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  1. Hey, I paint GW minis for a living! I resent that stuff...they're great minis! They're just different that's all...tolerance people tolerance :poke:

    I hafta agree that GW minis are great.


    A bit out of my price range now, though.. but still I really love them and they keep getting better and better.


    I do like the over the top "gothic" aestetic though.

  2. Don'choo watch anime? Schools always get destroyed when giant robots fight. ;)


    Why is a bombed out chuch better than a bombed out school?



    We should make a line of bombed out buildings. Bombed out VFWs, bombed out SPCAs, bombed out nursing homes, bombed out department stores (We can turn every Wal*mart into a Target... har har har), bombed out boy scout camps....


    Lets make everyone suffer. ;)

  3. I'll take any of your unwanted skulls. I can't get enough of them :)


    Interestingly, various sects of monks kept skulls of their predicessors on hand for various reasons.. be it a reminder of their own mortality, or to carry on the work of those who came before them and to know that it will be carried on after they go. I think the skulls were transcribed with "Sumus moribundus" or "we are destined to die"


    The Chapel of St. Triphone at St. Catherine's Monastary houses the skulls of former monks. There are also Ossuaries all over europe which have sculptures and decorations made of bones - so while there is the attachment to "the darker side of D&D" so to speak, there is also a very strong christian tradition as well.


    I keep a plastic skull with a pirate hat and eyepatch on the top of our attic stairs. :) I call it "Agent skully"

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he used "The green is a basecoat of Vallejo Military Green highlighted up through Flat Green and Medium Olive. I then pick out the edges with SS Bright Green."


    On mine, which I haven't posted - but has a really similar look to them I used vallejo luftwaffe green (really close to the GW Dark Angels green), and then highlighted up using a golden olive.


    It gives you a great colonial marine green look.

  5. Ok, last month I discovered the words best book marks. I started using 3M sticky tabs as book marks. They stick to the pages so if you drop your book, they never fall out and if needed you can even mark a specific part of a page by just putting it next to the paragragh or section you ended on.


    You may need to use 2-4 of them by the time you finish your book, but they are so inexpensive it does not really matter.


    No need to thank me, just share your own genius and help improve the rest of us poor slobs



    I've been using these for years to mark my text books and stuff (perfect for an english major studying lit and poetry) as I can write at the top of the tab what something is and then quickly reference it in the book.


    Great for making passages etc.

  6. I love the 251 halftracks. I'm doing a bunch of them up in 10mm for the WWII campaigns we play - we have a ton of german, british and russian stuff. :) Anyways, check out minifigs for some really decent 10mm stuff. Tom is also comming out with some modern day 10mm stuff too, so you can probably get away with some other AFVs and APCs too for the infantry,


    Sturmfuehrer was a rank held in the SA, as I said. The equivilant in the SS (schutzstaffel - or hitler's own personal bodyguard it means roughtly "Protection team") is UnterSturmfuehrer. The Sturm Abteilung were Hitler's private army who later came under the leadership of Himmler. Both of these groups were fiercly indoctrinated and loyal to the Nazi idiology. The Wehrmacht (means "armed forces" - literally traslated as "means of resistance" or ) were the german army at the time, which due to the treaty of Versilles weren't able to grow past 100,000 men, but under Hitler after the SA was created grew to nearly 3 million men. (with 12.5 million germans serving in the armed forces during WWII, and 3.5 mil of them killed)


    Wehrmacht is the correct spelling. Up untill 1935 when the army began conscripting troops it was refered to as the Reichswehr (National defence). Today the german army is refered to as the Bundeswehr.


    Some people may be sensitive to what you call your troops however because of the close attachment to the Nazi party, although you say you didn't really know they existed - although now if people get upset, at lease you have some idea why. (and it's kinda weird to have an army called roughly the 2'nd Lt.s)


    Maybe a better name would have been "Donnerkönige" which translated literally as "Thunder Kings"


    Also - there is a cetipede APC model existing:



  7. I've never been a huge fan of flu vaccinations. My philosophy is that the flu mutates so often that what you are vaccinated against might not get you sick down the road. I'd rather just take my vitamins, take care of myself and burn sick people in the purifying flame of a flamethrower. ;)


    Vaccinations cause zombies, BTW.


    Honestly though, I'm very seldom down with the flu - I have to worry about environmental allergies. I usually get really stuffy around christmas and late spring.

  8. Cool.. so it's not like "Yo, you need this or you can't play" and little timmy looks at you with big watery eyes and says "I didn't mow the lawn, so I didn't get my allowence, so I can't afford infantry".


    Thats a really neat way of doing things. :) Do you keep games at 2000 pts each so everyone knows what to bring - or do you fluxuate it?


    This is exactly the type of info I'm looking for. How do they players dig it?

  9. I picked the undead (particularly necropolis - but I'm sure the nefsokar aren't far behind) because I'm a firm believer in the "Crunch all you want, we'll make more" philosophy of warfare. ;)


    I also am working on a crusaders force, because everyone needs some goodie-goodies to make bleed. ^_^

  10. See.. that is awsome :) I wouldn't even think of things like that. I love the idea of getting people blisters for showing up 5 times :)


    How do you create the need for new units?

  11. It's definately a cross between "The Office" and "Dawn of the Dead". Quickly made it towards the top of my "favorite movies" list.


    There were so many little references and stuff too.. like the fact that Ash called in sick to work, the little blurb on the tele about "It is said the source of the outbreak being rage infested monkeys is bull...*click*", the kid on the bus with the headset blaring Kernkraft's "Zombie Nation"....


    I mean, there are so many to list, it's so worth seeing. :)

  12. I'm going to try to be organizing a CAV league in my area (Buffalo, if any of you are near-by)


    I'm wondering if any of you guys and gals are in a league or run a league - what do you do? What do players expect and want, what makes for a fun league, what are some pitfalls to avoid... how do you guys work around semi-reliable and un-reliable players etc.

  13. I just figured that Sturmfuehrer and Whermacht, were misspelled on purpose.



    Sturmfuehrer is spelled correctly, though :) (I'm pretty sure) It's a rank in the Sturm Abteilung (Brown-shirts and stormtroopers) that is equivilant to 2'nd Lt. Kinda seperate from the Wehrmacht as they are the really right wing nazis where as the wehrmacht was just the german army.

  14. I usually keep my cell on vibrate as I don't like loud rings either... but sometimes my phone isn't on my body (like at home) - so I made a Kraftwerks "Computerleibe" ringtone, as well as a few sounds from Tron as msg indicators (The bit saying "yes" and "No" and the MCP saying "End of Line")


    I also made a ringtone of Enya's "Bard's Song" (Which I attached to my Mom's number when she calls) - "Always stay on the Bright Side of Life", the theme from The Young Ones, Joy Division's "Dead Souls" and "Love will tear us apart", the Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary" and the Cure's "A Forrest" (do we see a theme)


    I don't really use any of them except for the Kraftwerks, sound files and Bard's Song.

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