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  1. Just picked up a large delivery from our painter Old Rogue! We should start having some of the painted pledges in the mail tomorrow!! We will be dropping off and picking up more packages from Old Rogue weekly now! Kevin
  2. Does anyone plan on attending reapercon? This is going to be our first show, and I'm very excited to be a vendor! We might even have some sneak peak prototypes of our next adventurescape kickstarter! Would love to meet some of you in person! if you do attend make sure you swing by and say hi! We will have our new name locked down by then. Kevin
  3. If you have anything painted in your order of mainly unpainted, then you will go out at the beginning of painted pledges! Just FYI.
  4. Hey darsc zacal, Can you message me on kickstarter your name I want to check where you are in backerkit! Thanks, Kevin
  5. But as a bonus to the kickstarter backers you guys and girls got a deal that won't be seen at retail! Retail will have a much more reasonable quantity of stuff :)
  6. Lol yes that is just one set of docks. I think i was having some sort of moment of insanity when i put together the offerings and I might have given way way to many tiles in a single kit! Live and learn for me and those of you that ordered multiple kits will be able to build incredibly epic dock builds! Kevin
  7. Just wanted to let you all know that we are cranking away getting the rest of the unpainted backers out! More packages going out every day :) We are super excited to say we will have a big demo / vendor booth at reapercon as well this year! first con outside of our local region we are attending and I really hope I get to meet a lot of you in person! any advice for the show appreciated :) Also we are going to be changing our name and doing a rebranding to hopefully let people know from first glance we are a resin casting house and NOT a 3d printing company. As soon as we pick a new name i'll make sure everyone here knows. my only fear is that our history of 7 kickstarters will be lost with the new name :( Fingers crossed it doesn't hurt us to bad in the short run! Thanks again, Kevin
  8. I believe its ok to post this here. If not then i apologize and please remove this post! Presenting our first adventurestrips!
  9. Just wanted to make a quick post that we have begun shipping unpainted pledges. Painted update to come as we near completion of the unpainted! Thanks, Kevin
  10. Just sent out a kickstarter message who I think is the person from this thread! We are going to be locking down the pledge manager in a few weeks (end of January) but can still sneak people in for now! Kevin
  11. This is a real growth and learning campaign for us! We have just trippled the size of our casting department to handle the anticipated volume! We have also produced our first large scale 100mm x 100mm piece. Lots of firsts for us here! I think I heard the other Kevin cursing me about something like 18,000 dock tiles being produced lol All updates on the kickstarter are always public and I like to post fun pictures etc fairly often. We cut this one a bit to close and the good news is we covered our hard expenses, but any dream of profit is out the window. That being said you will see us back on kickstarter at the beginning of the year as our unpainted pledges start shipping out the door! I think we're figuring out our place in this ecosystem and how we are going to morph our offering! Thanks again for the amazing support and encouragement! Kevin
  12. Hey guys, Yes we are underway to get this one turned around hopefully ahead of schedule! We are taking a lot of what we have learned here and will be changing the format of our adventurescapes line. instead of tiles and accessories its going to be more about "micro encounters" much smaller sized kits. A lot of the suggestions provided during the campaign will be used as the basis for our initial encounters. we will also have the complete kit, and just the true accessories also broken out. Current guess is the next campaign would launch around march, we need time to get this one fulfilled and really flush out the concept. Thanks again for the support, and feedback! Kevin
  13. After the Docks got the Beaches and The Alchemy Chamber got the Nether Portal, we could not leave the crown n laurel out in the cold! here is the Addon Pack for the Tavern.
  14. It's removable, If you look closely at the picture you can see the top ring slots into the bottom two stones of the base and the ring has a groove in it that the Insert slides into! So psyched you like it! It's our nod to Stargate :)
  15. Just wanted to post a picture of our first Alchemy Chamber add-on! You can pledge for add-on's without making a room pledge for those one the fence! Not sure if posting the image from the kickstarter breaks the forum rules around commerce because there is pledge prices here? If so let me know Admins and i'll post just the image not whats up on the kickstarter!
  16. The Hive Mind gains another "member"
  17. You are correct dschumm! For Foundations 4 Rise of the Mimics we signed up with Backerkit.com its a great pledge manager software and everything is handled by the application from credit card processing to shipping and its all self service so the backers can update address and selections as they see fit. We will be using this again for Adventurescapes! As far as size compatibility our system is designed to match up with Dwarven Forge from both floor thickness to wall height etc. All of our tiles are 2x2 grids. Please let me know if i can answer any other questions! Kevin
  18. There is always the dock addon that's just the tiles and ramp :)
  19. God I hate being in these videos :) Glad you liked it though! Thats kind of why i was scratching my head at first when I heard some concerns about durability, but to be honest I didn't have a ton of exposure to what alot of the resin projects out there were like! We are having backers who are will to do reviews send in messages and going to pick a handful on monday to overnight samples too so they can give their hands on impressions to everyone. I would hate for anyone to stay away from the campaign because they think the stuff will break on them! If you think it looks like crap well thats a different issue :) Kevin
  20. Ok looks like the audio is fixed now :) let me know if i still screwed it up!
  21. Nope you are correct! trying to fix it now damn technology :)
  22. well crap! I get sound in firefox. hmmmmmm not an expert at video creation but i'll try and fix it!
  23. The Forge Prints Adventurescapes environment tile material review video is up! Shows the material we are using and just what you can do with it. Love to hear any feedback here or concerns! Kevin https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1613044699/adventurescapes/posts/1984496
  24. We just posted an update about how we are going to handle accessory addon's We are also going to be releasing a video update tomorrow about the material we are using for our environment tiles. Thanks again everyone for the support!! Kevin
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