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    We've never met, but welcome back just the same!


    You know... for some reason I always thought you've been around.


    Though, I do not really count as an ol' timer, no matter what my account may say. I posted a bit in 2007, but mostly lurked. The kickstarter rush brought me back.



    However, I do remember Saint Rigger. Hello, and welcome back. I doubt you remember me.


    I 'member!!!  :D

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    My Ellen Stone Cowgirl model is definite weak in details on the face both from the front and profile.


    Ok, this is what I'm talking about; I've got these in both metal and Bones, so I can make a comparison. I just pulled out the metal one and compared it to the three Bones models, and I completely agree with this assessment. What's funny, is that it is mostly just the face where this figure has detail issues; she has several other areas that have very small, very fine detail that is replicated perfectly on the Bones model (the tie straps on her pistol holsters, the ammo on her belt, and the strings on her chaps are all perfectly fine between metal and plastic). If there are more of these out there, this would seem to point to an issue with this particular sculpt, if not in the mold itself, then the QC in China on what appears to be a problem spot.




    I'd like to echo this - I find the facial details on many models to be flat, and missing noses. I painted up Horace Jackson last night and he sticks out in my mind, but the bareheaded NOVA trooper also had some minor issues

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