, there are no pegs to attach them, and cannot seem to find a full 360 figure of the giant anywhere. There is a peg on his belt that the keg can hang from (but it will definitely fall off) but other than that I am a little lost as to why these pieces are in there. Can anyone illuminate, before I just glue them to the base as decorations?
  6. I appreciate the scoring tip! What about primer? I've primed one or two figures so far with a spray primer that I use for HeroForge stuff, but it stays tacky even after 24 hours.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, I feel more confident in my first foray of assembling! Last query: should I clean the models and remove burs and seams before or after the fitting/gluing together?
  8. Hello all! I just received my Bones 3 kickstarter box and am happier than a pig in a mud puddle! But now I have 'problems' that I need the pros to answer. I found that, when dryfitting the pieces for inventory purposes, not all the pieces fit snug. Some just fall out and others leave seams. That's not an issue, plenty of green stuff and glue and other materials around the house. But I don't want to mess up a mini. And to stress, I knew this is normal and anticipated it. I just did not think far enough ahead to learn how to fix this before I got the box! So what is your approach to this: how do you make sure your minis are assembled in a sturdy manner and have their seams removed?
  9. Got my box last night when I came home after work. Spent a good 2 hours with my partner just to inventorize them! Seems I am missing the female blacksmith, everything else looks complete. And amazing!
  10. Mine was just delivered. Now I have to wait 3 hours until I am off work, then have to run some errands, and then unpack me Bones! And then out of town two days on a work trip... At least that will give my partner time to paint some stuff while I am away :D
  11. I just did the math on my order. For the number of minis I get for the money I spent (at today's conversion rate (which sucks compared to when the KS was happening)) I am paying about $2.40 CAD per mini. That means I paid $2.40 per weapon in the sprue, and $2.40 for each crusader in the set. When you think that's bad, let me tell you that Bones minis here in Canada quickly cost me $5 or more in my FLGS. But the real kicker? That price includes Ma'al and Viridius and Shub Niggurath, etc. I paid an average of $2.40 for each of them as well! Reaper, let me say again: I was very disappointed with the lack of communications at one point. But when Bones 4 is announced, I am backing it again. I now have a better understanding of what to expect and am absolutely on board again.
  12. My fellow Canucks that are waiting on a second UPS email, I received this today (and should get my box Monday): Calgary, AB, CA 05/26/2017 7:37 P.M. Origin Scan
  13. Prairies of SK here, also nothing since the 19th. This radio silence is killing me yo!
  14. We are pretty lucky in Canada in that regard. We have holidays that are not observed in every province/territory but the majority of the time we have a holiday every month.
  15. We just had Victoria Day (May long weekend). Our next holiday is Canada Day in July.
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