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  1. I glued a bolter to my lip once too. :/

    I won't even ask how you did that one. That just sounds painfull. :blink:

    Wasn't so bad... just pulled off... I was working on a model, forgot I had put glue on the bolter, but it between my teeth to hold it while I pinned an arm and it got stuck.

  2. Jenn just bought me a new bottle of glue, except the shot the super thin kind - so it runs like water. I wasn't prepared for how watery it was so when I went to use it, it ran all over my fingers... my first thought was to stick my hand in water to see how much I could rinse off before it sets - except this stuff sets in like 3 seconds so my hand got glued to the inside of my coffee-cup.


    Easy enough to remove and get the glue off, but still irritating. I'm more selective about what projects I use super thin glue on these days.

  3. SR> I'm gonna crash your teahouse next door when we come in April. *nodnod*



    I really hope you guys come up to visit socially (and maybe have a game of something.. be it Warlord, Pallambra, etc..) *long* before then

  4. My big thing is green tea.


    I was given a box of a green tea with milk mix from a friend from taiwan whom I met at the university - and have been hooked on that. My other friend knows to bring me some back whenever he goes back to NYC (Chinatown).


    But really, I live for green tea and usually have a cup every day at work. I generally drink it straight, but I'll sometimes put soy milk in it.




    They also opened up a cute little tea house right around the corner from me with 3 different varieties of green tea, and some of the best soup and rice pudding I've ever had.

  5. I'm really fond of Gregg @ Strange Cargo. This guys bends over backwards to make people happy and has even paid for stuff out of pocket for individuals to cover what they lost out on when New Wave failed to ship stuff. (No, he's not related to new Wave - just felt bad for someone who got ripped off and felt it would be good to make things right - which won him alot of hearts and minds)



    Strange Cargo

  6. Just imagine having done this one with... a Walnut Wash!  *MUAHAHAHAHAHA*

    I know! The first thing I did when I got home from UNYCON was go through SaintRigger's paints to see if he had walnut. :( no walnut







    I will try my best to remedy this on Wednesday :)


    And BlueBlack

  7. I was going to try and zombie proof my new home but my girlfriend won't allow me to hook up 2 .50 caliber machine guns to some big stepper motors and wire em to my computer.


    oh well ::(:


    hmmm....maybe flamethrowers.

    I personally say a shotgun and a chainsaw does the work well. ::D:

    Vinnie only survives the first reel of a zombie film. See earlier statements.


    Unless vinnie is really Ash - then he makes it all the way, because Ash doesn't have to worry about slugs or fuel.

  8. I was going to try and zombie proof my new home but my girlfriend won't allow me to hook up 2 .50 caliber machine guns to some big stepper motors and wire em to my computer.


    oh well ::(:


    hmmm....maybe flamethrowers.

    Oh goodness no! Flamethrower + Zombie = Bad as you now have a groaning, walking torch, bumping into things and setting them on fire. Might as well save the time and just light up everything around you.


    Flamerthrower + decapitated and very dead zombie = good


    Any other time = really really bad idea.

  9. See, that is interesting because powertools actually aren't that good for fighting zombies. Sure they are big, and loud, and splatter things, and are powered... but on the downside, they are big and loud and splatter things and are powered.... which means 1) They are bulky and heavy and sometimes hard to run with 2) They are loud and will attract some unwanted attention 3) they splatter things - not good if zombies are spread via disease (ie spit to blood, or blood to blood) and 4) If they are powered, you can find yourself without power really quick which isn't very good at all.


    Better weapons are long reach ones that will remove a head without letting something in close enough to bite you.


    Shotguns aren't bad - except they are loud, and who knows how much buckshot a zombie might wanna suck up before giving up. Solid slugs might work better - should be easy to find ammo for, or have a store of on hand.



  10. I have the Zombie Survival Guide Field Manual... I can probably look it up...


    I don't think my place is too zombie proof either, but portions of it are definately defendable - and I do have old and slow neighbors who will help buy us time to beat a hasty retreat to a more defensible position. Fortunately the campus near me was build after major riots in the 60's... so it is designed to be defended against and supress riots (Including lots of spots for snipers, doors that open in opposite ways, no area where a large group of zombies could congregate etc) One could definately hole up in a building, disable the elevator, lock down the stairs and have internal spaces where they won't be seen, heard or smelled - but still have potential escape routes.


    If we can defend Colorado from the cubans and russians in the 80's - we can stop zombies.

  11. Dewen - I've got a few WIP progress shots, but I think once I get a few free moments, I'll write up a tutorial. It was super easy to do, actually... the worst part was trying to blunder through building it the first time around without a decent plan.


    Mclimbin - most humble apologies... I can totally relate to that panic moment. ;)

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