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  1. I'm currently in the middle of "Achtung Panzer!" by Heinz Guderian which is the first written work on the theories of armored and mechanized warfare.


    I've also been tearing through Christopher Moore's books ("Lamb: The gospel according to Biff", "Bloodsucking fiends", "Fluke" , "The Stupidest Angel", "Practical Demonkeeping") They are a total riot.. he fills the void in me left by Douglas Adams. They are really quick reads and I can knock them off in a day or two.


    I'll whip out some of David Sedaris' stuff everyone once and a while, and really prefer his short stories and essays. I recommend Holidays on Ice - but even better is to hear him read the Santaland Diaries which is a story about him working as an elf at Macy's in NYC. It's on NPR every holiday season.


    I've also been going through my earlier william gibson novels again (as I am wont to do frequently) - so mostly the sprawl books like Count Zero, Burning Chrome, Neuromancer.


    And I've been "savoring" it and really reluctant to finish Philip Roth's "Great American Novel" which is a RIOT! It's about a baseball team, the Rupert Mundays who are without a home field and because of a communist plot, the entire Patriot baseball league is wiped from history. He has a new book out "The Plot Against America" which is an alternate history in which Lindburg becomes president and being a nazi-sympathizer and the US doesn't get involved in the war against germany.


    I want to get pleasure reading out of my system before I start my grad school classes, as I probably won't have much time for it - and I enjoy having a few books going at once.


    Good question :)

  2. I haven't had much of a problem with XP, but I use the professional edition and not the home edition.


    I have to second what Kit says about macs... Ever since OS X has been released, I've found it rather easy to make the "switch" and my weapon of choice as of late has been a 12" powerbook.


    I've also played with Ubuntu - http://www.ubuntulinux.org/


    It's fun, and easy to set up - and is a great step into Linux. Also runs nicely on a PC or a PPC.


    There also is "Lindows" which is part of the Linspire project - http://www.linspire.com/ - which is a unix core but feels like windows and again, is another nice step into the linux world.


    Once you get comfortable with these and decide that is they way you want to go, then you can pick up something else that fits your needs better:



  3. retinue.jpg


    I don't think these are my best, per se... but they are my all time favorite. FOr starters, I just *love* the models.. they were also some early NMM of mine, they painted up fairly quickly (I think I spent about 8 hours total on the group) and um... did I mention I simply love these models?


    I made a whole display with other members of the retinue out of these. :)





    This is my favorite project right now, though. I'm building an entire army of space marine bears. Here are some WIP (I've been really lazy about working on these).


    I also have 2 tanks converted up that need paint, and I'm mostly finished with the command squad. It has been suggested that I make a teddy drednought, but I don't think I have it in me.

  4. Here is a better example of what I am talking about.:




    In this pic, the balance looks OK, but under certain lights, the highlights are too extreme, or too yellowish.


    I want to find a nice highlight for this shade of green that looks fairly decent, but can be quickly applied so I can crank out hoards of GIs

  5. Not to be a nitpicker.. but as I had stated, I want to avoid mixing paints. If it was for just one figure, I'd be really happy to thin down and layer up, mixing as I go.. but it's not and I need something quick and easy for gaming.


    These will be base color, midtone and highlight (although most of them are just midtone and highlight and I let the black primer handle the basecolor)

  6. What is a good color to use to highlight catachan green? (Really close to vallejo's US Olive Drab).


    Right now I use a vallejo medium olive (or sometimes a golden olive) but it's too bright, I think.


    Anyone have a good suggestion of a color to use that doesn't require any mixing? (I know I can take the green and add a hint of ivory to lighten it - but I want a better consistancy over multiple models)

  7. The perrins are out of scale with the minifigs stuff too, so they look really really weird next to one another.


    There are also the dragon 1/144 models, which are quite nice, but I think a bit big. I might use thei hornisses next to the minifig wespes. They are really small for 1/144 though, but are a bit big for the minifigs... the decals rock. :)

  8. Are the Battle Front minis? Pretty cool, Monkey paints them all the time, I will have to get him to post up some of his recent stuff.


    If they are Batle Front minis that's cool because they are made right here in good ol' Auckland...LOL I even know some of the staff and Monkey was a play tester for a while (got his name in some of the books and all! LOL).

    No, not Battlefront... those are 15mm anyways.


    these are Minifigs and are 10mm.

  9. Last night, I did something heretical and worked on my WWII stuff rather than my Warlord stuff (although I did get 4 WL models done this week! - wish I could sit and paint for 8 hrs a day rather than 1 if I'm lucky) But I managed to get a platoon of PanzerGrenadiers done as well a 2 Pak40s and a 251 Half-track (I need 3 more to finish off the platoon) I've included a dime to give a sense of scale.






  10. Computer Games: Wasteland (Brian Fargo's original after the bomb game). You've gotta love a monastery where the monks and nuns defend it with energy weapons.


    I still have a copy of this floating around (but no drive to actually load it... although I might beable to do it with a disk image...

  11. Ugh,... I've been burned by fryer oil spatter, that not too bad - but I've heard horror stories about pizza oven burns. I'm glad I've never experienced one of those. One of my mates has a scar on his arm from a pizza oven.


    At least you didn't glue yourself to an over, or me to a soldering iron, that would have really sucked.

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