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  1. Oh.. I'll have to take pictures.


    I have 24 WWII GI's from WestWind in various states of completion.

    I have 5 PzIIIs, 3 Tigers, 5 PzIVs, I PzII and 4 Jagdpanzers as well as 4 Pak40s and 1 Pak43 all in 10mm.

    I have a team of Nuns from Shadowforge for Blood Bowl in a semi-completed state (I've been working on 3 at a time)

    I have 2 Crusaders primed (started and finished one before dinner last night)

    I have (I'm liking that.. it's very Romper Room) one Malek Blackmarrow who is about 90 % complete sitting on my desk.


    I have a 15mm Tiger tank. I have a 28mm PzIVG that I need to add armor skirts on.


    I have a whole slew of 15mm US airborne guys glued to craft sticks in various stages of completion.


    Thats about it.

  2. HA! I think that too whenever I hear "phenomenon". I used to play Manah-manah on my radio show WAAAAAAAY back when.


    I have the problem of not remembering when or what I may have bought - but I always remember what I paint. Maybe not the details like 'Oh! I knicked my thumb while cleaning this one"

  3. How fast does a 4 Slugpower chariot go?


    Them wheels shure look bumpy. :)


    I love this model, BTW.. it's so different.



    Ok, it's turn 37 and my chariot makes basecontact, since I was going full tilt at .5 inches a turn, taking into account the fact the rider has a spear... *rolls dice*... look like your model takes 8 points of irritation damage for having it's shin brused when it hits it, and is knocked over. It then takes a further 39 points, and a critical fumble from slipping on the slime trails trying to get up.

  4. I can see both sides of the arguements. Warlords should be their respective models. Grunts should be a possible exception.


    Skeletons for example...

    I can't see why one couldn't use any reaper skeletons to represent grunts, simply for the sake of variety.

  5. AICOM? *Starts whining again*


    One guy converted his Dictator into a Tau craft:



    They look a little small to be in scale with heroic 28mm - but only slightly so... you could totally cram a pilot and wizzo in one.





    hehe... one more link cause I can't get tired of looking at this thing.




    So very sad I didn't get one. :(

  6. It's threads like this that make me even more grateful for my wife of five-and-nearly-a-half years.


    My sentiments exactly, adding 8 years.



    You are grateful for Frosch's wife?


    This is going to get messy. *hides*



  7. Actually it was the Rebels that took down the AT-AT. :poke:

    Actually, there were a few "friendly fire" incidents at the battle of Hoth that don't really get talked about. There were issues with the imperial IFF systems - most likely due to rebel tampering that caused Imperial troops to fire on the AT-AT units... with.. um... grappling hooks...


    It's all in the after action reports...



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