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  1. If you believe hard enough - he's never far from your heart. Who is this Hungerfan person?
  2. Looking sharp! I hate that part at the project in the "Tween" stages - it can be very frustrating and demoralizing - but you just gotta keep plugging away.
  3. You know... for some reason I always thought you've been around. Though, I do not really count as an ol' timer, no matter what my account may say. I posted a bit in 2007, but mostly lurked. The kickstarter rush brought me back. However, I do remember Saint Rigger. Hello, and welcome back. I doubt you remember me. I 'member!!! :D
  4. Any news on Reich of the Dead? *Ducks*
  5. if I end up MIA again, come poke me on facesspace.
  6. :D Mostly facebook. I miss it here, with my reaper family. It's gotten much bigger since I was last here
  7. Bryan said I have to come back. -Johnny
  8. Does that make me an elder... er.... I've said too much.
  9. I've also been known to Booth Babe for reaper from time to time.
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