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  1. Ok.. let me understand this... because maybe it's me...maybe I'm a little bit screwed up. How am I amusing? Am I amusing like a clown? I make you laugh? I'm here to freakin' amuse you? What do you mean amusing? How am I amusing? What is so freakin' amusing about me?

  2. I get wicked environmental allergies twice a year, so I can totally sympathize.


    Hope ya feel better and can get lets of rest. Best of luck quitting! We are here for ya...

    One of my mates is going through that right now - and not with much luck.

  3. It's about 4 foot by 5 foot.


    It's made from high density insulation foam, MDF board and lots of paint and cake pillars. And a skull of my vanquished enemy.


    Jenna and I got the bulk of the project done since sunday evening - so it's an easy enough project.


    Basically, think foam and hotwire.

  4. sky3.sized.jpg


    (obligatory cheesecake shot ::P:)


    Hooray! It's finally done, and in time for UNY-Con! I hope I don't see another cake pillar for the rest of the year. I honestly was in question that I'd get the project finished (ask Frosh, he's seen me agonize about it at terrain demos)


    Anyways... lots of shots of it in my terrain gallery

  5. For some reason, this angered me beyond belief.  I think it's because I'm a spelling nazi.  And Qwyksilver, you're not alone.  My head now hurts, too.



    P.S.  It's the, not teh, dammit!

    Actually.. in this context, the "proper" spelling it "teh", also acceptable are "t3h" and "tha"

  6. I like the idea of gunship crews and stuff.... there are a few vietnam era, and I've seen some GW stuff that can stand in (if you don't mind mortaging your house for a gun-crew)


    I'd love to be able to find some decent crews for technicals either modern or near future - for a resistance army to stuggle against my skeletal robots.


    I'd also love to find some 28mm Termanitor type HKs

  7. I would have to say yes and here is why:


    First, it's very satisfying to be able to show off an entire army and say "I did this, myself."


    I personally find painting to be relaxing and use it afterwork as a means to decompress and unwind.


    I don't paint to sell models - although I do like to paint for my friends, and will from tiem to time paint in exchange for lead. It's also cool to know my friends are gaming with models I've painted for them (and often will have a plase of prestige in their collections)


    Over the years, it's also neat to see my personal collection of models I've painted grow from a single small shelf to a large glass display case and beyond.

  8. Hot Wire Foam Factory


    It's a little beasty that runs a current through a wire which heats it up to the point it can cut through foam like a hot knife through buttah!


    They are a little on the pricy side, but if you are going to be doing more than a little work in foam - they are brilliant and you can't live without one. These are better than the battery powered ones as well - as the battery powered ones drain pretty quickly and this uses a steady state of electricity from a wall outlet. There are also other tools available, such as a hot "knife" a scroll saw etc....


    PS.. my girlfriend helped with this as well- and actually the stairs were her idea, I was going to have them comming straight down - but in the middle will (hopefully) be a blood pool, and she thought the stairs wrapping around them would be cool.

  9. Heyas


    I am building an arena for UNY-Con comming up


    So far it's been a matter of using pink insulation foam, a hotwire cutter, some MDF board for a base and plastic wedding cake pillars (and a big skull I got from the toy store).


    This took an afternoon of sitting on the floor cutting foam and watching cheesy horror movies.




    I've got more WIP pictures here:

    Arena WIP pictures


    I'm planning on getting this painted up tonight and tomorrow and then based up with model train flocking (grass on the outside - sand for the arena floor)


    If ya got any questions, drop me a note.

  10. Don't feel bad, I had the same thing happen while I was sitting crosslegged on the floor in shorts with no shirt. Got it on my belly and my legs (and being a guy, they were unshaven). The glue came off the skin easy enough - but it meant giving myself an unscheduled waxing.


    I also recently tried out a super thin glue (which is really watery) and had it run out of the bottle and onto my hand, so I stuck it in some water to dillute the glue before I could get it cleaned up - and ended up gluing my hand to my coffee cup. ;)


    Mostly nailpolish remover works great... I also don't know how well it will work on plastic.

  11. Some months ago I was fortunate enough to see a plot synapses and some chunks of script. My feelings about what I saw is that if it was filmed well and edited well, it could really be creepy and twisted and a decent story....


    otoh - it could also suck mightily... I'm going to wait untill I see a few reviews before determing if I see it in the theater, or just rent it (or not bother)


    I'm all psyched up for the Incredibles, though :)

  12. Ace!


    My folks are both avid kayakers, and they bought a big rack for their minivan.


    I've been ocean kayaking a few times, and getting the boat out past the surf can be a real killer. Having the boat get turned sideways and then catcha wave, with you between it and the shore is alot like being hit by a linebacker.

  13. a good place to sample goth/industrial music is www.digitalgunfire.com they play alot of good stuff, skinny puppy, funker vogt, snake river conspiricy, front line assembly, velvet acid christ, kidney thieves, etc.

    Shoutcast rocks... there are quite a few.. I've taken to fineline radio myself.


    For those not knowing - shoutcast = streaming MP3s (internet radio)


    Simply point a web browser at http://www.shoutcast.com

    pick a genre (For goth, you can seach for "Goth", "Industrial", "Ebm", "Synthpop"... etc.)


    There is pretty much anything else you'd want to listen to. There used to be a chinese classical station I'd always listen to at work - but it's since vanished.


    Then click the stream - if helps if you have winamp installed and set to handle shoutcasts and voila! away you go.

  14. Oh, I also don't speak German. this is specifically why the songs in German are better than the ones in English.

    Indeed... sometimes once you start translating the lyrics - it kinda ruins it. I feel the same way about spanish and latin.


    Rammstein is a perfect example of this. :)


    I'm pretty big into EBM and synthpop too.

  15. Hey FuzzyIzmit - sounds like you might be the person to ask: I heard a couple Goth groups I liked recently - L'ame Immortelle and This Ascension ("Fatal Dawn" is the one song I heard - great stuff). Any suggestions on which is their best stuff?

    I love L'ame Immortelle also - as well as This Ascension. Frosh makes some really good suggestions, so I'll second them.


    I'd highly recommend picking up "Sever" - it's one of my favorite discs by them - and has Fatal Dawn on it (as well as Myserium and Feugo Cayendo). You can listen to tracks on Amazon.


    There are a bunch of other bands you might enjoy. Dead can Dance has some nice etherial female vocals - but even better is some of Lisa Gerrard's solo stuff, as well as her work with This Mortal Coil. You might want to try listening to some of these first, because it can be kinda hit and miss. There are tracks I love and others I loath.


    You may also like Rhea's Obsession, Hungry Lucy (A bit more techoish), Frozen Autumn (more metal)...


    I'll try to think of some others.

  16. I would just like to add to that list - but before I do - I would like to preface it with 1) I've been going to the local goth clubs for close to 12 years 2) I've been seen out in eyeliner 3) I own Sisters of Mercy, Skeletal Family and the Cure on rekkids - the rest of my early purchases are tape and I have a *HUGE* CD collection. Having listed my qualifications, I'd like to add:



    More goth steps!



    Rather than type a long history of the sub-culture - highlighting that music is indeed a large aspect of it, it's not the only one, as well as mentioning that these days it's not really about the music, or the lifestyle but the fashion and that the "scene" if you will has been rather overrun with A) fetish kids b)Doom cookies and mall bats and c) cybergoths who don't know the roots and the history - I'll just mention that tidbit and also say that I'm definately up for chatting about music or any other aspect of the genre should anyone want to.


    I'll also mention that while I do my own thing, I most identify with a punk/post-punk/goth subculture, and that they are also one of my favotire targets for mockery and ridicule - which is why I love people like Jhonen Vasquez, Roman Dirge, and Voltaire so darn much. ;)

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